Ruby Lin: “Wallace Huo is a 100% Husband and Father!”

Taking a four-month break after giving birth to her daughter in January, Ruby Lin (林心如) is back to work. Making an appearance at a jewelry event, Ruby spoke about life at home and how Wallace Huo (霍建華) he is a very supportive husband and involved father.

Dressed in a beautiful off-shoulder red and white gown, Ruby showcased some of Cartier’s beautiful statement pieces. Admitting that she has a fairly extensive collection of fine jewelry, Ruby said she has become more aware of her spending after becoming a mother. However, Ruby expressed she will still continue to invest in jewelry, “If I have a lot, I can pass them onto my daughter. I’ll buy her something every year as a present. I’ll use them for now since she can’t use them – I’ll give them back to her when she’s 18 or 20.”

Still carrying a bit of post-partum weight, Ruby said she has not tried to actively losing weight as she has been breastfeeding her daughter since birth. Having left her daughter’s side for three days in April due to work, Ruby was very anxious to rush home to see her daughter again.


With husband Wallace Huo currently busy filming his new series, he has been reluctant to leave their daughter for work every day. Since Ruby is going to film her new series in May, she stressed the importance of coordinating her schedule with Wallace, so at least one of them is home to take care of their daughter in Taiwan.

Fortunately, Wallace has been a very supportive and involved family man. Ruby laughed, “In terms of being a dad, he gets 100 percent. And in terms of being a husband, he also gets 100 percent!”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. These days Ruby Lin is very hot, every one or two days she appears on news: her friend posts photo of her with youthful, bare face; she posts her pregnant tummy photo, her dating with WH photo, she livestreams herself, she attends flim promotion, product PR, etc … At the first two times she leaves her baby alone, netizens cricticise her and WH for only working, no-one takes care the baby, netizens wonder how they feed milk for baby, but after that, even 3 days letting the baby alone, no crictising news anymore, seeming like nobody cares anymore.
    WH already films for nearly 9 months in 1 drama so he surely will take rest, he can take care of baby during rest, maybe 9-12 months? (Last time he filmed HQG around 4 months, then rested for about 6 months). Hope words will do accord with deeds, one of them will take care their baby. I haven’t seen her/her studio/ facebook anymore since I’ve known how her look really is. Either I did not go to any of WH weibo/facebook/fan page anymore after seeing him in a watch PR video, he had lots of wrinkles on face even when only talking, even more than 1 year using SKII, he blinked his eyes in this video that making me feeling he tried to show he was smart, a very different person. Now I only read common news, about lots of persons, events, if there’s them inside, I still read normally

  2. Ruby looks amazing for a 3 months post natal mother! She will start on her next drama, “My Boy” in May and that is the month where the shooting of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace which Wallace is involved, will complete. Parenthood is a partnership. At their age, they both know what they want and how to juggle their careers to accommodate the family of three. The pluses are grandparents are important and Lin PorPor and Hua MaMa will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Would love to see baby’s pix though I do not think dad and mum will be sharing. I saw the foot. Maybe the hands the next time? 🙂

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