Mandy Wong and Candice Chiu in New York City

Recently awarded TVB Best Supporting Actress, Candice Chiu (趙希洛), travelled to New York City to attend Fashion Week with good friend Mandy Wong (黃智雯). Both actresses were excited to be in the Big Apple and took many fashionable street-style photographs and shared them on social media earlier.

“We walk together, talk together, and laugh together. That’s what brought us here together,” they captioned one photo. Mandy also added, “Happiness is finding someone that walks at the same pace as you in life.” In response, good friend Paisley Hu (胡蓓蔚) from Mandy’s other group of friends The Nonsense Club jokingly commented, “Now I am actually jealous.” Mandy bantered back, “Jealousy accepted!”

While in New York City, Mandy and Candice shopped for health supplies that were difficult to find or inflated in prices in Hong Kong. Candice said, “Usually, we would go shopping right after we get off the plane. But this time, we went to buy sanitizers and health supplies. We bought so much, our luggage almost went overweight. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any face masks even after checking numerous pharmacies.”

Candice and Mandy have always been close friends. Mandy was the presenter for the Best Supporting Actress Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards and when she announced Candice as the winner, she was very excited and immediately started crying. Candice did not forget to thank her during her speech. “Mandy is much smarter than I am. She always teaches and helps me!”

Until now, the good friends talk on the phone every day and are very grateful to have found a confidant in each other.

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  1. Oh dang….are they still here in NY wished i bumped into them Candice is ok I like her but as for her acting she still needs more work onit….. at times she could get the facial expressions of her performance but sometimes it comes out all weird…..

    Guest they just didnt know where to go for the mask purchasing

    This corona virus is still making NYers nervous wish the economy will go back in place cause i see chinese items already sky rocketing Sigh………..

  2. I didn’t even know her name – Candice Chiu (趙希洛). I like her, she’s good to look at and acting isn’t that bad either. Well, IMO anyway. 🙂

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