Niki Chow Has Yet To Meet Her Destined One

Yesterday, Niki Chow (周麗淇) attended an event for the Arome Bakery (東海堂) moon cakes she endorsed. In that event, Niki fed fans some moon cakes. When asked whether she has ever fed her boyfriend, Niki replied that she was still single.

When asked about sources saying that she has been secretly dating cotton mill and spinnery factory crown prince, Eric, for two years now and even spotted sitting in his luxury car after filming wrapped, Niki denied the romance and emphasized that she never ever had a rich boyfriend. Niki stated that she has been single for the past two years.

Niki said, “I do not have any boyfriend outside the entertainment circle. I am not dating and I will only be spending this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival with myself and these mooncakes or with my friends.” Niki confessed that she would occasionally have meals with her male friends but none of them instilled a romantic feeling in her, so she did not felt like she was being courted.

When asked how long she has not gone on a date, Niki answered, “For quite some time now! Not nice to say those of the past!” Was it because she was severely hurt during her previous relationship and did not dare to break into the boundary of love again? Niki replied, “I am a very open person. Maybe it’s because my fate in love hasn’t arrived yet. Love is a very difficult thing to speak about, my future destined one has yet to appear.”

The reporter noted that recently, there are many celebrities who found their respective partners in mainland, such as Rene Liu (劉若英). Niki noted, “I will follow Rene’s example of announcing to the press before getting married.” (Will you announce to the public if you date?) Niki expressed, “I will not reveal it on purpose. If I am not dating, I will say that I am not. If I am dating, I will not respond and ask everyone to think on their own.”

Niki said that she understood that any male friends who appeared around her will unavoidably be included in the tabloids. Niki also declared that if she felt that there was no room for further development between her and the other party, she will “root the nail on the head” and reject him so as not to let the other party misunderstand.


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  1. I liked Niki in ‘The Gentle Crackdown’, a lively and funny character, alongside the somewhat uneven Moses Chan, but she did well. She’s quite good in comedy and would be quite interesting to see her and Bobby Au-Yeung. Oh well, back to the drawing board…

    1. But niki and bobby wouldn’t match as a couple. He’s too uncle.

  2. Funn girl you funny 😉

    I do not wish to see her again. God make her stop. She’s horrible. Of course she hasn’t met her destined one. She’s obviously destined to be a gold digger.

  3. Niki’s pretty. So too is her sister. Still can’t understand why her ex dumped her for someone uglier and older.

    1. Maybe ugly to u but not to him.

      And maybe niki is high maintenance gf. Guys usually get tired of that, no matter how pretty the girl is.

    2. Well…as they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Besides it’s all really an opinion.

      I actually think Niki isn’t pretty at all. Charmaine is pretty average too. They however both look pretty old.

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