Not Beautiful Enough for the Role? Samantha Ko Responds Online

TVB’s My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人> is the new child on the block, and Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) looks—or lack thereof—has become a recent hot topic on the popular online discussion forum, LIHKG.

Whether it’s praises or disses, the 32-year-old actress made it known to netizens that she has read every single one of those comments, and she’s pepared to respond with a good heart and positive mindset.

With the username “Sammkoling,” Samantha surprised the netizens of LIHKG by popping into their discussion board. “I finally got a LIHKG [account]!” she wrote. “Hello everyone! I am Ko Ling! I’ve been reading all your comments for days, and I really want to reply to you all! Let’s start with this post!”

Samantha responded to a question about a scene of her hanging off a tree branch upside down. She explained that although she was wired up, having to fall backwards was a scary experience. “You can tell how I scared I was from how I looked!”

Many netizens initially doubted Samantha’s identity, until she confirmed it herself in an interview.

Samantha has been bracing herself of negative comments, telling a user, “I’m not afraid! I’ve read every comment here! My mental health is still good, haha!”

Praising Samantha for having the guts to make a discussion board account, she explained, “It was actually me being impulsive, but I did want to reply to you all! It took me a few days to get this account up! I’m happy that it’s finally done!” Samantha explained that replying to netizens and viewers directly is the best way for her to get genuine feedback on her performances.

Some netizens have remarked that Samantha is not good-looking enough for the role. In regard to this, the actress responded through Weibo: “I do admit that I am not beautiful enough, or perhaps I am not meeting a particular beauty standard, but that doesn’t matter to me. At least I know that I am genuine! My looks are given by my parents. Regardless, wouldn’t that still be stronger than those with stiff faces? The most important thing is that my looks will not affect my ability to work.”

Samantha left with a final response to her haters: “If you don’t like how I look, that’s your business. I am happy with the way I look!”


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  1. Does she have a lisp? When I watch the show, somehow I felt like she have a lisp. In BB來了too, her speech sounded different.

  2. She gave a great response to those haters, who probably are less than attractive themselves.

  3. She looks exactly the same in every old photo (except with baby fat), which is so reassuring in this climate of “nowadays plastic surgery is common”

  4. she has that vixen look so people are not liking her for that reason. and probably jealousy too since she has a really hot body

  5. I think she’s beautiful. The only flaw she has is that she’s a bit crossed eyes so during some scenes her face looks strange. Because of that in the past I’ve thought she had a bad plastic surgery job that causes her face to be unbalanced; but after seeing her young pics, it looks like she’s quite natural.

    Samantha can definitely act. If people can get past her appearance, they’ll see that she excels in crying scenes. Her eyes can well up with tears very quickly. She reminds me of Elaine; they have big teary eyes.

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