Sammy Leung is a Regular Family Man

With almost zero rumors with his co-stars, the 45-year-old is seen spending a day out with his family.

Sammy Leung (森美) is well-known for being articulate and financially savvy. Besides being a radio station DJ, he also hosts many TVB programs. Despite collaborating with many female artistes throughout the years, he had few rumors with his co-stars, choosing to keep a low profile when it comes to his romantic life. He has been happily married to his wife Veronica Chan (陳雅嫻) for 19 years, and their two children are already 16 and 12 years old respectively.

Sammy’s elder son Yi Le (梁曦樂) went to England for further studies last year, returning to Hong Kong during his school vacation recently. Taking time out of his busy schedule, Sammy enjoyed a family day out by accompanying his wife and children. He appeared outside a shopping mall in Causeway Bay donning a cap, gazing at his phone periodically and looking across the street. Soon, his daughter Yi Tong (梁曦童) appeared with her brother, both dressed casually. The three shared a packet of egg waffles while strolling and chatting together. Le Tong, who has already reached Sammy’s shoulder in height, and stood out with her teenage youthful good looks.

Meeting up with his wife Veronica thereafter, the family spent time browsing the “Dragon Ball” exhibition at the mall. Reporters also caught Sammy gesturing and giving Veronica instructions on how to pose for the camera, while playing photographer for the day. The family of four then waited for the elevator to leave the mall together.

Sammy out with his wife and two children.


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  1. He does look good for a 45 yo. I saw clips of his son and he sounds really grounded and a good kid. He’s done a good job. I remember a daughter of this veteran star was it Eddie Cheung? ahhaha lol…That daughter is such a show off the minute she opened her mouth. It was so funny. Some are great parents I guess.

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