Lisa Tse Hires Private Tutor to Improve Chinese

Since winning the Miss Hong Kong crown, Lisa Tse (謝嘉怡) has been in hot demand among advertisers due to her winsome personality. Though her Cantonese was noticeably accented during the pageant, Lisa has been working hard to improve her language skills.

Often making sponsored event appearances and even guesting on variety shows, Lisa feels quite nervous due to her lack of fluency in Cantonese. The Scotland native laughed that she is slowly making progress, “When I was in Miss Hong Kong, the most I talked was for 40 seconds. I now say things in Cantonese rather than in English, so I think my Cantonese has slightly improved. I think it’s pretty alright.”

Though her father was born in Hong Kong and speaks fluent Cantonese, he hired a private tutor to help Lisa improve her speaking skills. This is crucial as the 25-year-old, who left behind her job as a surgical nurse in Scotland to pursue an entertainment career in Hong Kong, hopes to star in dramas and develop her acting career long-term. Though she also dreams of buying a home in Hong Kong, Lisa realizes the first step is to improve her Cantonese.

Listening to Cantonese songs and applying what she learns right away has helped Lisa improve rapidly. “I listen to a lot of Chinese music. In fact, I think I need to start learning some Cantonese songs. I was having dinner with James Ng (吳業坤) earlier, so I listened to his music and thought his songs were really great.” However, Lisa did admit that the reason why she listened to James’ songs was because she was not sure who he was, and felt it would be a good topic of conversation since they would be having dinner together.

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Source: HK01

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  1. I don’t have high hopes of her Cantonese improving a lot. The way she speaks is super annoying and I predict she’ll be a stiff actress as well. Don’t know why so many people like her; she’s average looking at best and lacks charisma.

    1. @hazel

      I think her Cantonese will improve. If I were her, I’d get a private Canto tutor too, duh. But I agree, I think she is way too stiff to be a good actress.

  2. Asians have a serious white worshipping attitude. No other race would gives so many opportunities to white looking people.

    1. @jace99
      I feel some places are worst than others. But I do agree with you, tired of this white worshipping attitude from Asians especially in HK. They are one of the worst culprits – brainwashed my western media.

      1. @pocky Philippines and Thailand are dirt poor countries with Philippines being the worst of the two. They rely heavily on on tourism for their economy to survive aka. s*xpats.

    2. @jace99
      i think in general it’s accepted in asia that western features are more attactive but i haven’t yet to see break through in anyone who look absolute white and become famous. in fact, even for mix-raced, most don’t become popular. people just know who they are. the only exception i can think if direraba

    3. @jace99 Agreed. Super annoying that they further support the white privilege theory. She just looks like a typical mixed girl. The only thing I like about her is that she’s down to earth.

  3. So surprised that there are people who recognise this white worshipping pattern. At least we are slowly waking up. Asians are so myopic, if you watch Miss universe, you can see many beauties in black and brown women. We need to widen our perspective and not just concentrate on white standards of beauty.

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