Michael Miu Still Looks Incredible at 60

By on June 18, 2018 in NEWS

Michael Miu Still Looks Incredible at 60

Michael Miu (苗僑偉) is now officially Hong Kong’s hunkiest 60-year-old actor! Celebrating his birthday today, it is hard to believe that the tall and handsome actor is actually 60. Michael stays fit by playing golf and soccer, and filming with younger stars helps him remain mentally sharp and trendy.

A popular television idol in the 1980s, Michael took a hiatus from acting to found his eyewear business with wife Jamie Chik (戚美珍) in the 1990s, which they have since sold to made a lucrative profit. Returning to acting out of his own interest, Michael proves that he still has what it takes to attract viewers with popular hits, Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2> and Flying Tiger <飛虎之潛行極戰>.

Since June 12, Michael has been celebrating turning 60 with good friends Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), and others through dinner gatherings and golf trips. Looking at the photos, it is easy to see that Michael has formed many friendships throughout the various stages of his life, and connects well with young and old alike. Michael also knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and often travels with Jamie.

Today, June 18, was Michael’s official birthday party. Surrounded by many friends, Michael had a great time celebrating his big milestone. With his son and daughter looking on, Jamie kissed Michael on the lips when the cake was brought out.

With a loving family, lifelong friends, good health, and still a strong career, Michael Miu cannot ask for more.

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Michael Miu Still Looks Incredible at 60

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  • 21 comments to Michael Miu Still Looks Incredible at 60

    1. jimmyszeto says:

      Michael such a cool guy. Back in the day the TVB leads all came from humble backgrounds. Innocent, likeable and making plenty of friends. Nowadays the lead’s characters are quite questionable and everything is with a motive. Look at Vincent and Ruco.

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      • bubbletea replied:

        I always had a lot of respect for Michael Miu. Had opportunities to spend time withim his company and he is a wonderful and intelligent man to talk to. Very down to earth and very accepting of all people, regardless of the color of their skin, (unlike some buddies of his,) or how rich or poor they are. There are a few from his time who have motives too but they are protected by poweful groups, and their fan base and ‘perfect’ public image is almost unsinkable. There are some from all genres.

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      • jayne replied:

        @jimmyszeto “Nowadays the lead’s characters are quite questionable and everything is with a motive. Look at Vincent and Ruco.”

        “Questionable and everything is with a motive”? I’ve followed Ruco’s interviews over the last 5 years closely. He’s a very humble and hardworking person. He respects veteran stars and always takes care of his leading ladies. He treats his fans very well; many have followed him nearly 2 decades. I find him to be a very earnest and sincere person. Perhaps a little too serious in his interviews sometimes; he would benefit in relaxing to create a more lively atmosphere.

        If you are referring to his recent dispute with his landlord as questionable in his character, Ruco already explained his stance on the situation. But it’s stretching a bit far to say he does everything with a motive.

        Artistes are in the industry, driven by promises of fame and fortune; some actually possess acting interest. In this sense, Ruco is not too different from Michael Miu.

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        • replied:

          @jayne @jimmyszeto I’m also curious as to what Ruco’s “questionable” qualities are.

          From what I’ve gathered, he seems like a rather grounded guy with good work ethics and display of maturity.

          Perhaps I’ve missed something?

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          It’s more about the characters in general these days compared to the actor/actresses from the 1980’s. In the 1980’s the main aim was to sign up as a means for a job,scolded by veterans whilst learning and work hard. It wasn’t as quite clear cut that there will be superstar status or money to come out it. Nowadays, you will have to be quite ambitious and calculating to promote yourself. Whether this is by social media or tactics with the press. Times have changed…

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        • bubbletea replied:



          I have been familiar with Ruco’s career for years now and he has not done anything ruthless or underhanded to boast his career. He has not, and is not doing anything that any hong kong celebrity has not done to promote his work, e.g fan meets, interviews, variety shows etc. Times were different in the 70s. 80s and the better part of the 90s. So what if the artists are not scolded like they were back then. Are they supposed to feel guilty and not strive to acheive stardom and fortune because they were not scolded. As for working hard, a lot of the younger artists work hard as well. Ruco, Bosco, Raymond Wong. Raymond Lam , Carlos
          Sheren Teng, Charmaine , Myolie, just to name a few. Yes times have changed, and we can’t expect the same system to be in place noe that was present in the days of a young Michael, Felix, Andy or Tony. We have social media now, which helps to promote these present artists. It does not diminish the talent that some of the current celebs possess.

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        • replied:

          @jimmyszeto I see where you’re coming from. Back then, actors lacked the privilege of digital/mass marketing, so they had to mostly rely on sheer talent and hard work to achieve recognition. This, no doubt, helped build their strength of character and virtue. There also seemed to be a bigger sense of camaraderie back then, whereas these days, it’s all about individualism and commercialism.

          That said, I agree with @bubbletea that since the entertainment industry is a very different beast now than it was before, actors need to move with the times if they want to have relevance in an age where social media and PR are all the rage.

          I don’t think this makes Ruco a questionable character, but rather, business savvy. For him to resist the influence of social media would put him at risk of falling behind his peers. It’s all about adapting, really.

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        • bubbletea replied:

          @sugarcane very well said. Ruco has not done anything that is considered underha nvm ded or nefarious to stay relavent. He has not stepped on anyone to get to where he is now. Like you said he is very business savvy. A celeb has to know how to grab the bull by the hotn or he/she will slowly fade away. Look at Jiro Wang, Mike He. Joe Cheng, Ming Dao and Blue Lam, just to namr a few of the guys. They are handsome as ever, still in their thirties and they are fading, fast. Even Mike announce his marriage as he realized his glory days are behind him, and more of them will confirm relationships in the future. With all the twenty something years old pretty boys on the rise in Asia, Ruco and Bosco and company have serious competition. There is nothing wrong with staying savvy, and relevant in the public’s eye. And I am not talking about holding up photos of the landlord dispute. Many idols from around the world have done similar to what Ruco did.

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        • bubbletea replied:

          I meant underhanded and nefarious. Also meant, just to name a few.

          Login or Register before you can reply to bubbletea
        • jimmyszeto replied:

          @bubbletea @sugarcane
          Yeh. Maybe it is the change of times which is why there are different personalities in the industry nowadays then in the past. Back in the 1980s, school dropouts signed up to TVB/Acting training classes as a means of finding a job to stay out of trouble. It was less lucrative and there were less stars at the time so the attitude was to work hard and learn on the go. Nowadays, you need that ambitious mentality to become the next star or to make a fortune. People are willing to give give their degrees or professions to flock to the entertainment industry. I agree that there are many ‘business savvy’ persons, the ones who advertise well and post videos. The ones who are able to gain tens of thousands of suscribers and views on youtube and members on their social media. I don’t think Ruco is one of them. Taking a few selfies does not mean you are ‘business savvy’. Another reason is that the way he got himself into the landlord dispute situation, (something he could have fully avoided) shows he isn’t up to scratch in keeping a clean image. However, the social media and internet is a great platform for minor actors/actresses who want to boost their fanbase. If they make a serious effort to be creative in publishing good content they can bring in hundreds of thousands of fans overnight. Then TV stations or advertisers will come straight to them due to increase in demand.

          Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
        • bubbletea replied:

          <For someone who is not business savvy, Ruco sure has a lot of fans, popularity and money. He sure knows how to make money and stay relevant. Imagine what he could achieve if he was business savvy. So getting involved in a landlord dispute means you cannot keep a clean image? If a celebrity , or anyone has a landlord dispute, that person, or that celebrity is involved, *smiles* . Many celebs had landlord disputes and it did not dirty their images, why should it dirty Ruco's. Makes no sense that it should, and not affect the others' images who also had disputes. Like I said, times has changed, and Ruco is not doing anything that other idols are not doing. It would be nice to get some feedback from maybe @sugarcane or @jayne.

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          Not necessarily dirty his image but certainly it runs a risk if getting caught up with these issues.

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    2. dramafan says:

      Ahhh, back in the day, Michael Mui and Felix Wong were 2 of my favourite from the 5 Tigers.

      Both are still going strong and looking good for their age. Hope they have maintained a close friendship over the years.

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      • janet72 replied:

        @dramafan Michael miu ages very well…in fact he gets more charming and good looking. his role in Tiger Cubs is fantastic. his image as a husband and father is clean.

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        • replied:

          @janet72 He is definitely aging like a bottle of fine wine. 😛

          Admittedly, I did not find him to be all that handsome when he was younger. *dodges tomatoes*

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @dramafan Ah yes, those were definitely the days! I always get nostalgic talking about the 80s because that was my childhood and also the time when TVB (and the entire HK entertainment industry as a whole) was at its best. So many great stars came out of that era – it was definitely the best time to “follow” the industry from all fronts (TV, movies, music, etc).

        Michael has always been my favorite Tiger as well, though I liked Felix and Tony just as much. Personal scandal notwithstanding, I did like Kent too in terms of his acting, though of course he was less prolific than the others back then due to his career being cut short. In terms of Andy, for some reason I never really liked him, even back in those days, though yes he is hardworking and deserves the success he’s been able to achieve all these years. Nowadays, it’s the 4 Tigers, since Tony doesn’t hang out with them much, but then again, Tony was never really part of their circle of friends – he always had a different group of friends he was close with, friendships that he has maintained to this day. I actually kind of miss seeing the 5 of them together but oh well – I can always go back and re-watch old 1980s variety shows and TV series to get my 5 Tigers fix, lol.

        Regarding the article: Wow, Phoebe and Max (Michael and Jamie’s kids) are all grown up now — time sure does fly! I was leafing through some old entertainment magazines the other day and came across the one about Michael and Jamie’s wedding back in 1990…can’t believe it’s been almost 30 years already! I agree that Michael still looks incredible at 60 and is just as charismatic and charming as he was back then, lol!

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        • bubbletea replied:

          @llwy12 yep, looking back at the era does bring back such nostalgic memories. Even the music from the eighties and nineties was so amazing. I want to introduce my children to that music cause it’s worth listening to. You do notice that Michael Miu is looking more facially refined as he ages. I suspect that he is doing it naturally. He should be admired for that, as he is one of the few in the business who chose to age naturally. In that aspect, he is the male version of Jamie Lee Curtis, haha. While Micheal and Felix are more social and outgoing, Tony is not a big talker outside of his acting, and he avoids crowds. Most of his friends are low key like him. He is still naturally tight with the Tigers, but with Andy, not so much.

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Aww. How sweet love that cake it looks really cool. I didn’t know Eric is his good friend too. Never knew Michael played golf or soccer no wonder he doesn’t age much.

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    4. bubbletea says:

      @dramafan watched the series on DVD and immediately liked the characters of Michael, Felix and Tony. I like these guys offscreen as well. Should watch it again very soon. Man, those were the days.

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    5. funnlim says:

      60… he looks amazing. So is his wife.

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    6. mangotango says:

      Looking great at 60. Maybe one of the secret is mental contentment and being surrounded by people who truly care.

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