Samantha Ko on Relationships: “There are No Fairy Tales in Real Life”

In June, Samantha Ko (高海寧) was revealed to have ended her-five-year relationship with songwriter Tang Chi Wai (鄧志偉) after discovering that he had cheated. Although the breakup was painful, Samantha sees the setback as a learning experience to help her mature, “People always have to overcome their difficulties so they can grow. This is life.”

When news of Tang Chi Wai’s cheating broke, Samantha refused to comment and faced the stressful situation with poise. Though seen as a gracious girlfriend, Samantha reveals that she can also be very stubborn. “Outsiders have no right to evaluate another’s personal life–only the parties involved can understand if their relationship is happy or worthwhile. I insist on sticking with my own philosophy–being stubborn is not a bad thing, and it’s not hurting anyone. It’s my personal choice.”

Despite the painful breakup, Samantha still maintains an optimistic outlook, “I still look forward to love–I will find my happiness one day. Compared to when I was 20 years old, my attitude towards love definitely changed. During my youth, I thought love was like a pink bubble with a princess and a prince. However as I got older, I understand that love in the real world is not like a fairy tale.”

Samantha Refuses to Abandon Her Morals

Like her breakup, Samantha chose to face negative press with positivity. In the past, tabloids accused Samantha of getting job opportunities because she was favored by a high-level TVB executive. In the face of these allegations, Samantha felt frustrated and thought about stepping forward to defend herself. “[The tabloid] said they have photos and evidence but after all these years, there weren’t any. They wrote about it for so many years that some readers believe it was true. Initially I tried to explain it, but found it to be useless. People who want to believe you will believe you, and I can only prove who I am through my actions.”

While Samantha knows there are actresses who have dinners with sponsors in exchange for fame, she will not accept such arrangements. “Some aspects of the entertainment industry are complicated, but I believe I can choose my own path. No one can force you–I will not be affected by these temptations. I can earn my own money, and feel more comfortable when I spend my hard-earned money.”

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