Oscar Leung Wants Mandy Wong To Be Bridesmaid At His Wedding

Since the airing of Hong Kong TVB drama, L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and Mandy Wong’s (黃智雯) popularity increased, resulting in more money-making opportunities for the onscreen couple. Yesterday, the pair appeared at a men’s weight loss center, in which Oscar spoke about his recent “yo-yo” weight loss experience. Oscar also joked that at his future wedding, he would like to invite Mandy Wong to be one of the bridesmaids.

For his birthday earlier, Oscar’s girlfriend, Tina, gave him a set of headphones. Vowing to save money for his future wedding, Oscar also joked that it would be wonderful for his past romantic onscreen partners to be bridesmaids at his wedding. “I wish to be Wai Siu Bo too!”

Oscar’s filming experience in Hengdian, China has been uneventful earlier, due to his body’s poor adaptation. Portraying an emperor in The Confidant 大太監 (formerly known as The Great Eunuch), Oscar gained 7 to 8 pounds for the role. His digestive system was disrupted while working in China, leading to an eventual acne breakout. For an upcoming deathbed scene, he will have to quickly lose weight while in Hengdian.

Mandy Wong also noted that while filming L’Escargot, she did not intentionally restrict her diet. Oscar joked that Mandy’s waist was quite thick during the filming of the drama, which added to the realistic appearance of Mandy as a young mother. Mandy did not mind to lose or gain weight for a role. In new drama, Mother to Mother <巴不得媽媽>, Mandy will portray a renovation contractor and appear in a tomboy image. She joked that she has been learning remodeling skills, which she can use help friends do light renovation work.

Sources: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Hope to see Oscar and Mandy paired up in a drama again. Oscar is fortunate to land the role of the emperor in The Confidant, which appears to be one of the better productions and quality scripts for the year.

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  1. mandy looks great in the above pic, has the right proportion body size.

      1. I guess short hair doesnt’ suit her. Unlike TY, she looks good in short hair and nancy wu too.

      2. yeh short hair doesn’t suit Mandy…. its too boofy. and the style makes her look really old and face big.

        Tavia, Myolie, Nancy look good in short hair. Fala to an extent too, but Fala was a bit longer than the others.

      3. Myolie is the one who looks the best in short hair in Txb.

        Follow her is Sharon.

      4. i thoght charmaine loks better, along with the make up

      5. I think Nancy look the best with TY or Myolie in the next places. TY looks so much better with long hair.

        At least Charmaine looks better than her ricebowl sister fa hairstyle, LOL.

      6. nancy wu def looks the best and youngest with short hair out of those listed or in the pic… charmaine, ty, myo, jessica hsuan, maggie cheung, fala?

        i have never seen sharon with short hair. any pics? also myo with short hair shows her jawbone too much/too high, which is not very attractive…

        how bout a comparison of the mushroom hair of fala and charmaine in sister FA. (i am referring to fala’s show with timmy and louise lee as her mom – forget what the show was called)

      7. http://www.bloggang.com/data/crazy-myskina/picture/1181536862.jpg Sharon

        http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/6688043cjw1djtsxwaxhuj.jpg Shirley

        http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/02/09/1/806/8060515/226c8539742841c2_myolie.jpg Myolie

        They all look good in this kind of hairdo.

        TY looks old in short hair because of her long face. Never think she looks good in red dyed hairstyle, too. She look(ed) the best with long black hair. Same to Maggie Cheung.

        Fala in short hair: http://www.jpopasia.com/i1/news/2/6406-85suvggi3p.jpg not too bad.

        Nancy had short hair for a long while, especially when she first start and she looks ok in it.

        I think whoever has long face shouldn’t have short hair. Will look old.

      8. Fala’s role in Stew of life and Charmaine’s role in Fa sister are different. Fala’s role is a reporter and the mushroom hairdo is still in fashion way while Charmaine’s chac has low IQ so won’t be in fashion type.

      9. Fala looks better than Charmaine in the mushroom haircut! So much cuter…..

      10. TY is nice in short in her roles like Mr,CS.Mandy doesnot look nice in short.Myolie in RB is nice.Fala in LOO is also nice^^.

  2. Now it is called the confidant? Next is what? The half man? The chinese title is Big Eunuch. I like that title, rather catchy. Not everyone can portray an emperor so shall see. Which emperor is he? Can’t be Tongzhi right?

      1. Thanks! Then he is too old BUT he does look like Tongzhi in the paintings. I hope he plays him smart (reportedly he was a child genius) and then couldn’t care less (since Mama never lets him rule so he did what young emperors with too much money do-play), which is my impression of Tongzhi.

  3. this mandy woman already looks old but long hair but IMO she looks even older w/shorter. awww…the guy is supposedly older but he looks like a much younger bro next to her hahaa..

    1. actually looking at the picture they both have quite siimlar feature, eg, the nose

  4. Mandy is pretty looks like a mixture of Leila tong, tavia young and nancy wu. That’s my opinion. I wanna b pretty like her :/

      1. As per Mandy Wong’s photo in this article, she looks very much like Nnadia Chan Chung Ling (same kind of eyes)!

      2. Sandcherry, Veejay, Fox,
        Always thought that Mandy resembled Nnadia, especially with the short hair.

        There are too many long-haired, porcelain skinned women in the HK/Chinese entertainment circle. Not everyone carries short hair well. For the women who do carry it well, such as Nnadia and Mandy, they stand out more. You need the cheekbones to wear the short hair well, which calls more attention to the facial planes and structures.

        I think Mandy looks fine with the short hair, but her personal style tends to be more on the casual side. I do see her as a tomboy too….

      3. @sandcherry,

        I think Mandy’s nose that what resembles Nnadia most imo.

        Do you mean girls with high cheekbone like FAla also can carry out the short hair look? I’m not sure about that but Nancy with oval and rather slim face carry the short hair well.. I always thought cheekbone girls doens’t look good in short hair cuz long hair helps them to make their face to look slimmer.

      4. Veejay,
        Short hair emphasizes on the face, so high cheekbones and smaller faces fare better. Fala has nice cheekbones, I think she will look fine with ultra short hair if she finds the right style.

        I think Tavia looked great with short hair in “The Other Truth.”

        Other women that also looks good with short hair:

        Yoyo (bob cut)
        Gigi Leung
        Toby Leung
        Denise Ho

        Overall, I prefer short hair on a woman if she can carry the style well, makes her look more independent, strong, and stand out more. But not everyone looks goods with short hair.

      5. Veejay,
        One other thing I forgot to add is that with short hair, you cannot “hide” your face, so if the face is proportionate in feature, well balanced in proportions, I think the woman will look fine with short hair. Also it helps to have thick hair in a short style for added texture, otherwise it may look like very thin hair on top.

    1. Agree with Fox that she resembles Nnadia more. Where got leila tong or tY in her? deosn’t look a bit like them at all.

  5. Mandy is so pretty! Looking forward for her new series

  6. I never thoroughly analyzed Mandy’s performances, but based on superficial impression; in my POV Mandy can act, but is still lacking in screen presence(at least for me).

    Screen presence is something that certain actors such as Kate Tsui, Chrissie Chau and Angelababy has.

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