Shirley Yeung Announces Birth of Daughter

Photographed heavily pregnant in Los Angeles, USA last December, Hong Kong TVB actress, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) was expected to give birth at any time.  It was reported that she was staying at her brother’s house in the USA, while accompanied by her mother and former diver boyfriend, Andy Ng (吳帥).  It turned out that Shirley has already given birth to her daughter and all was well!

On March 8th, Shirley wrote on her Weibo blog, “I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to my friends, the media, and fans expressing their concern and sympathy. I am thinking about you too! I am very happy that I have successfully given birth to a baby girl. Both the baby and I are doing well; my daughter is a very healthy baby! I will make great effort to take care of my baby! Hopefully, I will be able to work as soon as possible and see everyone again! I sincerely hope that my media friends will forgive me for not making any additional responses on this issue. I hope everyone can give me some space and send their blessings.”

Shirley’s birth announcement of her daughter was quickly reposted on the Weibo community. The majority of fans congralulated Shirley. Liza Wang ( 汪明荃) had also sent earlier wishes that Shirley have a safe pregnancy and delivery. However, some fans were not as forgiving, attacking Shirley for being a “liar” in previously denying  that she was pregnant while others asked, “Who is the father of the baby?”  A fan prompted Shirley to quickly get married with Andy Ng and give the baby a legitimate father!

Earlier in February, Shirley had posted a photo of a sushi meal on Weibo, declaring that it was delicious. The fact that she had eaten raw fish prompted some fans to speculate that Shirley may have already given birth prior to mid-February.

It was rumored that Shirley and Andy planned to hold a wedding banquet in Hong Kong late in the summer, after they get settled down with their new baby. The current whereabouts of Shirley remained unknown, but she may still be residing postpartum at her brother’s house in the USA.

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) stated that she received Shirley’s text message earlier regarding the birth of her baby. Ms. Lok revealed that Shirley had originally taken a leave of absence until late March, upon which she will resume work. Shirley still had a period of time left in her TVB management contract.

Gregory Lee Sends Blessings

Shirley’s ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李泳豪) sent his blessings to Shirley upon becoming a mother. Initially deeply hurt in the break up scandal, Gregory has moved on with his own life. He told, “I have put the incident behind me. As long as she is safe, that is good. I do not possess any hatred towards the past. I hope that she has a new beginning. I am also ready for a new relationship. If I were to truly date, I will announce it later.”  It was rumored that Gregory was currently involved with a Korean woman who worked outside the entertainment industry.

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Jayne: I wish Shirley and the baby a good future ahead. Throughout this entire situation, Andy Ng has not really stepped forth to deal with the situation.

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  1. i used 2 like her, not any more! cute n innocent fooled every1!

  2. Yikes. Here before all the flaming starts. The baby is innocent. I do wish her health and happiness.

  3. I just thought why didnt c her past 6 mths, then i realise her drama w her ex. She appear tiu man lui stubborn all along on tv set

  4. does this mean she was sleeping with the andy ng guy while she was still with gregory? cos that would kind of make her a tramp. so the reason she gave gregory for their breakup (no man will forgive this) really was true…

  5. I had a feeling that she had already given birth if she was eating sushi. You would not eat that stuff if you are pregnant. I don’t think many fans would forgive her for lying and deceiving them. I guess some may since she was currently in a relationship with someone else and then moved onto someone else. Anyways, wish her and her daughter the best.

    I also wonder if she will come back to TVB since they are lacking actors and actresses now??? I think she does need to get back to work if she wants to raise her daughter.

  6. By saying that she is hoping to work soon and by asking for forgiveness from her media friends, I reckon she was paving her way back into the entertainment industry. She wouldn’t have to make amendments with the media if it was any other job. Smart woman!

    1. I think she has to if she wants to raise her kid. I believe that with time, most people will forgive and forgot since it’s not like she committed a really evil or serious crime. But I wonder if she did come back to TVB how awkward it would be for her to work with Gregory, his brother and father???

      1. @Larry

        Oh snap… well the Lee family usually plays KLF roles anyways…. so it should be okay (alota KLF in the sea lol) but they would prob bump into each other in the makeup room sooner or later… like you said… awkward.

      2. She probably will not be on TVB dramas, which it will be better for TVB to stir up controversy. More likely be on those ‘infotainment’/documentary programs.

    2. I wonder if she can still get back her old position in TVB when she came back. She was never a good actress. After so long, she still seem awkward. What she sold in the past was her innocent good girl image, not her acting skill. But, now, this image of hers is already shattered. How can she climb back.

      1. Im going to defend her, her acting is not that bad, really not bad as Kate Tsui. She has been lead actress a couple times, then TVB drop her.

        It will be interesting to see her back on TVB.

      2. Why do you need to announce that you are going to defend her before doing the defending? Lol.

        Lead actress doesn’t mean she can act. Kate has also been lead actress several times and according to you Kate can’t act.

      3. She has to. She has an extra mouth to feed. Maybe now she can do other characters. Since her own character is dead so to speak in the forum of public opinion, it means she has nothing to lose as an actress. She can now take more controversial roles. Yes her acting still sucks.

  7. So now can confirm that she started to get pregnant on June last year. Mean right on the scandal time, not 2 months like reporters said.

  8. Ahh… I’m really quite impartial to this. I mean, it was horrible that she cheated and broke his heart but things happen in life that take us on a whole different course. Being a mother is tiring and requires a lot of maturity and commitment so hopefully she can emerge a better person so as to raise her kid, having learnt from her mistake.

    1. When you said “she cheated”, may I ask from which reliable source that you learned from it? From Greg’s statement? How reliable was it? Well, from Shirley’s statement, she said she broke up with Greg before she moved to another guy and yeah maybe she lied too but either way, I’m sure shirley must have hint or informed Greg before she really “dump” him and it could be that Greg couldn’t accept the fact until shirley announced it to the world and then only Greg did all those crying pity game.

      1. wow, that’s quite a reaction. are you speaking from personal experience? just wondering.

      2. Why did she acted as a couple with Greg on his bday? hmm curious

  9. Having a baby and becoming a mom is a very exciting thing but she totally ruined her career image for it by cheating and nt doing things the right way. I dislike her already…

  10. I started to dislike her when she was invited by grasshopper for their game show. Her negative side can be seen. Now the truth has been revealed

  11. Congrats on her newborn, wish her all the best with her bb daughter and husband. good luck.

    Esp to Shirley,

    If you’re reading this, just ignore those unpleasant messages that might make u uncomfortable, focus on your new life and bb. best of luck!

    1. ya agree with Veejay..

      anyway it is their personal love life..we as outsider should not make our own judgement…

      1. Yeah, I mean there’s no point argueing who’s right and wrong there as Bb already born and shirley has a new life now. so Greg and Augustine should also move on with their new life. It just shows how grumpy they are.

    2. vjj, just because a woman has a baby that doesn’t automatically make her a great mom. I really hope she will be a good mom for the sake of her daughter.

  12. Wish her well!
    Hope everything will go right for her when she gets back!

  13. Wow now she comes out to say she had a baby after denying it. Who cares!

  14. i like her… evn nw aftr all her scandals n such.. though i think she could hve hndled her lovelife better

  15. Hahaha even with cheating stuff going on, she still tries to pose “cool” and “pretending-cute”. I like it!!!!

    Congrat to the new life, hope her father does not abandon her.

  16. Breaking-up and having another boyfriend are not problem. It is always better to leave a person when no love remains than lives a lie. It may hurt other partner but it should be this way. However, she seemed to enjoy having love-affair if not, she should have done better:
    – Tell Gregory “I no longer love you because…I see no future with you…”
    – Take short-time to think about life
    – Date Andy(the sucker)
    – Have kid

  17. well good luck taking care of the baby. Hope she can afford it.

  18. Congrats to Shirley. Wish both her and the baby good health. A bit more work for a single mum but she is a tough woman. She knows what she wants and go for it.

    Gregory is the loser is all this. He could have had a wife and kid but chose to date Shirley for 9 YEARS and still didn’t make a move to marry her (probably couldn’t afford to since he doesn’t have much work (if any) with TVB.

    Be strong Shirley!

  19. Wish her happiness and good luck with the baby, all babies are a blessing. But i don’t think she is pretty and not a good actress, maybe she need to change career.

  20. Congrats on the baby although I don’t have high hopes for her comeback to acting… she’s a terrible actress.

    Where the hell is Andy in all of this???

  21. that no one to judge a person beside GOD… is a big sacrifice to bring a child to this world so peoples.. Give her some space . Forgive her means forgive our self, and blessed her have a good life with her new daughter. We are not GOD, is not for us to JUDGE.

    1. Yes, Regina, I agree on your comments about what and who should judge.

  22. Congratz Shirley! Hope the Baby is happy n healthy!

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