Phoebe Sin Shares About Family Plans

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Phoebe Sin Shares About Family Plans

After holding their wedding celebration in October 2018, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) welcomed their baby girl, Quinta (nicknamed “Little Piggy”), in April of this year. Five months postpartum, Phoebe has been recovering well. During a recent interview, Phoebe glowed and appeared to have regained her pre-pregnancy figure. However, hoping to eventually return to work in the entertainment industry, the first-time mother expressed her desire to shed still a little more weight.

Phoebe revealed that not only has Quinta become the family’s source of happiness, but also doubles up as a de-stressor. Phoebe laughingly shared, “The baby is very obedient. She only cries when she is very uncomfortable. She laughs out loud often, so it makes the family very happy. Ultimately, she has become a way for us to de-stress!”

Ruco has also become much more gentle and attentive. “He is very tender with our daughter. This has also affected me to a small degree. There were a few times where he and I were having a serious talk. The baby would look at him and start to laugh out loud. I would immediately see his face soften. Similarly, when the baby sees her daddy, she would start to smile very sweetly. Sometimes when Ruco comes home from work, he is very tired, but will become very happy once he sees our daughter.”

Although the couple spend most of their time taking care of Quinta, they are also mindful about spending time together and maintaining their marriage. Phoebe shared, “Our daughter is changing rapidly. It seems like within just a few days, she’s different. We hope to spend as much time with her as possible and to be there to witness her developments, at least for the first two or three years of her life. However, we have talked about how we had our daughter very soon after getting married, so we do want to make sure to have time for one another. Sometimes, our family members will help us babysit, so we can sneak away for date night, or go on a short weekend trip.”

In terms of family planning, Phoebe pointed out that the couple has plans for another baby in the next year or two. For now, Phoebe not only hopes to return to work, but the couple also wants to focus on caring for her firstborn. “The understanding between Ruco and I is dependent on our daughter’s personality. If our daughter is more active, we would encourage her to exercise and play sports, rather than go through the traditional route of schooling. The important thing is that she is cheerful and has a happy childhood.”


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      She is one very very lucky miss HK candidate by participating in miss HK, no need to even be in top 3 and gotten herself a good looking, popular, rich husband who loves her and spotted her when he was the judge.

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