Mandy Wong Dances All the Way to Korea

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Mandy Wong Dances All the Way to Korea

As a member of the celebrity team Crazy Runner, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) traveled to South Korea to film a short segment for an upcoming TV show. There, Mandy interviewed two superstar dance academies in three days, and even took up personal dance lessons with well-known K-Pop dance trainer, Lia.

Mandy first came across Lia’s work when she did research for the TV show last year. Immediately drawn to Lia’s performances, Mandy knew that she had to work with her. Her agency, TVB, allowed Mandy to take up personal lessons with Lia, who happily obliged. Mandy said she was surprised that Lia agreed to do the lessons with her, and is thankful for the opportunity.

Although Mandy herself has a dancing background, lessons with Lia were both exciting and intimidating. Mandy said she was so nervous her face turned red. She recalled, “I thought she’d be teaching me sexy dances, but then she decided to teach me popping. This is a very popular [hip hop] style in Korea rich now, and I had to learn all the steps in 30 minutes. She’s a fast teacher, so I had to pay attention to every detail.” Lia even slowed down the music for Mandy so she could catch up.

Mandy’s three-day schedule in Korea was hectic. The exercise she had in three days made up the amount of exercise she would have in a month. “I start the day with a jog at nine, and then got to my personal lessons afterwards. At night I’d go to a public class. It’s tiring, but very productive.”

The 34-year-old said she swelled with pride when Lia praised her in an interview. “I was really nervous!” said Mandy. “Popping really tests your muscle memory, because everything just goes by too fast. One simple slip can make you lose control of the entire choreography. But I’m very happy that I got to do it. This got me to push my potential.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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