Sammy Leung Provides Insight on Married Couple Quarrels

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Sammy Leung Provides Insight on Married Couple Quarrels

In a segment of the radio program Good Morning King <早霸王>, Sammy Leung (森美) would listen to his caller’s relationship problems and help the caller contact their loved ones to mediate their issues. Sammy is known to offer insightful and practical advice.

In a recent airing of the show, a caller named Charles sought Sammy’s help to mend his relationship with his wife. Charles and his wife have been having many quarrels lately and it escalated to his wife taking their son to live with her mother.

Charles’ Relationship Woes

After marrying for nine years, Charles’ relationship hit rocky roads as they are disagreeing on a number of issues. Their first quarrel happened because Charles wanted a second child. However, his wife refused because she didn’t want to go through the pregnancy process and having to worry about finding the right school.

Following the quarrel, Charles and his wife had a big argument after his own mother gave his son a haircut without the couple’s permission. “My wife thought I was only helping my mother and I didn’t consider her feelings. The small issues snowballed into a big issue, but I didn’t think it should be a big issue.”

Upon hearing Charles’ marriage woes, Sammy offered his insight, “Men and women think differently. To women, cutting hair might not be an issue, but it’s a big issue if you are helping your mom and not her. Men confront issues rather than the person, but women confront the person not the issue. You’re having quarrels because of that. You’re thinking that things are annoying and she is thinking that you don’t love her.”

Reaching Out to Charles’ Wife

In the heat of the argument, Charles drove his wife away when he blurted, “Leave. Take the son and leave. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”  As Charles realized his mistake, Sammy agreed to call Charles’ wife to help them reconcile, while reminding Charles to always consider the human aspect of his problems.

On the phone, Charles was able to apologize to his wife and promised that he won’t ask her to do things that she doesn’t like. It is unclear if Charles’ wife forgave him as she replied, “It’s better to speak this matter privately.”

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  1. m0m0 says:

    Every couples got their share if quarrel. Marriage life isn’t full of fairy tale happily ever after especially after having kids.

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  2. tvbrama says:

    His advice is fair, and I’m sure it will be useful for the caller, Charles, in his marriage issues. But it makes me uncomfortable that he had Sammy call his wife onto the radio show without her consent – I doubt she knew he’d be calling onto the show since they were fighting lol. At least she was able to shut down the conversation quickly. Hopefully they’re able to work out their issues.

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  3. jjwong says:

    There’s truth to Sammy statement. He could’ve stop there though. Calling the wife is unnecessary. They probably have an argument about that! Lol.

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