Shirley Yeung Caught on Date with New Boyfriend, Andy Ng

Since announcing her break-up with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) last Tuesday, Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) sudden split and alleged pregnancy took the public by storm.  Having dated Shirley for nine years, Gregory lamented why he was not the father of the baby upon learning that Shirley was pregnant and was heartbroken over the break-up.

It was rumored that Shirley broke up with Gregory due to new romantic interest,  Andy Ng’s third-party involvment. Allegedly, Andy was a rich heir from Beijing and possibly Shirley’s classmate in high school. In addition, Shirley was rumored to be two months pregnant with Andy’s baby!

Shirley Denies Photo of Man is New Love Interest

Oriental Sunday Magazine photographed Shirley on a date with Andy Ng earlier and claimed that he had a resident card at Shirley’s home. Shirley denied that the photo of the man was her new love interest. “He is my old classmate. We knew each other for a long time and also knows my family.” (He possessed a resident card for your building?) “No.”

Was “new love interest” Andy Ng your old classmate? “Anyway, it’s not him. After photos of my old classmate were published, I spoke with him. He said, ‘What are they doing? They said it’s me. I don’t know whether to be angry or laugh about it.’ With so many reporters following me, I am afraid I will not have any friends.” (Did the man have a girlfriend?) “I will not talk about other people’s private matters.” Shirley noted that the photograph was taken in May. She did not want to respond to pregnant rumors.

When reporters asked Gregory about Shirley’s new beau, he cried grievously about the break-up.

Image sources: Oriental Sunday Magazine #708 and

Excerpt from Oriental Sunday Magazine #708 and

This article has been updated to include Shirley Yeung’s denial that the man in the photograph is her new love interest, Andy Ng.

Jayne: Does anyone have the full-length article featuring Andy Ng and Shirley on a date? Gregory allegedly spoke about the truth behind the break-up in this article.

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  1. THAT’S Shirley Yeung’s new lover?!! Sorry to say this but he’s not that decent looking and I can’t believe she fell for him. Gregory is 2X cuter and more handsome than him. I feel so bad for Gregory that he’s going through so much pain. What upsets me more is that she said that the both of them reached consensus about the breakup when in fact Gregory and Ding Yeh said they don’t know what’s going on. Sounds like Gregory’s side is legit. Ding Yeh is known for his straightforwardness, at least that’s my opinion. I would tend to believe him. I guess we’ll see what happens. I hope Gregory is recovering.

    1. He looks pretty decent to me. But, I agree that Gregory is more handsome.

    2. Well he is not ugly and the most important fact he is a rich heir! No wonder why she dumped Gregory LOL

      1. It is way more than looks to a relationship..

      2. Yea must be his money that drives Shirley to betray Gregory. Gregory is better looking.

    3. Handsome and cute are not that important conditions for a husband :).

    1. The article also mentioned a rather clear breakdown on how much Gregory was earning:

      Monthly Salary:
      HKD5,000 as a racing coach
      HKD25,000 from teaching horseback riding and acting TVB roles
      Total Monthly Salary => HKD30,000 (I think, I’m not very sure what is “wan” in Chinese)

      1. isn’t a monthly salary of HKD 30.0000 pretty good? I think many postgrad don’t even earn that much.

      2. I think if you compare to those postgrads and other normal citizens, then that is a good salary. However, if you compare it to highly paid TVB artists and other artists in the circle, then that is probably very low…

      3. obviously Gregory is not earning very much if you compare him to other TVB artist, however it’s still pretty decent to have a enjoyable life in HK.

        Can’t help myself to think of Shirley as yet another gold digger!

      4. HKD 30,000 per month sounds good enough to live in HK. Shirley must be looking for more or after 9 years she might think she made more than that and thinks that’s not enough. Shame if she’s another gold digger

      5. Making 30,000 HKD a month is already quite decent comparing to normal average citizen working in HK. If every woman dump their boyfriend/husband because they make 30,000 HKD a month, then half of the HK population will not have any wife or family, LOL! I sure many normal citizens wife in HK will be very happy if their husband make 30,000 HKD a month. Sometimes you just have to know what is enough. There is a Chinese idiom called “知足常乐”

      6. Whether HKD30,000 is enough or not depends on the lifestyle. I read in Golden forum that the place Greg live in, the rental already nearly HKD30,000. They also say playing car racing need to use a lot of money. But, Greg has explained that all his races were sponsored.

      7. Shirley is a movie star, not same as normal people.
        Half of Hong Kong population don’t make as much as 30,000 HKD a Month. Yet half of the HK population are still married and have kids.
        If everyone are looking for more than 30,000 HKD a month, then all the postgrads and citizens will have no wife, no girlfriend.
        Ofcourse Shirley case is different, she an actress, she use to live in a fancy livestyle.
        Here in my hometown Xian, normal people like us Chinese in China do not make 30,000 HKD a month, and pretty much all the men in Xian are married before the age 30.

      8. Kidd,
        Since Gregory’s parents are divorced, when the news mentioned that Shirley lived with his family, I guess it meant his mom and elder twin brother? Is Gregory’s mom well off? The news seem to attribute the house as belonging to Gregory’s mom?

        I think Gregory’s salary is not too bad. The Ming Pao article mentioned that he intended to open a car wash with a friend. Just because he appears in small cameo roles does not mean he is a lazy worker; he is working other part-time jobs to add up to comfortable salary.

      9. Oh yea, I almost forgot that Gregory’s parents are divorced… I am guessing that he lives with his mom and brother then. However, it is great that he still seems to have good ties with his father as well..

      10. @ Jayne

        I actually only knew his parents were divorced recently. I thought he lived with both parents all along. So, he live with his mom?

        Yes, I agree that he’s not lazy. He’s working 3 jobs at time. How can he be lazy or not ‘上進’? lol

        Just trying to point out that HKD30,000 seems a lot to many of us. But, whether an income is enough or not depends on lifestyle and daily expenses.

      11. If he’s working 3 jobs at a time that shows he’s putting a lot of effort to gain money. Isn’t that good? Shirley wasted this relationship. I’m disappointed in her.

    2. Kidd:
      “I actually only knew his parents were divorced recently. I thought he lived with both parents all along. So, he live with his mom?”

      From the sound of things, I think Gregory lived with his mom and elder brother. I was wondering earlier how Shirley would be able to live with someone like Lee Ka Ding, due to his unconventional ways.

      “Yes, I agree that he’s not lazy. He’s working 3 jobs at time. How can he be lazy or not ‘上進’? lol”

      Working 3 jobs is a lot to juggle. Factoring in commuting time to each job, it doesn’t sound like a lot of rest time each day.

      1. It must be tiring. I heard a lot of HK men tend to save a lot of money before they get married. If he’s working hard for their marriage he must be devastated.

  2. He may not be very good looking, but he looks decent and why would he win over Gregory with his 9 year relationship with Shirley? Because he’s rich.
    I was really hoping that Shirley and Gregory would end up together! So sad! I guess Shirley doesn’t plan on coming out to explain herself any further and this will definitely affect her image and career. She was demoted over the years because of their high profile relationship, but at least she had a good image with the public, but now she won’t even have the image to help her. I don’t see her career progressing much further with this negative publicity. So, I don’t think this whole thing is a publicity stunt. If so, it’s a bad one!

    1. Agree. He’s RICH. Now Shirley don’t even bother to hide him too I suppose. Her image flopped down badly now and I don’t think it will recover

      1. I don’t think she even cares about her image or career anymore if she will be able to be with someone rich.When a guy is rich, I don’t think his looks matter anymore.

      2. If this is true, Shirley may just go down the route of getting hitched and become a full time mother. This whole scandal has created such a bad image for her, so I don’t think the audience wants to see her/accept her anymore. (the majority, that is.)

      3. If Shirley really love her acting career, this wouldn’t stop her. Queenie Chu was once a “third party”, but in a matter of time viewers forgot and I reckon she receives a positive review for her performance in Yes Sir No Sir.

      4. @Masaharu

        True, Queenie did redeem her image, but people barely knew her then, so she’s built a new image after that incident. As for Shirley, she has had this nice girl ‘image’ with the audience all along. This one scandal may be too much to sustain her positive image. And I don’t know if there’s a difference, but it seems to be a worst thing for someone to have a significant other and cheat on them than to be someone who enters a relationship the third party (I mean, there are a lot of HK stars who have been the 3rd party in others’ relationships anyways). I’d honestly like to see how this plays out. I honestly do feel bad for Gregory. (not saying Shirley is completely in the wrong since I don’t know the true story)

      5. I agree. Queenie did not have a 9 years fiance and about to get married. Let alone Queenie did not get pregnant with another man (If Shirley is really pregnant), under people eyes, Shirley image will flop more than Queenie case.

      6. One more thing. Queenie can actually act. Shirley not so much. 😛

      7. Who in HK has not been “booked” at some point of their career? But Shirley is worse in the sense she cheated on her 9 year boyfriend when everybody thought they were getting engaged and pregnant as well.

        And yes, Queenie can act.

      8. She two timed her bf for a year, sleep with another man while discussing marriage with him, got a baby from the infidelity, and broke up in an ugly way.

        There’s no way she can be accepted again. Her career is officially over now bye bye Shirley

      9. Just like Gillian. Even though she’s singing and acting again, I don’t think the audience will ever see her the same way again as they did prior to the sex scandal with Edison. If you had this reputation built up and you did something to ruin it, it is hard to gain that trust from the audience again. That’s why Cecilia was more accepted than Gillian after the incident. Cecilia has always been and had a bad girl image, so it wasn’t as surprising, whereas Gillian always had the innocent image, so it makes her like a fake and hypocrite. It’s the same with Shirley now. She’s always had the girl next-door, down to earth image with the public, but now she’s rumored to be a gold digger, two-timer, and pregnant with another man’s baby? And the way she handled the breakup? That’s why I think it’ll be hard for the audience to accept her again unless she gives some kind of explanation. She’s not really helping herself.

      10. @Aly,
        I agree with you, but I think that with time maybe all will be forgiven, but maybe not forgotten just like with the Edison scandal. I think since it has been a number of years so many have forgiven but not forgotten. I guess this will forever be a black mark in Shirley’s life and career. If she had a really successful career before then maybe she may be able climb back up again. However, she was never that talented or that successful anyways. Therefore, I honestly wonder if her career is going to be completely gone now?? Time will tell…

  3. So she deny this guy in the photo is Andy, anyone believe? Or should we believe that the picture above is Andy, LOL!
    If a rich man can married a woman for beauty, then he can have have mistress outside if that woman is younger and more beautiful than their wife.
    If a woman can married for money, once she find a richer man, she can go after another richer man.
    Taken for example, here in USA, many rich men these days when married they ask to sign a prenuptial agreement, to prevent the woman married them is just for money only, and if the woman loves you, she willing to sign the Prenuptial Agreement.

    1. I want to see if she will deny or admit that the man is “Andy” 🙂

      On another side of the story, since “Andy” has wrote that he will “make her happy” and has been pursuing her for 11 years, I personally doubt their relationship(if real) is solely about money.

      1. Sorry..I missed her denial above. Yeah so she denied but who knows; she could be lying; but she could also be telling the truth 😛

      2. Pursuing her for 11 years does not add up, he said he pursuing her since high school it not make sense. Shirley borin in 1978, 11 years ago is 2000. In 2000 Shirley already 22 year olds, nobody in high school at age 22. I honestly doubt the source of “pursuing her for 12 years”
        All this make Shirley image flop so bad, he probably just say that to get some pity from the netizens and audience.

    2. “So she deny this guy in the photo is Andy, anyone believe? Or should we believe that the picture above is Andy, LOL!”

      I believe her.

      That picture doesn’t show anything. Just her chatting with a man in what seem like a public place.

      1. I think so too. This scandal have been getting out of hand already, she no need to deny a picture if that is Andy.

    3. Well, the truth will come out with time. Therefore, IF this guy is indeed Andy, then she has lied and it will cause her image to flop even more then it already has.

      1. “IF this guy is indeed Andy, then she has lied and it will cause her image to flop even more then it already has.”

        Cecilia and Edison case? She say no he say yes. Her management admitted so she’s a liar. Time will tell about Shirley.

  4. I’m just surprised that Shirley would do such a thing to Greg. I was happy that they were planning to be married. Unbelievable!

    1. Now we have to be careful at any person who looks nice, sweet and as gentle as a feather. They might be hiding something nasty inside.

  5. Well. Its always the case where money attracts. You can see, so many pretty actresses are lured by these rich businessmen & they are not just rich, they are super doper rich (Billionaires). So you see, all other things, including feelings can be nurtured through time.

    1. Even normal citizens dream of marrying a rich or well off guy, so of course actresses will dream of it even more. They live a higher life style then normal citizens, therefore, their expectations in a mate are usually higher as well.

      1. Even normal citizens dream of marrying a rich or well off guy——–Really? I am a normal U.S.A citizen, and I never dream of marrying rich men. They rich, too many girls after them, chances of them find “ernai” is more than poor or average men.
        I always dream of married an average man, and I did married an average man. Life is good for me, I don’t died starving on the treet like those children in North Korea. I would never trade my life right now for any rich man.
        The best solution is instead of sitting around and dream of marrying rich men, how about get an education, get a job, and make your own money and feed yourself.

      2. I did not mean to say everyone, but a number of them do…

      3. @LeilaFan: Not that everyone want a billionaire but men with good economic background have an advantage.

  6. Can’t trust a guy with only half of the an eyebrow lol…is it me or this dude has Winnie the pooh brow?

    1. Shirley said this is not her man Andy, so we no need to go deep into his looks, he probably just a friend she chatting with. I’m waiting to actually see the real photo of the Andy Ng guy.
      But you right, this guy does have short eyebrown and looks like the type of men who will listening to everything his wife say, LOL!

      1. Even if there was a real photo of that Andy guy or she gets caught with him, will she admit it or not? IF she doesn’t admit it, then all we can do is guess and speculate.

  7. Of course she will deny. But funny, did she ever deny the rumour she is pregnant?

    1. you make sense there. Did she ever said she’s not pregnant? I keep reading that she only dodged and not answering. Only 620 said no but I won’t believe 620

  8. Original article in Chinese:

    “Shirley Yeung dumps cohabiting boyfriend of 9 years; Newfound lover hints about their love across Weibo”

    Dating fellow TVB colleague, Gregory Lee, for 9 years, past Miss HK Winner Shirley Yeung abruptly announced to the media that she has broke up with Gregory for a few months now. This was a great contrast from her usual low-profile mannerism of handling romance and personal matters.

    The HK Media revealed indications that Shirley has been discreetly dating Beijing tycoon, Andy, and even  two months in pregnancy.

    Thus, as “paper cannot cover fire” (aka her alleged baby bump would gradually show someday), Shirley reportedly used this tactic of disclosing this piece of news first before others.

    Till date, Shirley refused to state the cause of the breakup whereas pitiful Gregory, who has been made a green hat cuckold,  has been trying his best to salvage this relationship which has gone awry and defending and protecting speculations against Shirley.

    Netizens in the forum sarcastically labelled Shirley as a “classic model example”  for The Best Breakup Ever.

    Another crucial person in this case, the suspected  new lover of Shirley, Andy, in actual fact has very earlier on, tweeted his messages of love across popular Chinese microblogging site, Weibo. Even going as far to mention that Shirley has a “much bigger mission” at stake, seemingly hinting that Shirley could be pregnant with a bun in the oven.

    “Heart-broken Gregory Lee self-confessed that he’s not famous”

    Ever since Shirley Yeung ruthlessly dumps Gregory Lee, Gregory has been burying himself in car racing to numb his heartbreak, and  to resolve to work harder. 

    Last weekend, Gregory asked two of his good friends along for some test-driving of cars, in preparation for the upcoming Car Racing/Drifting competition in August.

    After test-driving the cars, Gregory’s friends brought him for some pancake snacking. Throughout the entire journey, he was seen furrowing his eyebrows and deep in thought.

    When interviewed, Gregory seemed troubled and when mentioned about his 9 years relationship with Shirley, he heaved a sigh and seemed protective of Shirley, “Whatever happens, I would give her my blessings. She is also suffering under the intense scrutiny of the media.” 

    Reporter: “But will it be awkward if you meet her again?”

    Gregory: “No, we are still friends.”

    Romance had already progressed to the stage where wedding plans were in talks but now that this relationship has been suddenly pronounced “dead” by one party, Gregory’s having a hard time absorbing and accepting it, self-professing that he couldn’t get to sleep nor does he have the appetite to eat, “Just one month ago, there were talks of marrying, choosing an auspicious date, plans of holding our wedding abroad, but now, there is no need for all these anymore.”

    Speaking of his agony, Gregory clenched his fist and withheld his tears, he professed that he did not know this allegedly suspected third party, Andy. 

    The dedicated lovelorn Gregory was still hung up on hopes of a reconciliation with Shirley, “To tell the truth, I haven’t been able to put down my feelings to date. Regarding future matters, I would leave it to God to arrange then.”

    The abrupt ending of a 9 year romance within one night is of course, hard to bear hence friends of Gregory were afraid that he might do something silly and thus has been taking turns to accompany him and to lend him a listening ear.

    Gregory: “Everyone was afraid that I would think too much so they have been accompanying me, stuffing my schedule till it’s full, even to the extent of confiscating my car keys, refusing to let me drive for fear of any accidents. Sometimes when I reach home late, my family would call me.”

    Reporter: “Your parents were very agitated?”

    Gregory: “I did ask them to calm down.”

    Friends consoled the only 31 year old Gregory that he has still has a long future in front of him and hoped he would recover in due time.

    Gregory: “I will definitely work harder! Actually, I have been actively working hard in the past too but people only saw the fruit of the labor and not the hard work involved. My lack of fame has caused alot of matters, the pressure had always been there but I don’t ever wish to be weighed down by others’ perception of how image should be, anymore.”

    “The winner – Andy shows off his victory on Weibo”

    Gregory’s part-time occupation as a racing coach raked in a monthly earning of HKD5,000.

    Plus his teaching of horseback riding and acting of TVB roles, his total monthly salary was HKD30,000. As compared to a normal worker, this salary’s without a doubt, considered optimistic. However, if we are talking about supporting your wife, Gregory would really have to work a little harder.

    In comparison, the 30+ year old Andy is a rich tycoon in the Mainland. While some have pointed him out as Shirley’s secondary school mate, who had studied in Beijing in the past. 

    In 2008, Shirley who attended the Beijing Olympics, bumped into Andy again and Andy immediately asked Shirley for her phone number, thus starting his pursuit.

    An insider disclosed, “Andy knew that Shirley already has a boyfriend but he still continued to woo her. His methods were brilliant. He specialized in adopting one’s likes. Furthermore, he knew how to use the mother-in-law tactic. Often fawning over Shirley’s mother with gifts. Even smart enough to “follow”/”lock in on” Gregory on Weibo, grasping the every action of his rival in love. At the beginning, Shirley only considered him as a friend but gradually he began to overstep the boundary.”

    In actual fact, in January this year, Andy and Shirley has been exchanging love messages across Weibo. Although Andy has been leaving messages on Weibo, giving the identity as Shirley’s fan, but there has been a little hints and cracks here and there, showing that there was more that meets the eye.

    And just as Shirley announced their breakup in a high-profile manner, Andy wrote on his Weibo page, “This month has been a remarkably memorable month. 11 years of feelings has finally bore fruit, I will do my very best to protect her and love her. I believe that I can give her happiness. This promise will be forever.”

    In the midst of flying rumors, Shirley’s newfound lover, Andy, asked Shirley (over Weibo) not to eat instant noodles, for fear that it will spoil her health. One of the sentences were, “You still have a very important mission at stake!” Looks like there’s no smoke without fire (Chinese saying of there must be some truth to these rumors) 

    “Shirley’s and Andy’s exchanges of love across Weibo”

    Signs of Shirley’s new lover, Andy, (Andy’s Weibo link:, disguising himself behind the Weibo ID of @cthk118, showing warmth and concerns of Shirley on her Weibo page, indicating that something is in the air.

    2 June 2011:

    Sexy Shirley uploaded a self-photo of her low-cut gown, thereby showing off her “career line” (aka cleavage). Andy, @cthk118,  replied, “The clothes that I detest the most!” —- Indicating signs of jealousy.

    10 June 2011:

    Shirley praised her mother’s Stir-Fried Oysters with Ginger & Spring Onion as superb. Andy, @cthk118, replied, “Waited for so long but have not had the chance to eat. Will definitely try it on my next trip down to Hong Kong! Not only must I try, I should learn to cook it!” —- Proving that he must be somebody that has close relations with them to have Shirley’s mom whipping up dishes for him.

    13 June 2011:

    Shirley, who was banned from eating instant noodles, discovered a cute “bear shaped food” at a supermart during the evening/dawn. Andy, @cthk118, replied, “Buy it home. Not a bad snack option, I want to try that too!”

    13 June 2011:

    At midnight, Shirley ate instant noodles and sausages for supper. Andy, @cthk118, replied, “Buy some stuff to store in the fridge, those type that are micro-wavable and can be eaten once heated. Last time it’s because you have no choice but to eat cup noodles, now there is your mom to cook for you! Cup noodles have been examined to contain cancer causing plastic additives, it will affect one’s health! You still have a very important mission! Bear in mind!”

    The article above was translated based on my best interpretation of it. While I try my best to translate, it shouldn’t be relied on for 100% accuracy and in no way did I fabricate all these as they were stated as per the original Chinese news report above, although some words may be warped in it’s meaning after translation.

    1. Sorry that I took so long to translate this article!

      For reference sake, a monthly salary of HKD30,000 is equivalent to
      USD 3,855,
      CNY RMB 24,940
      SGD 4,738

      Actually, after reading this article, I think one key indicator of why Shirley left Gregory might be due to Gregory’s lack of time to accompany her probably when she needs him most.

      With three jobs to juggle on hand and to refute people’s comparison of his and Shirley’s income, even if Gregory wanted to (not to forget that their schedules may have clashed since by the time Shirley wrapped filming, it would have already be midnight), he might not have the time to accompany and support Shirley whenever she’s down, which could have inevitably caused him his girlfriend in the end.

      1. Thanks for the link to the article and translation. Actually, this really reminds me of my friend and her ex fiance too. My friend and her ex fiance got engaged but then broke up a few years ago too. The main reason was because all he did was work all day. By the time, he came home, all he did was sleep and then she would be off to work since she worked the night shift. It is really important to have time to spend together and bond with each other instead of just working and working because it is easy to grow apart. I think that is one of the most common reasons that married couples divorce because they lack the time to spend together… Even if you get married, you still need to keep that bond strong and let it grow and nurture or else it is easy to grow apart and eventually divorce.

      2. @HeTieShou:

        No problem ((:

        I realized I misspelled some words in my haste, hope you guys won’t mind!

        And I meant “…cost him his girlfriend in the end” not “…caused…” 😡

        That’s sad to hear of your friend and her ex-fiancé! But coincidentally, it’s almost the similar case with my friend and her fiancé too! They are still currently together and cohabiting together but it’s been almost three years now but they refuse to get married and bypass the “engaged” status.

        When we asked my friend why, it’s because she had doubts about marriage (since some of her friends were third parties in relationships and told her about the countless lies from men and etc). She also professed that she wondered how different it would be if she was still single and had entertained thoughts of straying.

        I think this was because her fiancé was an airforce pilot and hence he was always flying about for trainings in other countries, which made her feel that he wasn’t spending enough time with her plus not to mention my friend is widely known for being sexually active (but not fooling around) as a female lol.

      3. @Ah K,
        Thanks again and I know that translations take a lot of work since I used to do them as well, but have gotten really lazy to so I stopped doing them for years now…
        Sorry to hear about your friend. My friend’s case is sort of your friend too. She actually wanted to break up with her ex fiance, but she still loved him and he proposed to her just to keep her, therefore, she accepted thinking that it would work out. He promised to lessen his workload after getting engaged but he worked even more after the engagement. All they did was sleep together and lived together. However, that was it.. They did not even have time to talk or do anything together. It became meaningless so one day she finally told him how she felt and they finally broke off their engagement which lasted for over 2 years… It was kind of sad but I felt it was for the better since it would not have been good for them to get married because they would have divorced anyway…

    2. Ah K,
      Thank you very much for your detailed translation!! Do you mind if I re-post your translation as an article on JayneStars, so more people will be able to find it easier, especially through search engines? The translation will be credited under your name and perhaps with some minor edits.

      Gregory seems open in talking to reporters about his hurt and pain. Indeed he loved Shirley very deeply. I do feel his sorrow. There were signs such as Shirley and Andy flirting on weibo and Shirley not having invited Gregory to her new house, not even once. Gregory may be an oblivious boyfriend or was he in denial for a very long time?

      1. @Jayne:

        Hi! Of course I won’t mind, why not? (:

        I also hope to share it with everyone else (since Shirley’s and Andy’s Weibo messages have not been distinct enough from previous articles) and yupp, do feel free to make the necessary amendments! I do admit that the article is a tad too long lol! 😡

        Wow, I didn’t know Shirley has moved house! Maybe that’s why Gregory couldn’t go to her house to “confront” her since he didn’t know the exact location but strange though that the paparazzi knew where her new house was and were stationed at the shops around that area.

        I believe Gregory had a responsibility too, as Shirley’s boyfriend at that time, he should have sniped it even before the bud shows signs of growing.

        Like take occasional tabs on Shirley’s Weibo and whereabouts because prevention is always better than cure and if Shirley didn’t have something to hide, she wouldn’t even be angry in the first place.

      2. Oh and no need to credit me lahs, haha I’m shy! :”)

      3. Ah K,
        Of course the article will be posted under your name! You did a great job translating the article! Thank you for taking the time to do so and share with fans!

      4. Ah K,
        In an Orientaldaily interview several days ago, Gregory mentioned that he has not been to Shirley’s new house. She moved in April and he said that he did not help her move. He did not wish to provide the reason.

        Gregory sounded oblivious that Shirley may have been two-timing for a year and perhaps Shirley may have intentionally covered her tracks to keep both men close, in case one relationship doesn’t work out?

  9. Wow, thanks for translating AhK, that was indeed very long.
    I agree that two couple need to spend time together to develop the relation but Gregory seems to be working on a mission to save enough money to marry Shirley. That act should be encouraged and not frown on. I do feel horrible for Gregory because wearing the “green hat” is not the worst feeling for a man. God knows how long she has been sleeping with both men. One question I am not sure about is who is to confirm who’s baby that belong too if she is indeed pregnant? If she was sleeping with both men, you can’t tell, unless she was only bedding one. Regardless, seems like she already made her decision, the best thing Gregory should do is move-on and say no more. there are plenty of girls out there, prettier and better than Shirley, there aught to be one suitbale for him.

  10. In a news article today, the media confirmed that the man in the above article is a diver from Beijing, Guo Jingjing’s friend and Shirley’s friend, but not the Andy Ng the media has been writing about. Andy is alleged businessman from Beijing.

    1. THanks for the info Jayne! I am glad that we finally know who it is. I wonder if Andy will ever emerge?? I am really curious about how he looks…

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