Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui to Hold October Wedding in Japan?

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Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and Andy Hui’s (許志安) relationship has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the past 21 years. Last March, they publicly announced their reconciliation after breaking up 7 years ago. Since then, they have constantly been dodging rumors that they will tie the knot this year.  The latest issue of Hong Kong gossip magazine, Sudden Weekly, featured a story with all the details of the couple’s rumored October wedding that will take place at the Brasa Bianca chapel located at the Prince Grand Resort in Karuizawa, Japan.

Sudden Weekly claimed that Sammi and Andy are expecting 50 of their closest family and friends in attendance. The festivities are estimated to cost approximately $89,000 HKD to cover the airplane tickets and hotel accommodations. It is also rumored that Andy visited Sammi’s parents last month to discuss the dowry which was finalized at $138,000 HKD.

According to reports, Sammi’s parents’ only request to Andy was that they host a banquet in Hong Kong following the ceremony in Japan. Because Hong Kong law does not recognize marriages certified in Japan, the couple must register in Hong Kong to officially be married. Sammi’s parents gave their seal of approval to Andy because they feel that he is a reliable and dependable partner for Sammi, and that he is someone who can put up with Sammi’s alleged spoiled behavior and attitude. Andy even converted to Christianity to prove his dedication to Sammi.

The chapel that Sammi and Andy chose in Japan is made of glass which boasts a “wind” theme. The natural endless chimes of the wind symbolizes eternity, which is extremely meaningful for couples getting married. Japan is also a special destination for them because they vacationed there together shortly after they reconciled. In addition, the area surrounding the chapel is enclosed and allows for more privacy for the high profile couple.

Expected guests at the wedding include Andy’s good friends in the entertainment industry, such as Edmond Leung (梁漢文) and Dicky Cheung (張衛健).

It was reported that the couple requested to not have any work arrangements scheduled after August, stirring  even more speculation that they are taking the extra time off to prepare for their October wedding. Apparently Sammi and Andy started planning the wedding back in February, but when approached by reporters who mentioned the name of the church, Brasa Bianca, Andy acted bewildered. Stating that he has never heard of it, Andy deliberately steered clear of the subject. When asked if he visited Sammi’s house last month to discuss the details of the wedding, he said that it was simply to visit her new house.

Since announcing their reconciliation early last year, there have already been several reports of the couple secretly eloping across continents, including Japan, France and England. However, Sudden Weekly’s detailed story complete with the date, location, costs and guest list for the wedding increases speculation that the couple may truly be headed to altar very soon.

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  1. elin says:

    well good to c tht romance bearing fruits

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  2. kiki says:

    actually, never like this couple much boring but since i dont see much comment here let me voice mine too haha…

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  3. anoninhk says:

    “Because Hong Kong law does not recognize marriages certified in Japan […]”

    I know for a fact it is recognised (as are marriages registered in other countries), as my friend got married in Japan last year.

    Anyway, congrats to Sammi and Andy if this news is true.

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  4. happybi says:

    Hope this is true as I am truly happy for them since they got back together! Happy marriage!

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    • jen replied:

      me too, its great that they finally have happy ending and Andy prove himself to love sammi and not play her like before and turn to become a christian for her which means he is serious about it.

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  5. Larry 3 says:

    Get married, get babies, get divorced, get sue each other… thats the plan?

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  6. Veejay says:

    Japan is a romantic and good place to wed..I like their culture and their manga too!!! anime.. hm

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