Low-Key New Year: Pakho Chau Stays Home to Take Care of Infant Daughter

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Low-Key New Year: Pakho Chau Stays Home to Take Care of Infant Daughter

Attending a Lunar New Year event on January 26th, Pakho Chau (周柏豪) shared that he will be taking a modest approach to Lunar New Year festivities this year. The Wonder Women <多功能老婆> star—who just won the TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Male Character—welcomed his first child, a baby daughter, with his wife Stephanie in December 2019.

“It turns out that a baby’s first three months are critical,” said Pakho. “The doctor said it’s common for infants to have enterospasms. It’s something that all growing infants would have to overcome. Because of her belly cramps she is constantly constipated. She’s been crying a lot and in a lot of pain, so I’ve been holding her all day. My heart hurts. I rather be the one constipated.”

Babies are born with a weak immune system, and to guarantee the safety and health of his daughter, Pakho and his family have decided to stay in for the holidays. “The priority is to take care of the little one first. It has nothing to do with the Wuhan coronavirus. Regardless, it’s the flu and cold season, so we have to be careful.”

The first and second days of the Lunar New Year are reserved for visiting family, but for the Chaus, they’ll be taking it low-profile. “A few at a time can visit. When they come in the house, they’ll have to get their temperatures read,” he joked. Nonetheless, he’ll encourage the guests to take sanitization precautions and to wear surgical masks.

Pakho is not worried about running out of surgical masks to purchase. “As an artist, it is part of our job to have those already stocked. We have enough for everyone to use.”

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has caused Pakho to turn down many job offers in mainland China. “We have to take care of our team as well. I was originally planning on going to the mainland next week, but we’ve canceled that. However, I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia. I even asked my wife if I would have to find another place to quarantine myself when I come home, and she told me that’s not needed. Everything will be find as long as you stay sanitized!”

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