Myolie Wu and Aimee Chan Respond to Questions About Rumored Boyfriends

Myolie Wu Hang Yee, Liu Xuan, and Aimee Chan Yan Mei appeared at a charitable premiere. Appearing in a sheer white blouse and revealing a black bra, Myolie effective stole the limelight. Myolie joked about her sheer outfit, “This is not too much and is just my personal style!”

Earlier there were rumors that TVB was heavily promoting Bosco Wong Chung Chak, even giving him more screen time than Michael Tse. Myolie said, “No, that’s not true. Everyone has opportunities; it’s nothing special! From the same generation of actors,Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Raymond Lam Fung, and Ron Ng Cheuk Hei are also promoted.” Myolie noted that she was resting at home, waiting to start working on her next series. Since her new role required dancing, Myolie had to practice stretching. When asked whether she will Myolie ask Bosco for tips on dancing, Myolie said, “We are both so busy!”

Earlier, Aimee Chan Yan Mei was alleged as a third party in Moses Chan Ho and Bernice LiuBik Yee’s former relationship. At the premiere, Aimee revealed that Moses had already apologized to her and treated for dinner. Reporters asked Aimee what factors she was considered before agreeing Moses’ pursuit? Aimee said, “He is a very, very good person. I have to spend more time thinking about it. I am a serious person and will not date to drag on the relationship.”


Jayne: How much longer can Aimee dodge her dating rumors with Moses by saying that she is still considering him? Such silly bantering…

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  1. @ Jayne: I don’t think it’s silly but a free promotion :P.

    1. Aimee strikes me as a smart lady. She’s handling this the way Moses is doing – indirectly.

      1. In a way I agree as well. They will never admit but we all know

  2. Maybe she IS thinking about it? Thinking and dating equals trying out the merchandise first? Sensible answer. Since the keyword is BEING TREATED TO DINNER.

  3. i don’t know why, but i’m not too fond of this moses + aimee relationship imo … to me aimee seems very whinny … maybe I’m the only one that thinks that way

  4. Is there ‘conclusive’ proof that they are indeeed seriously together?

    I get the feeling that they’re in the mutally attracted, getting-to-know-each other stage still, if I’m reading the news right and believing the info provided.

  5. weird how they had dinner, and no doggy journalist managed to snap any pictures. Does this mean they had the dinner @ either home?

  6. Aimee does seem to be Moses’ type, but for some reason their rumor is coming off to me as just mere promotion.

  7. aimee never got any news until now they link her with moses. of course she’s enjoying the attention

  8. Perhaps Aimee is interested in Moses and vice versa… but I also think this is a publicity thing… Moses and Bernice got a lot more jobs doing couple-ly things… and for TVB artists, doing ads/commercials is where the money is.

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