Rain Li Starts Lingerie and Skincare Businesses

Possessing a $80 million HKD fortune, Rain Li (李彩華) continues to expand her wealth. Following the success of Chrissie Chau‘s (周秀娜) lingerie brand, Rain plans to invest a seven-figure sum in establishing her lingerie and skincare brands.

Entertaining the idea for some time, Rain is busy looking for a retail store location and designing the lingerie items. Rain disclosed, “What I like may not be representative of what every woman likes, but it’s possible that a lot of people may potentially like it.”

Promising to model her own lingerie, Rain said, “I think it’s a beautiful thing – you should not look at this through colored lenses. Lingerie is a necessity for women.”

Rain revealed that the idea of creating her own lingerie and skincare label arose when she was asked to be a spokesperson for lingerie labels in the past. Unafraid of entering the fierce business dominated by well-known and established brands, Rain is confident that her lingerie line will become a favorite among the Hong Kong female population.

“The competition is indeed tough, but lingerie in the past has been plain and conservative. My business will promote more stylish items and hopefully they will be items that can be worn inside and out,” Rain said.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She’s one of those who hooked up with all the influential bfs early.

    1. @nomad – really? How do you know? I actually like her…as a singer. Her personality is really fun too.

      1. coralie,

        Rain Li had dated Raymond Lam and was rumored with film producer, China 3D’s Stephen Shiu, Jr.

      2. @ jayne: thanks for that info! I knew she dated raymond but at the time they didn’t/couldn’t expose their relationship. and as for stephen siu, well, getting involved with ppl in the industry isn’t so surprising. when nomad said “influential bfs,” i assume it would be something a bit more sordid. -shrug-

  2. Does she really Possess $80 million HKD fortune??!??

    Thought her career is a flop!

    1. Her career was a flop but she was one of the rumored actress that participated in the “rich men dinner dates”. Maybe she “earned” her fortune that way?

      1. How many “dinner dates” she would have to do in order to amass such fortune? LOL!

      2. If she opens her leg 10 times a day over a long period, not impossible for her to earn that much

  3. Rain Li is rather a mediocre actress. Getting involved with people who have big influence in the industry might help if she chooses the right one.

    1. Precisely my pt (@ Coralie)

      She’s also currently dating someone from the famous Yan Oi Tong charity – those folk are fairly connected.

  4. is it just me she looks like shes on drug or at least look like someone who do drug. like i remember back in the day she was so pretty but now she just look tired and old.

  5. That is not a good picture of Rain. She’s only 32 now, but, she looks way older. Has she really aged so much?

    1. She was young and dewy looking before. I thought her very sweet looking – she still is.

      People ‘wisen’ up and become more cynical with age.

      This is just the older, hardened version of her.

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