Mandy Wong, Jason Chan Work with Kids in “Daddy Has Something to Say”

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Mandy Wong, Jason Chan Work with Kids in “Daddy Has Something to Say”

A blessing ceremony for TVB’s new drama Daddy Has Something to Say <爸B有話兒> was held recently. A critique on modern-day Hong Kong parents, the drama stars Johnson Lee (李思捷) and Jason Chan (陳智燊) as young fathers who go through life-changing experiences after learning how to raise their respective children.

In the series, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) stars as a tutor who looks after Johnson’s son at an after-school cram school. Mandy shared that most of her scenes so far have been with children, and Mandy did not expect herself to still be so patient after working with ten kids every single day.

The actress revealed that she dreams of opening her own education center someday in the future, and wants to teach kids how to sing and dance. Although it would be a difficult job, Mandy believes that it would also be a satisfying career.

Asking if Mandy plans to have her own kids in the future, she laughed and said that although she likes kids, having her own kids would give her a different feeling. “I’ll leave it to fate,” she said. “This is something that can’t be predicted. I would like to have a complete family, though, but that would also depend on god’s will. I don’t have plans or anything.” Asking if Mandy would think about having a flash marriage, she denied, “No, but I’ll definitely share the good news when it’s happening.”

Jason Chan and fiancée Sarah Song (宋熙年) will be getting married next year. Jason loves kids, and once expressed that he would want to have four, but after filming Daddy Has Something to Say, he said he’s not so sure anymore.

“Four [kids] is definitely a big challenge,” Jason said with a laugh. “I’ll discuss it with Sarah after finishing our marriage arrangements.”

Although the couple will not hold their wedding reception until late 2016, they have been diligently making marriage arrangements. “Thank you, Sarah,” Jason said. “She’s been doing all the work.”

Source: Mingpao

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7 comments to Mandy Wong, Jason Chan Work with Kids in “Daddy Has Something to Say”

  1. funnlim says:

    Some kids may be more interesting to watch than Mandy. This I will also skip. Why are new series populated with c listers? At least get us interesting c listers.

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    • joojin replied:

      @funnlim i’ve seen you in various articles and all you have was bashing celebrities. Personally for me i am more than willing to see fresh and new faces rather than the ones that had been overly reused. I don’t know and i don’t mean anything but it seems like there’s nothing nice coming out from your comments tho. Just saying. Remember, many of your favourite actors started as C and B-list actor/actresses. Give them a chance, jeez

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  2. mike says:

    Still remember when Jason Chan was heavily promoted to lead some time back and he was such a poor actor tvb had to hold their plans. They have since found his replacement in……Tony Hung hahaha

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  3. genxx11 says:

    I have to agree that Mandy is pretty uninteresting as an actress, her acting may be above average but she’s lacking in the looks and charisma department. However her recent drama The Fixer’s rating got into top ten. I have a feeling viewers are fed up of watching A-listers like Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and Kate Tsui, they seem to prefer watching “blacksheep” like Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, Selena Li and Mandy Wong. Some readers here are so harsh on Linda and Kate whose acting has obviously improved and are rightful A-list actresses.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @genxx11 but top 10 against which others? Pretty easy to be top 10

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      • genxx11 replied:

        @funnlim I am referring to the Wikipedia tvb dramas 2015 list

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  4. genxx11 says:

    Survival of the fittest, c-listers with substance will get to the top sooner or later. I think it’s important to have the whole package though. Kristal is not beautiful but she’s a very natural actress and has sufficient attractiveness. Linda is beautiful and her acting though not as natural, it’s very effective. Mandy has to improve her attractiveness whereas Eliza will have to improve her acting effectiveness to go far.

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