Matthew Ho’s Secret For Less Embarrassment During Kissing Scenes

Hera Chan (陳曉華) just gave her first on-screen kiss to Matthew Ho (何廣沛) for the upcoming TV drama Paranormal Shop <異搜店> (tentative title), a story about a man who has the power of knowing the history of whatever item he touches.

Earlier this week, Matthew and Hera were spotted filming a romantic kissing scene at a beachfront in Sai Wan. Paranormal Shop is Hera’s fourth TV drama since her entry into the entertainment industry through the 2018 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. It is also her first drama as leading actress.

According to reports, Matthew and Hera kissed over three times, lasting over 10 seconds in total. Both of them were quite nervous before doing the scene—Hera, because it was her first onscreen kiss; and Matthew, because it was her first onscreen kiss.

“[Matthew] taught me to hold my breath during the kiss,” shared Hera, when she was asked to share her experience with the reporters. “But I didn’t have enough breath! It got me a little dizzy.”

Matthew explained, “When you’re doing scenes like that, you’re really physically close with the other person. It’s easy to feel how the other person is breathing, and when you’re sharing breaths it can get even more awkward. That’s why I told her to hold her breath. She definitely took a big breath at one point, and the director didn’t yell cut. She was literally shaking!”

To know that she would go through her very first on-screen kiss was a very stressful process, but Hera was surprised to find that her nerves calmed down a lot on the day of filming. “Matthew knew it was my very first kissing scene, so he calmly and really logically explained to me how we should do the scene, and demonstrated it with his fists as heads.”

Matthew said, “I was more afraid that I’ll scare her! It’s her first onscreen kiss after all. I tried my best to explain it to her. Communication and respect for your partner is very important.”


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  1. Wow, TVB is really lacking artists to promote. Hera is already a leading actress?? The article said she’s been in 4 dramas since her pageant… what dramas? Did they even air yet? If not, I mean… as viewers, we have no exposure to her work and then depending on which of her dramas air first, if it’s the one where she’s the leading lady then I’m not sure I am ready to watch a real newbie lead a series. I wish they would at least train their artists a bit first. But oh well. It is what it is. And I’m so tired of these articles mentioning kissing scenes and scenes with a lot of physical contact. Why do these actors always make such a big deal out of their experience? It’s just acting. They’re suppose to be professional. But yet, we get stuff like this article or the one about Selena and Joel’s intimate scenes in Barrack o’ Karma 2.

    1. @gnomageddon I agree with you – Hera is terrible, no personality and can’t understand anything she is saying because she doesn’t enunciate her words.

      There are other actresses they can use idk why they are promoting her so much

      1. @tt23 the worst part is how did she even win miss chinese international, she did horribly. You could find better looking people just about anywhere in HK. Even contentious winners are better.

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