Pakho Chau is a New Father

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Pakho Chau is a New Father

Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and his wife Stephanie have just become new parents! Stephanie gave birth to a 6.7 pound baby girl on December 2. Today, the 35-year-old singer and a group of friends arrived at the hospital to visit mother and daughter.

Congratulated by a group of reporters, Pakho thanked everyone, “Thank you! Happiness isn’t a given. My wife and I are very lucky and I am so grateful for an adorable baby girl. Our families wanted to keep the news quiet and notify the media after my wife has been discharged from the hospital, but you guys found out so quickly!”

Pakho shared that his wife had a Cesarean-section and will be discharged two days later. “We haven’t thought of a name for our daughter yet. We will wait for a Four Pillars of Destiny master to decide.”

He disclosed that he did enter the operating room with his wife, “Originally I thought I would be able to handle it, but I started crying ten seconds in! My wife was the one to tell me to calm down; I was overcome with emotion and I felt that women are so powerful. I’ve been encouraging her throughout the process, I’ve given everything to her! Our house, my earnings, I’m happy as long as she is happy.

“Our daughter looks like me right now. Her mouth is a little pouty just like mine! People usually say that daughters like to bully their fathers. I hope that when my daughter grows up she will be well behaved. I used to like dark-colored clothes, but after my daughter was born I like white and pink because my daughter loves pink.”


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10 comments to Pakho Chau is a New Father

  1. joyce says:

    Been waiting for this to come out. Saw the news but it was in Chinese and I don’t read chinese. The baby must be pretty cuz both Pakho & his wife (no cosmetic surgery) are good looking, I love babies with full head of hair like her. Congratulation!!!!

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    • jayne replied:

      @joyce Pakho sounds like such an excited dad! I think men do get very nervous in the delivery room because the sight of birth is not for the faint-hearted. Many girls end up looking like daddy…I’m sure Pakho’s daughter will be very beautiful.

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      • joyce replied:

        @jayne I experienced it and I know very well. My husband was super nervous when I had our first daughter and I on the other hand, was super calm. And yes, our 1st daughter does look like my husband even her personality too. I think girls are more fun than boys. I’m lucky to have 2 girls and they’re super close to us even though they are teenagers now.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    being a dad is always exciting. jealous of his wife cause pakho is a dream man for many ladies.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @m0m0 He seems so and quite cute. Sometimes on clips I saw on youtube the way he speaks does seem like a very loyal and nice man esp when it comes to his wife. Lucky woman!! And talk about low profile…no one knew about it until they popped the bb out…Way to go!!

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  3. khoobunny says:

    That’s so sweet that he’s dressed in pink for the birth of his daughter. Enjoying his acting in Wonder Women.

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    • bennyjr replied:

      @khoobunny me too.. enjoying his acting in wonderwoman. Funny & childish character, really suits well with his good looks

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  4. pisces2019 says:

    His wife is a very lucky woman. He’s rich, successful, not bad looking and best of all faithful to her. He’s unlike those artistes who, once they find fame, dump their girlfriends. I like how he’s so low key in his personal life, from his wedding to the birth of his daughter. He’s really unlike those who proclaim to treasure their privacy but turn their weddings into reality tv shows. And his is truly a marriage of love, unlike those shotgun marriages so prevalent among showbiz people these days. At least we can safely conclude that he was not obliged to marry her becos of the bun in the oven lol.

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  5. cutie777 says:

    It says my daughter loves pink how does he even know she loves pink if she’s a New born? I hardly see any new born baby with this much hair.

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  6. bennyjr says:

    Congrats! His wife is one lucky woman.. pakho seems to be a loyal guy despite his popularity & good look (no plastic surgery)
    I like it how he kept his personal life really low profile from marriage to his newborn baby girl. Most celebrities loves the limelight

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