Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Hold Wedding Banquet in Taiwan

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Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Hold Wedding Banquet in Taiwan

On August 2, our favorite newlyweds Ruby Lin (林心如) and Wallace Huo (霍建華) went back to their motherland in Taiwan to hold a second wedding banquet. They are following a traditional Southern Chinese wedding custom, in which the bride and her new groom visit her family’s home on the third day of marriage.

ruby lin wallace huo banquet 4Though Ruby and Wallace welcomed press coverage, they declined to do interviews. Their wedding banquet was attended by numerous close friends and celebrities, such as Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), Peter Ho (何潤東), Patty Hou (侯佩岑), Kelly Lin (林熙蕾), and Leo Ku (古巨基).

Ruby appeared in several different looks that night, including a white floral dress and a red Chinese wedding gown. Her wedding jewelry was sponsored by the luxury brand Bulgari, amassing more than $410 million TWD. The Le Magnifiche Creazioni collection she wore to compliment her Chinese wedding gown is worth about $400 million TWD, and the Divas’ Dream collection she wore with her white dress is $6.9 million TWD.

The venue was decorated with flowers popularly grown in Taiwan, including pink roses, pink hydrangeas, and pink moth orchids. The theme was “Wings of Happiness”. The flower arrangements on the couple’s main table were inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding crown, a symbol to represent happiness and love. The wedding favors for the guests included a crystal music box and skincare products.

Ruby and Wallace Kiss for 10 Seconds, Expecting First Baby

At the banquet, the groom reaffirmed his friendship and love for his bride, saying, “We’ve known each other for so long. We went from being friends who share everything with each other, to lovers, and now to being a married couple. It’s a strange feeling.” After his speech, Wallace kissed Ruby for ten long seconds, breaking the crowd into cheers.

ruby lin wallace huo banquet 2Jolin, who became close friends with Ruby after collaborating in her music video “We’re All Different, Yet the Same” <不一樣又怎樣>, accidentally slipped that Ruby and Wallace were expecting a baby in the presence of reporters.

“Best wishes to the baby’s health!” said Jolin. She laughed awkwardly after realizing her mistake. The MC then quickly corrected, “That is for their future baby, right?” Ruby laughed at the response.

Though pregnant rumors have been circulating for a while, neither Ruby nor Wallace have ever confirmed it. Nonetheless, Ruby has been seen with a protruding belly, and the first dish at their wedding banquet was called “Have a Son Soon” (早生貴子), alluding to her pregnancy.

Ruby’s father praised his son-in-law on stage, sharing that he first came to know Wallace during his 60th birthday party in Shanghai. He praised Wallace to be a polite gentleman, and hopes that the couple will continue to support each other through thick and thin. He then assured Ruby to not worry about her parents, expressing that they would be spending more of their time doing charity and going on vacation.

Her father finally added, “Ruby has always been a very clever and well-mannered child. Your family is proud of you!”

ruby lin wallace huo banquet 3 ruby lin wallace huo banquet 5

Celebrity guests:

20160802 jolin tsai 1 20160802 jolin tsai 2

Jolin Tsai and her sister

20160802 peter ho 20160802 kelly lin

Peter Ho and his wife (left); Kelly Lin and her husband (right)

20160802 tiffany hsu 20160802 patty hou

Tiffany Hsu (left); Patty Hou (right)

20160802 chiu li kwan 20160802 leo ku

Chiu Li-kwan (left); Leo Ku and his wife (right)

Sources: Oriental Daily (1, 2), Sina

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17 comments to Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Hold Wedding Banquet in Taiwan

  1. ironfingers says:

    Jolin sister’s outfit is hideous, chui li-kwan is wearing an ugly xmas sweater, and i am not fancying Leo Ku’s wife outfit either! Congrats again Wallace and Ruby, they must be tired as heck!

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    • replied:

      Lol….both sisters look hideous, not just the sis but sis does looked uglier w/that hideous whatever slit or patch. haha…. lol
      The best dressed ones would be: Kelly, Tiffany and Patty. Leo n wife – both ugly as well, probably b/c I never like the all black emsembles ever except in a funeral. haha lol..If not, I often pair at least w/some sort of color.

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      • ironfingers replied:

        @kiki YUp! I don’t care what people say, you have to dress your best for a wedding, not only for you sake but for the couples. I remember there were these close family friends who let their kids wear t-shirt and jeans to my sister’s wedding, and they were in so many photos and it just looked so weird with them in it, everyone else putting and effort in and they just look out of place, I may sound mean but they spent thousands of dollars for a photographer I felt like they just got out of the park and came to the wedding. We should off done what Ruby and Wallace did for their Bali’s wedding, put a dress code on the invitation.
        Leo’s wife looks like a member from the craft

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      • dramas4me replied:

        @ironfingers I agree with you. They don’t have to dress fancy, but at least dress their best and more cheerful (not all black). This is a happy event after all. Also the guests will feel good about themselves & it reflects on the respect they show for the new couple. I would feel very awkward if I’m dressed so sloppy to an important event like a wedding.

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  2. says:

    ohhh Peter Ho got hitched? When did this happened? Iol

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  3. happybi says:

    not a fan of anyone outfit up top except for Patty. Didn’t know Peter got married. Just thought he was engaged. Ruby Chinese dress looks like a PJ. I like the white one though. She must be tired!

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  4. bubbletea says:

    The outfits are not most attractive wedding attire, unless there was no specific dress code, but even then, still very dowdy and grumpy. Join did not let the cat out of the bag. Ruby Lin is pregnant and she has the pregnant face and the glow. Even a blind fool can see that. However, it is their business and their choice to announce the news if they choose to so.

    Congrats to the newly weds, I wish them a happy loving home, a healthy baby and continued success.

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    • janet72 replied:

      @bubbletea what’s with the hideous dressing of the guests? they are attending a wedding dinner not a funeral. either they wear black or else too casual. chiu li kwan was wearing slippers!

      ruby’s baby bump is obvious. the red dress is so yucky.

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  5. asian2015 says:

    Lol. That lady with the blue sweater she looks like she just got out the groceries store so no time for her to get changed and in a hurry rushing to the wedding. When Jolin first came out lots people think she looked a bit like Ruby but now she aged a little maybe because she put on too much makeup. Too bad Vivian Hsu is not in the wedding and I remember when she got married Ruby is invited to her wedding. What a beautiful couple and congrats to them.

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    • msxie0714 replied:


      That lady is a talent agent for some big stars.
      Vivian Hsu went to the wedding party in Bali.

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      • asian2015 replied:

        @msxie0714 well who ever she was I think she should wear something better than that I mean it’s a celebrate wedding and it’s like she doesn’t care about the wedding much either. I didn’t realize Vivian is at the Bali wedding don’t remember seeing her.

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    • replied:

      Lol…I totally forgot her. I know some Asians look horrible in weddings but that lady was funny. That’s like heading next door to the deli really. haha lol…. But then again, a lot of them dressed horribly. The only ones I actually like was ladies I said above. I mean at least they are decent looking. haha lol….

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      • asian2015 replied:

        @kiki Lol. I know right? When I first looked at it I was like seriously? The worst one is the lady with the blue sweater and the best one is Patty she looks so gorgeous. The guys clothes are ok so far.

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  6. tiffany says:

    Ruby is 3 months pregnant. Congrats to the newly weds!

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    • dramas4me replied:

      @tiffany Hi. Where did you see/hear that RL is three months pregnant? I’m just wondering. For some reason my gut feeling is telling me that she has been pregnant even longer than that. I can’t wait to see their baby’s face. He is such a private person may be he won’t expose the baby’s look to the public.

      I’m so surprised that some of the above wedding attendees dressed somewhat casual to attend the big stars’ wedding. Some of the outfits are so unflattering.

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  7. gray says:

    Congrats for the soon to be parents. Their baby must be very adorable. Cannot wait to see little Wallaby

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  8. elizabeth says:

    Ruby looks great for a woman in her second trimester! I hope they have many more babies to come!

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