Phoebe Sin is the Best Wife Material

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Phoebe Sin is the Best Wife Material

Newlyweds, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), dated for almost two years before getting married. Aside from her beautiful looks, many are wondering how Phoebe got Ruco to propose to her. With the 41-year-old actor admitting that he broke up with his ex-girlfriends because he felt there was marriage pressure in the relationships, what made Ruco feel confident that Phoebe is Miss Right?

When Ruco first laid eyes on Phoebe in Miss Hong Kong 2016, he was impressed by her beautiful smile and good figure. But it was Phoebe’s inner beauty and virtuous qualities that convinced him she is the best wife material.

Ruco is known for being a filial son to his mother, so he often brings Phoebe along to eat with his mother. They spent many enjoyable times together. With her pure and simple charms, Phoebe easily won his mother’s acceptance. When Ruco’s mother had a stroke and was hospitalized this year, Phoebe also displayed great thoughtfulness in taking care of her while Ruco was overseas working.

With her fashion background, Phoebe shares one of Ruco’s interests. When they first met, they talked about fashion topics. Eventually, Phoebe became Ruco’s image consultant, giving him advice on styling to ensure he looks his best.

Phoebe enjoys cooking and specifically learned how to cook Ruco’s favorite Chinese dishes. Ruco has openly praised her cooking skills and said Phoebe likes to make a lot of soup.

Other than providing lifestyle support, Phoebe lessens Ruco’s burdens and stress with her optimistic attitude and gentle personality. In his wedding vows, Ruco had said, “You give me happiness and satisfaction when I laugh. When I cry, you will quietly stand by my side and shield me from the wind and rain.”

Their low-profile relationship is an example of how Phoebe accommodates to Ruco’s wishes. Her protective nature even shows on their wedding day, when she omitted the traditional bridesmaids’ door games, “I cannot bear watching him being played by others.”

Taking care of his family, clothing, eating preferences, and emotional well-being, Phoebe impressed Ruco with her considerate nature and virtuous qualities. Shortly after they dated, Ruco already knew Phoebe is the woman he wanted to get married with.


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Phoebe Sin is the Best Wife Material

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  • 13 comments to Phoebe Sin is the Best Wife Material

    1. m0m0 says:

      i find it funny they always say some big name asian male star married/marrying have something to do w/ their mom or breaking up b/c mom doesn’t approve. how often do you see that when they talk about female asian starlets? don ever recall the issue with the parents ever popping up in western media.

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    2. jcc10 says:

      Phoebe is actually one of a kind! People have to stop judging her by her looks. I still see people saying she’s “ugly” and “the third person” when clearly she isn’t. I’m so happy for Ruco. As a fan of his for over 5 years, I’m glad he’s finally found her Ms.Right! Looking at Phoebe’s personality/interests i know that she’s perfect for him!!

      Login or Register before you can reply to jcc10
    3. funnlim says:

      Congrats to them. She looked radiant and his choice of marrying at sea is great because no paps!

      But to be honest, she is right for him not because kind, etc etc etc. It is because she doesn’t have a career. So he is her career. She is not famous or recognisable at all so there’s no power couple and all that stuff which Ruco isn’t interested in. he wants a wife who can be at home taking care of home. Since he is touted as traditionalist I suppose that is his way of thinking. Not to say he is MCP, I am saying this marriage can survive because one gives in and the other provides. Moreover it is at the right time. He wants to settle down and here is someone who looks like those classic heroine in romance drama where the male lead pushes and drags and she follows. Not to say she has no opinion of her own, it is to say whatever opinion she has she will bury it so that he can shine.

      And if she was his fashion consultant, that explains why his fashion choices for past 2 years were darn awful.

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      • coralie replied:

        @funnlim that’s actually a pretty deep overview of their roles in the relationship. they like going the traditional route and she provides ‘soft’ emotional support while he provides solid financial backing. she’s not as soft as she seems though, considering her background on how she became Ms. HK. but, he is a good catch and he treasures her, so as long as she’s happy, they’ll last.

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        • funnlim replied:

          @coralie “she’s not as soft as she seems though, considering her background on how she became Ms. HK. ”

          Now that I don’t know. Tell! Tell! What happened.

          Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim
        • jcc10 replied:

          @funnlim @sugarcane
          not sure if this is the reason but her parents didn’t want her to enter miss HK and she disobeyed them. apparently they were very angry

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        • replied:

          @coralie I’m curious, as well. Spill the tea!

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    4. tmbern70 says:

      ruco enough & too much photos. Kevin Cheng also didnt have that many photos

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      • fighter01 replied:

        @tmbern70 @tm007 @jcc10 Sick and tired of hearing about this money grubbing, pathetic fame seeker on the news all the time. This guy is way overexposed and overrated, he should just look elsewhere to earn a living but not in entertainment industry.

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    5. tm007 says:

      Yucks to keep seeing their photos as if wedding of the century in hk

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    6. jadedheart says:

      how many dresses did she have on? it seems like 3 or 4 for 1 night?

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    7. tm007 says:

      Very sickening indeed! Fighter01

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    8. tm007 says:

      Or maybe our members kept posting different photos of ruco chan & his weddingssssss lol

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