Mimi Lo and Power Chan Welcomes Baby Daughter

Mimi Lo (羅敏莊) and Power Chan’s (陳國邦) baby daughter has arrived! Born via Cesarean section, their new bundle of joy weighed a healthy 7 pounds and 3 ounces and the happy parents named her Jan Chan (陳禛), after the character in Bruce Lee’s (李小龍) character in Fist of Fury <精武門> and also comedian Jan Lam(林海峰).

Last week, Mimi announced the happy news on her blog and shared a photo of herself on the hospital bed with a big smile. The caption read, “Mission accomplished!” A few days before the scheduled Cesarean section, she shared on her blog that it was almost time to say goodbye to her current figure, while she and Power were ready to welcome the arrival of the baby.

Power was in the operating room accompanying Mimi during the birth of their daughter. When Mimi saw Power assist in cutting the umbilical cord, she felt extremely emotional and grateful.  Power, on the other hand, was highly nervous because he was afraid of hurting his daughter.

“Before I would think babies crying are very annoying, but now, when I hear the cries of my own daughter, I would think that it sounds so cute! Who does our daughter look like? Many friends and relatives said the baby looks 80 percent like me. She has a headful of thick hair like me and she also has long legs! I hope she will have 43” legs like Sharon Chan (陳敏之) when she grows up,” Mimi said.

When the couple was asked if they plan on having a second child, they expressed that they would like to wait a year or two.

Source: Wenweipo.com

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  1. baby is so cute!! I think she actually look like the Daddy more! Congratulations for sure!! Such happiness!

  2. I’ve see the baby in another picture earlier. But, this picture really makes her look like a little copy of Power Chan. Haha, daddy’s girl.

  3. She does look a lot like Daddy in the above pic. Congrats to the new parents!

  4. awww she does look like Power Chan! haha.. congrats to the new parents!!

  5. awww they’re one of my favorite celebrity couples!

    LOL! The baby already looks a lot like Power! Adorable!

  6. Smiling like an idiot right now. Two of my favorite TVB artists! Congratulations Power and Mimi! Jan is adorable ^^

  7. Oh my gosh, she looks like a copy of Power in the above picture!!! Congrats to both of them!

  8. Baby is smiling in the picture!!! TOO CUTE!!! CONGRATULATIONS, POWER!!! 😀

  9. Congrats! Baby’s really cute. I really like Power and Mimi as a couple. They seems to really be in love.

  10. She is so cute!!! muah muah muah to her. She’s so lovely and so precious. I haven’t seen a baby with a beautiful smile like that in a long time. She looks so much like daddy. Such a cutie pie!!!

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