Sean Lau and Amy Kwok Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary

In the blink of an eye, Sean Lau (劉青雲) and Amy Kwok (郭藹明) are already celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Having met on the set of The Greed of Man <大時代> in 1992, the couple has been inseparable since – eventually tying the knot after six years of dating. Their status as Hong Kong’s model couple is undeniable, as they are known for their loving relationship.

To celebrate 20 years of marriage, they will have dinner with friends. Although there is no big celebration for the special occasion, Sean is considering bringing his wife to Finland to have a White Christmas, but he is deeply afraid of the cold. As for Amy’s wedding anniversary gift, he did not get her a big present because he usually gets her whatever she wants regularly, so he doesn’t have anything saved for special events or holidays.

However, Sean revealed he writes Amy a Christmas card every year. Although it is very commemorative, Sean tries not to be too sappy. Thus, he does not write, “I love you” on the card and will only write his name and “Merry Christmas.”

Despite his lack of love professions on the cards, he often declares his love for her publicly. The most classic example is when he won Best Actor in 2015 at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards for his performance in Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3>. When he accepted his award onstage, he thanked his wife for always being the woman behind him. “Every time I drive the spaceship and flies to who knows where in the universe,” he said, “you always have a way to make me return safely to Earth.”

Amy was moved to tears in the audience. In addition to that time, Sean often flaunts their relationship on Instagram with corny captions. He once wrote, “If I could be with anyone, I’d still want to be with you,” and “Treat her like you’re trying to win her over.”

The actor attributes their smooth sailing marriage to Amy’s management of their family affairs, as well as her gentle and considerate nature. On top of that, the best friends reached a consensus early on in their marriage to not have children. Instead, they want to cherish their time together as a couple and live the lives of an ordinary couple, such as going to the market together. Sean believes that as long as his wife is by his side, he is the happiest and the most relaxed.

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  1. I guess they chose to live in a “couple’s-world” with just each other rather than have a real family with kids and etc……….They are probably fortunate in their own sense that they have never had to deal with real family problems and issues that only comes with having children.

    1. @yuaida I think it was a very responsible and mature decision not to have children. They are a “real” family and not having kids does not make them less than other families who do. There are people who should not be parents have kids because feel that is what they are obligated to do. It’s sad for kids and even more sad if the couple loses love for each other because of it.

      1. @potatochip I totally agree with you. A family doesn’t need to be consist of a mom, dad, and children, to be considered a family. Each family has their own problems, perhaps Sean and Amy are able to deal with their problems in a private matter, family problems don’t necessarily needs to be about the children.

  2. Awww, so sweet! Definitely one of my favorite real-life celebrity couples! 🙂

    Who says that for a couple to not have kids means they aren’t a “real” family? To me, that makes absolutely no sense. In today’s day and age, there are many different definitions for “family” that don’t necessarily equate to mom + dad + child(ren) and that’s perfectly fine! I actually have a lot more respect for a couple who makes a mature and responsible decision not to have children (for reasons that make perfect sense to them) over a couple who does have children (whether out of obligation, “accident” or whatnot) but never wanted them or aren’t fit to be parents (which almost all of the time negatively impact the child/children). I know plenty of couples who decide not to have children and they are perfectly happy (of course, by the same token, I also know plenty of couples who do have children and they are also perfectly happy). Basically…each person has their own definition of what “happiness” and “family” mean to them and as long as they are not hurting others with their decisions (actions, words, etc.), I don’t see a problem.

  3. People have their own choice rather to have children or not as long both of them are happy that’s what matters. Look at other married couple they have childrens then they ended up divorced over cheating things like that how does their children feel? I would say left out or being very sad? Without both of their parents by their side everyday? Congratulations on their 20 years anniversary.

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