Pakho Chau Is a Great Husband

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Pakho Chau Is a Great Husband

Singer-actor Pakho Chau (周柏豪) has been dubbed as “the family man of the new generation”. Quietly marrying his girlfriend of 10 years, Stephanie Chu, in 2016, Pakho finally became a father a week ago. After reporters caught him visiting his wife in the hospital, he excitedly revealed on his social media that his daughter was born on December 2.While his excitement as a new father is contagious, Pakho’s love for his wife runs even deeper.

Pakho is known to be a loyal man, as he dated Stephanie long before he entered the industry. Although he always preferred a low-profile relationship, he still makes the effort to profess his love towards Stephanie from time to time. In 2014, he made his first publicized romantic confession to Stephanie. He said, “I will run faster so we can reach our goals. I love you, and I am thankful for your patience.”

While prioritizing his newly established family, he made sure to prepare everything beforehand to ensure their greatest comfort. Earlier, he gifted his wife with a property worth 30 million HKD in Clear Water Bay, which has since appreciated in value to 40 million HKD. Besides a home, he also spent 2.5 million HKD to invest in a 4WD in hopes that it would allow his family to travel comfortably.

The singer-actor is also starring in the currently airing Wonder Woman <多功能老婆>. In the drama and real life, Pakho exudes a loving dad image. He has a friendly relationship with the child actor, Yuen Tin Po (阮天寶). In a photo he posted on Instagram, Pakho is seen carrying Tin Po like the child’s father might and demonstrates his love for kids

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8 comments to Pakho Chau Is a Great Husband

  1. wm2017 says:

    Waaa!! Wife looks very pretty just from that pic above. Lucky woman and lucky guy!!

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  2. kokomo says:

    I’m really liking Pakho. He’s great in Wonder Woman, and I love his character. And even better to know that he is a family man who loves his wife and new daughter. Loyal husband and great father.

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  3. joyce says:

    i think the kind of guy like Pakho is extinct like dinosaurs. Rarely seen a successful guy that is so faithful to his then girlfriend/now wife. Love his singing & acting. And yes, his wife looks pretty with simple makeup

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  4. theyenman says:

    Not ripping on Pakho because I’m sure he is a good husband, but what did he really do that so sets him apart from your typical everyday husband? Is the standard for celebrity husbands so low that just being a decent husband makes the guy stand out?

    And I find the reporting about him gifting his wife a car and property funny. It’s like Pakho isn’t going to be living in it or something. She is a stay at home mom while he is the partner making money. Of course he is the one buying the things for his family. You know, like every other family that has a single income earner lol.

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    • hetieshou replied:


      Maybe it stands out as he is a celebrity? Celebrities generally have more rumors, temptations, scandals and other things to deal with than the typical average guy. To be so faithful and all just makes him stand out in that sense I guess. Plus, not all guys or girls who are the breadwinner are that generous, even to their own family.

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      • theyenman replied:

        @hetieshou For sure, and like I said, I’m not slagging on the guy as he does sound like a good husband. It was more me commenting on the article exaggerating some of the after marriage things he did to try to make it more than what it is.

        And sure, I guess not all breadwinners are that generous, but you would think buying a house for your family and a car are pretty standard things for a decent husband. Providing food and shelter for your family is not something above and beyond what any other husband that’s not a deadbeat strives for.

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    • kokomo replied:

      @theyenman Also, in the entertainment industry, it is very rare for someone, male or female, to continue to stay with their GF or BF whom they met before their life in the industry. For Pakho, he stayed with the same woman for over 10 years and married her after entering the industry.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @kokomo I think also in interviews and functions he’s always humble and speaks highly of her GF at the time. I mean he’s still young you never know down the road but from the way he speaks he’s 100% sincere right now towards his family and wife. I remember one stupid talk show w/Christine Ng. She said you are so cute and you don’t look like the loyal type and stay w/a woman for so long. He said that’s ok as long as “she” believes me. haha…There good answer!!!

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