Nicholas Tse Complains About His Guest on “Chef Nic”

The multifaceted Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) is not only great on-screen and in the kitchen, but he even has experience in the business realm as a CEO – earning him a guest appearance on a finance show recently. When the host asked Nicholas for his thoughts on the difference between today’s new generation of artistes and those from his time, he expressed that celebrities are luckier nowadays because even newcomers get five to eight assistants from the start. He then grumbled about one of his guest stars on Chef Nic <十二道鋒味>, sparking a heated discussion among netizens.

As the person responsible for the business of aspect of his show, Chef Nic, Nicholas takes note of how many assistants his guest stars bring to set. Having invited over 90 guest stars over the span of five seasons, Nicholas has been shocked and surprised to see certain celebrities’ entourage.

Frowning, the singer-actor exclaimed, “Someone once brought their hairstylist, their hairstylist’s assistant, their translator, their translator’s assistant, their agent, their agent’s assistant, their agent’s assistant’s assistant, their two bodyguards, their makeup artist, and their assistant.”

Admitting that he was displeased with the cost of the accommodations, Nicholas disclosed, “Sometimes I would ask myself, ‘Who does he think he is? We don’t need him.’ But the world is so big now, and many newcomers will have such requests!”

Though Nicholas did not reveal any names, many netizens were displeased with him boldly sharing these details. Still, others supported his bravery for speaking up.


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  1. Ha, I mean, Nic has a point. The entourage probably doesn’t get paid much and depend on people like him to subsidize them. I imagine him as the grumpy industry veteran, shaking his fist and saying, “back in MY day, we had to do our own hair! And our own makeup! And walk 5 miles in the snow to get to the studio!” 😀

    1. @sasamii Yup, he got a point there. What I don’t get is why netizens angry at such comment. He is a businessman, looking at cost and complain about that is pretty atypical behaviour of a businessman, plus he was the veteran, who’s back then did not have that many assistants, plus he’s older now, he also knows how spoil these young celebrities are.

      1. @littlefish you’re right… they probably seem especially spoiled also because despite his family ties, Nic really did work really hard in his youth to make a name for himself.

  2. Chinese director Feng Xiaogang and several senior actors made the same complaints. Only the high paid idols with poor acting skills have this affliction.

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