Raymond Lam Confirms Relationship with Mavis Pan Is Over

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Although Raymond Lam Fung indicated that he broke up with mainland model, Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, news about their relationship continued to circulate. Last week, Next Magazine published a set of kissing photos featuring Raymond and Mavis, speculating that Raymond proposed to Mavis on Valentine’s Day and pretended that they split up. Since responding to the initial set of bed photos, Raymond has maintained his silence and noted that his past relationship with Mavis was now a memory.

Last July, Mavis posted vacation photos in the Maldives on her blog. In one of the hotel bed photos, the words “Happy H Moon” were seen. Allegedly, the person on the “honeymoon” with Mavis was not Raymond Lam.

Regarding the recent exposure of dating photos with Mavis, Raymond stated, “My emotions are stable. I try my best to not let the situation affect me. The relationship was part of past memory. My main focus is work now. Today is the first day I am filming Return to the Three Kingdoms <回到三國> and I will be working on my Cantonese music album. I have to quickly stabilize my feelings.”

Next Magazine claimed that Raymond was pretending to split up with Mavis? “I have already stated my account before. I will not respond to what other people say. This relationship took place between two people and it is not necessary to address it publicly.” (Did you see Mavis on March 14th?) “You can say whatever you want. I thank everyone for their concern. I am happy to receive so many support messages. Anyway, I will focus on my work.”

Relationship With Mavis is Over

Although Raymond stated that he will not respond to additional rumors regarding his relationship with Mavis, when asked whether he had split up with her, Raymond said, “Yes [it’s over]. Even if there are new photos revealed, I will not respond anymore.” (Are you still in contact with Mavis?) “No.”

Raymond claimed to be fully immersed in each relationship while dating. Although he may have been betrayed, he never said a bad word about Mavis in any of his interviews. Tabloids claimed that Raymond and Mavis took two vacations together: going to the Maldives in July 2010 and Bali in January 2011. Although many people were led to believe that Mavis and Raymond took a honeymoon together in the Maldives , an inside source said, “Raymond did vacation in Bali . However, he did not travel to the Maldives last July. He remained in Hong Kong for work. Apparently, another person may have spent the honeymoon with Mavis in the Maldives . You can research the facts.”

When the reporter researched Raymond’s whereabouts in July 2010, he was promoting TVB series, The Mysteries of Love <談情說案>. In addition, he had to prepare for his upcoming concert, “Come 2 Me.” He did not have time to take a vacation. Allegedly, Mavis did not tell Raymond about her Maldives vacation and thus, he did not respond about the news.

When the reporter attempted to contact Mavis, she quickly disconnected upon learning the press was on the line. Although she was originally scheduled to appear in Dorian Ho’s fashion show on March 26th, allegedly her appearance was cancelled due to recent negative publicity.

Ron Ng Backs Up Raymond

With Raymond being “betrayed,” good brother Ron Ng Cheuk Hei immediately sent him a text message. Ron said, “I have known Raymond Lam for over ten years. I know him as a righteous person who values others and treats friends well. Perhaps due to his family upbringing, he has a very high emotional quotient (EQ). I believe he will stabilize his emotions very soon.”  Ron hoped that people will give Raymond space to concentrate on work. Regarding Raymond’s relationship with Mavis, Ron declined to comment. “As a friend, I do not want to add my opinion to this incident.” Ron will quietly support Raymond.

Excerpt from Ming Pao Weekly # 2211

Jayne: Artists usually talk to Ming Pao to ensure that their statements are not twisted. It appears that Mavis went to the Maldives with another man, while dating Raymond? Whatever happened between Raymond and Mavis, he stated that their relationship is truly over.

This article provides good closure on the recent rumors between Raymond and Mavis. Thanks Kidd for sending it over!


22 comments to Raymond Lam Confirms Relationship with Mavis Pan Is Over

  1. Sky says:

    ok, so she dumped him?

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      No, he dumped her.

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      • Sky replied:

        No, she used him already. So she dumped him. Not the other way.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        No one knows who dumped who so we can only speculate. However, hypothetically we can say that maybe he dumped her, therefore, she got mad and circulated the photos? Who knows?? Oh well, it is the past now and we all know that they are no longer together..

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  2. pandamao says:

    Lol – Ron should keep his mouth shut. “Put crap on his body” Haha.

    But I’m glad this crap is almost over … it generated way too much hype.

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    • Pvt. Joker replied:

      couldn’t agree more on the hype – it wasn’t a schlong shot so why should we care?

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I don’t find anything wrong with Ron commenting. He did not say anything bad or do anything wrong. He is only supporting Ray since they are good friends. I am glad that he is there for Ray.

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  3. HeTieShou says:

    Hopefully it is all over now since I am getting tired of hearing about it. I really hope that everyone can now just forget it and move on. Whatever they had, it is now all the past so just let it pass… Good luck to Ray…

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  4. Funn Lim says:

    Well, must be over then. Am happy ray finally said he will shut up. As he should, from the beginning.

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  5. Fox says:

    I’m so looking forward to Next this week to see what will happen, but Next has nothing this week. So I guess it’s over. Now ppl don’t talk about it much.

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  6. Funn Lim says:


    Is Ming Pao famous for not being gossipy?

    And if he wasn;t with her in the Maldives Trip but went with her to Bali Trip and supposedly in a relationship probably on/off the entire time, does that make theirs a relationship of convenience? Meaning purely physical?

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  7. Melody says:

    Finally the news is blowing over. Its getting kinda boring to read about it.

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  8. Kaytie says:

    Based from this article, it sounds like Mavis was being a two-timer while being in a relationship with Raymond. It doesn’t matter who broke up with who just as long as this whole ordeal is over with. It’s starting to agitate me and I think everyone needs to move on as there’s bigger news to worry about – i.e. tsunami in Japan.

    Good luck to Ray on his upcoming drama!

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    • Ming replied:

      cheers up Ray, don’t let this new affect you, i’m agree we should focus on japan tsunami where need more help

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    • TurismoG replied:

      why does this have to do with japan? its two different stories. if you want to focus on japan go read stories from CNN or BBC. yeah but the article makes it seems like Mavis is a two-timer. oh well not my business.

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    • Kidd replied:

      Agree with TurismoG.

      I read this ‘let’s focus on Japan’ advice so many times now. Every time there’s some debate on some entertainment news, someone will pop in and say ‘let’s focus on Japan’.

      Uh, why must we focus on Japan all the time. Couldn’t we take a break and focus on something trivia for a short while?

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      • Kaytie replied:

        @TurismoG, I only used that as an example nothing more. I have been keeping tabs on Japan and thanks for your reminder.

        @Kidd, I don’t mean to make it sound like we always have to focus on Japan or even sound like one of the ones who would “always” say it. It’s actually my first time saying about the tsunami in Japan in all of my comments. I only mentioned it but I didn’t put in my 2 cents at all if you really think about it.

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  9. HeTieShou says:

    I am glad and hope that this whole ordeal is over with because I think everyone is SICK of hearing about it… I think Raymond has moved on and I hope that he finds a better girl in the future. Good luck to him.

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  10. lamentnomore says:

    ouuuu, so Raymond is not the player here, the girl is instead. dont hate the player, hate the game Raymond and others. thats why he gets for stepping into the booby trap(pun intended)!

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  11. Vivien says:

    I’m glad this is over and Raymond’s response is good. No more talk about this and giving the Mavis Pan free publicity. Raymond should just move on and he might find a better girl later on

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  12. Lily says:

    I guess this is what happens when you choose a girl known by such an image (which isn’t very positive considering the provocative ‘modeling’ shots she has taken). Since I don’t know her personally, I can’t judge her as a person but I’m glad this so-called news is dying down since I am tried of the hype over something that doesn’t even deserve the title of ‘scandalous’ news.

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  13. jim says:

    yes over forever.

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