Selena Li Starts $800,000 Business after Split from Patrick Tang

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Earlier in the year, Selena Li Sze Wan formally announced that she was single and will be accepting pursuers. Selena dated ex-boyfriend, Patrick Tang, for five years. “He is a good man. I hope he finds someone suitable.”

Why did Selena break up with Patrick if he was a good man? “Having compatible personalities is more important. You can say that our time together is over.” Rumors claim that due to Patrick’s unwillingness to reveal their former relationship and numerous arguments, Selena decided to break up.

After separating, the Selena and Patrick are taking opposite directions in their career paths. Many speculate that due to TVB General Manager, Stephen Chan Chi Wan’s corruption scandal, Patrick’s career will be headed downhill as well.  On March 31st, Patrick admitted that he will be leaving as host of the Jade Solid Gold music program.

Selena Investing $800,000 in New Make-Up School

Selena was born into a wealthy family and used to live in a big house in Kau To Shan. Due to the failure of her father’s calculator factory business, Selena’s family fell on hard times. After breaking up with Patrick, Selena currently lives in Sai Kung.

Concerned about her acting career hitting a gradual bottleneck, Selena will invest $800,000 to open her own make-up school, hiring Sammi Cheng Sau Man’s former make-up artist, Zing to teach the school’s students. Selena has a certification in makeup.

Currently, Selena is the process of finalizing the lease agreement for the school’s site.

She is interested in renting a $40,000 (HKD)1800 square feet retail space in Jordan. “Although Jordan is not the prime location to target office ladies, the rents are very reasonable there. In the Central district, a comparable space would cost $200,000 (HKD).”

Since there are many make-up schools in the market, what will be Selena’s selling point? “My school will accept students from beginner to professional level. The tuition fees will range from several thousand to tens of thousand dollars (HKD). The school will use only products imported from the USA and Canada. The brushes will be from Japan.”

“Since I do not own any property, I will use my own personal savings to invest in the make-up school. Based on my research, celebrity-owned make-up school normally attract office ladies. They can afford to pay $20,000 (HKD) for eight courses. My school will target mainly recent graduates and charge an average of $3,000 to $4,000 (HKD) for eight courses. We will offer two classes to start with; hopefully each class will have fifteen students!”

When reporters contacted Patrick, he said, “Congratulations to Selena! Regarding her school, I gave her some suggestions regarding the name before!”

Compiled from: Sudden Weekly # 765,

Jayne: Selena’s make-up school sounds like a great idea. She had an impressive savings of $800,000 (HKD) too! That’s approximately $100,000 US dollars. It’s expensive to start your own business!

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Selena Li Starts $800,000 Business after Split from Patrick Tang

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    1. Lolita says:

      Its sad that selena and patrick broke up but im happy that shes having a make up school to bad its in hong kong..

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      I’m so glad that Selena and Patrick broke up. What does she see in him? He is soooooooo ugly!!!!!!! He’s got too much mos on his face. She needs a handsome guy seriously!

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