Samantha Ko Denies Trading Contract for TV Queen

Breaking a record, four of Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) television dramas with TVB aired back-to-back this summer and fall. This year, she will be competing against the likes of Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) for TV Queen, competing for the crown with her role in Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲>.

Gaining popularity in the mainland Chinese industry, TVB approached Samantha for an early contract renewal. Rumors say that talks of a possible TV Queen win could happen if Samantha chooses to renew her contract.

In a phone interview, Samantha expressed her disregard of such gossip reports. “Every year around this time you’ll hear gossip like this,” she said. “Thank you everyone for believing that I have a possibility for TV Queen. If do I win it, of course I’ll be happy, but I’ll be just as happy if others win it. I will continue to work hard.”


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  1. I don’t think it’s her year but she’s obviously in line for the award. I’d much rather watch her than Katy Kung.
    Mandy, Priscilla, Sisley, Samantha, Katy, Rebecca, Kelly. I think this is the queue for tv queen.

  2. I think shes a great actress actually! Not really great roles recently though. But I don’t think she is BA quality yet. Definitely one of the better ones though.

  3. Lol Samantha Ko, in case you forgot I have breasts. Samantha Ko isa forgettable and replaceable actor. Nothing special, I love how this article chose to forget how horrible the series where she was lead. And really, rise in popularity in the mainland? I am sure a secondary possibly third position supporting role is claim a rise in popularity.

    1. @seriously
      don’t know how popular exactly but i did hear that she is gaining popularity in china. they said b/c of her short hair. honestly, i don’t find her face exactly the likeable type. acting is okay

  4. Wow really.. sure she has improve but she is nowhere remotely near the level of BA.. definitely an insult to the likes of Sheren, Charmaine, Maggie Cheung who has won this award before

    1. @arc78
      you think natalie tong is at the same level as the ones aforementioned? how about ali? i know she has fans and acting is okay but no way on par w/ the older generations of fadans. standards is so different right now. the scripts are completely trash and so is the acting

      1. @m0m0 I beg to differ. Charmaine was horrid when she first started (Prob like how Hera is now) was said that Gallen showed her the ropes then and she improved along the way. Sheren was bad (stiff as wood) till she went US for acting classes.

        All the above improved as they were made lead actress dramas after dramas by TVB. In my opinion, Myolie was and still is overrated. I feel the same re Mandy.

        What all the new leads need now are opportunities, coupled by their personal charisma and diligence…that is of course if they aim to make acting a career.

        I think Ali, with only a few years and a few dramas under her belt is doing good and with more years to come (assuming TVB continues to promote her), she will become one of the best….Ali reminds me of how I felt re Tavia before she became popular..

        I see Sisley improving a lot over the years and I applaud her for her diligence.

        I do agree scripts are trash now though.

  5. She was decent in Death By Zero and Al Cappuccino, but was a supporting role. I had no interest in watching her other series. She has some potential, but not quite the charisma for leading lady.

    I have to laugh at her pose above. Either jacket on or off. Just ridiculous half way.

  6. Oh no, TVB better not give it to Samantha, she is only supporting actress level, not BA

    That’s just as bad as Natalie Tong winning it the other year…

    Of all the dramas this year only Ali and Priscilla are worthy contenders..

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