Shirley Yeung’s Newfound Lover Hints Their Relationship Across Weibo

Dating fellow TVB colleague, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), for 9 years, past Miss Hong Kong winner, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), abruptly announced to the media that she broke up with Gregory for a few months. This was a great contrast from her usual low-profile mannerism of handling romance and personal matters. The Hong Kong media revealed that Shirley has been discretely dating Beijing tycoon, Andy Ng, and possibly two months pregnant. Since “paper cannot cover fire” [her alleged baby bump would gradually show someday], Shirley reportedly used this tactic of disclosing the break-up news before others can do so.

To-date, Shirley refused to state the cause of the break-up whereas pitiful Gregory, who has been made a “green hat cuckold,”  has been trying his best to salvage this relationship which has gone awry, while defending and protecting speculations against Shirley. Netizens in online forums sarcastically labeled Shirley as a classic model for “The Best Breakup Ever.”

Andy, the suspected  new lover of Shirley, tweeted his messages of love across popular Chinese microblogging site, Weibo, very early on. Andy even went as far as to mention that Shirley has a “much bigger mission” at stake, seemingly hinting that Shirley may be pregnant with “a bun in the oven.”

Heart-broken Gregory Lee Confessed that He’s Not Famous

Ever since Shirley Yeung ruthlessly dumped Gregory Lee, he buried himself in car racing to numb his heartbreak and  resolved to work harder. Last weekend, Gregory asked two of his good friends along to test-drive cars, in preparation for the upcoming car racing/drifting competition in August. After test-driving the cars earlier, Gregory’s friends took him pancake snacking. Throughout the entire journey, he was seen furrowing his eyebrows and in deep thought.

In the interview, Gregory appeared troubled. When mentioned about his 9 years relationship with Shirley, he heaved a sigh and seemed protective of Shirley, “Whatever happens, I will give her my blessings. She is also suffering under the intense scrutiny of the media.” (But will it be awkward if you meet her again?) Gregory said, “No, we are still friends.”

Earlier, Gregory and Shirley’s relationship had progressed to the stage where wedding plans were in discussion.  Suddenly, the relationship was pronounced “dead” by one party. Gregory had a hard time absorbing and accepting it, professing that he could not sleep or have the appetite to eat. “Just one month ago, there were talks of marrying, choosing an auspicious date, and plans of holding our wedding abroad. Now, there is no need for all these procedures anymore.”

Speaking of his agony, Gregory clenched his fist and withheld his tears, he professed that he did not know suspected third party, Andy. The dedicated lovelorn Gregory was still hung up on hopes of a reconciliation with Shirley, “To tell the truth, I haven’t been able to put down my feelings to-date. Regarding future matters, I would leave them to God to arrange.”

The abrupt ending of a 9-year romance within one night is of course, hard to bear hence friends of Gregory were afraid that he might do something rash and thus has been taking turns to accompany him and lend a listening ear. Gregory said, “Everyone was afraid that I would think too much so they have been accompanying me, stuffing my schedule until it was full, even to the extent of confiscating my car keys, refusing to let me drive for fear of any accidents. Sometimes when I reach home late, my family would call me.” (Your parents were very agitated?) Gregory said, “I did ask them to calm down.”

Friends consoled 31-year-old Gregory that he still has a long future in front of him and hoped he would recover in due time. Gregory said, “I will definitely work harder! Actually, I have been actively working hard in the past too but people only saw the fruit of the labor and not the hard work involved. My lack of fame has caused a lot of matters. The pressure had always been there but I do not wish to be weighed down by others’ perception of who I am anymore.”

The Winner, Andy, Shows Off His Victory on Weibo

Gregory’s part-time occupation as a racing coach raked in a monthly earning of $5,000 (HKD). Due to additional income from teaching horseback riding and acting in TVB roles, his total monthly salary was $30,000 (HKD). Compared to a normal worker, this salary was without a doubt, considered optimistic. However, to support a wife, Gregory would really have to work a little harder.

In his thirties, Andy was a rich tycoon in mainland in comparison. Allegedly, Andy was Shirley’s secondary school mate, who had studied in Beijing in the past. In 2008, Shirley attended the Beijing Olympics and bumped into Andy again. Andy immediately asked Shirley for her phone number and started his pursuit.

An insider disclosed, “Andy knew that Shirley already had a boyfriend but he still continued to woo her. His methods were brilliant. He specialized in adopting one’s likes. Furthermore, he knew how to use the mother-in-law tactic, often fawning over Shirley’s mother with gifts.  He was even smart enough to ‘follow/lock in’ on Gregory in Weibo, grasping the every action of his rival in love. In the beginning, Shirley only considered him as a friend but gradually began to overstep the boundary.”

In fact, in January 2011, Andy and Shirley have been exchanging love messages across Weibo. Although Andy has been leaving messages on Weibo, assuming an identity as Shirley’s fan, there were minor hints here and there, showing that there was more that meets the eye in their relationship.

On the day that Shirley announced her break-up with Gregory in a high-profile manner, Andy wrote on his Weibo page, “This has been a remarkably memorable month. Eleven years of feelings finally bore fruit; I will do my very best to protect her and love her. I believe that I can give her happiness. This promise will be forever.”

In the midst of flying rumors, Shirley’s newfound lover, Andy, asked her not to eat instant noodles, for fear that it will spoil her health. In a Weibo message, Andy wrote, “You still have a very important mission at stake!” Perhaps there was “no smoke without fire” [Chinese proverb that there must be some truth to these rumors].

Shirley and Andy’s Exchange of Love Across Weibo

Signs of Shirley’s new lover, Andy, (Andy’s Weibo link:, disguising himself behind the Weibo ID of @cthk118, showing warmth and concerns of Shirley on her Weibo page, indicating that something was in the air.

June 2, 2011:

Sexy Shirley uploaded a self-photo of her low-cut gown, thereby showing off her “career line” (aka cleavage). Andy, @cthk118,  replied, “The clothes that I detest the most!” indicating signs of jealousy.

June 10 2011:

Shirley praised her mother’s stir-fried oysters with ginger and spring onion as superb. Andy, @cthk118, replied, “Waited for so long but have not had the chance to eat. Will definitely try it on my next trip down to Hong Kong! Not only must I try, I should learn to cook it!” The message proved that he must be someone with close relations to the Yeung family in order to have Shirley’s mother whipping up dishes for him.

June 13, 2011:

Shirley, who was banned from eating instant noodles, discovered a cute “bear shaped food” at a supermarket in the evening. Andy, @cthk118, replied, “Buy it home. Not a bad snack option, I want to try that too!”

June 13, 2011:

At midnight, Shirley ate instant noodles and sausages for supper. Andy, @cthk118, replied, “Buy some stuff to store in the fridge, those type that are microwavable and can be eaten once heated. Last time it’s because you have no choice but to eat cup noodles. Now there is your mom to cook for you! Cup noodles have been found to contain cancer-causing plastic additives; it will affect one’s health! You still have a very important mission! Bear in mind!”


Ah K: The article above was translated based on my best interpretation of it. While I try my best to translate, it shouldn’t be relied on for 100% accuracy and in no way did I fabricate all these as they were stated as per the original Chinese news report above, although some words may be warped in it’s meaning after translation.

This article was translated by Ah K for

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  1. Many thanks to Ah K for such a wonderful translation!! Gregory, Shirley, and Andy’s love triangle has taken the public by storm in this heart-wrenching scandal.

  2. Wow, this is truly like what we see in the series we watch! If this is true, Andy is probably the main perpetrator in this whole thing because he pursued Shirley even when he knew she has a stable boyfriend. I have a feeling when he heard signs of wedding bells ringing for Shirley, he probably tried even harder to get her to change her mind and stop her from marrying Gregory in his hard pursuit and even got her pregnant so that she can’t turn back. If Shirley was cheating on Gregory for a year, she was probably feeling 15/16, not knowing who to choose. That’s why she was still living with Gregory and celebrated his birthday with him. I believe that she did plan on marrying him but changed her mind because Andy successfully won her heart, her mom’s heart, and got her pregnant.
    I’m pretty sure that this rumor is true, if not Shirley would have come out to clarify that he is not the third party and that she is not pregnant. These are serious allegations for people to not come out and clarify especially if it also affects someone else as well. So the fact that she is neither admitting nor denying pretty much means that it’s true. How hard is it to deny anyway?

    1. @ Joan, all is fair and love and war. it sucks but hey, if you don’t want the relationship anymore, and you love someone else…then you gotta do what you gotta do

  3. “In his thirties, Andy was a rich tycoon in mainland in comparison.”

    It’s really interesting to see how Andy is getting richer and richer in each subsequent article.

    When the breakup news first came up, Andy was only said to come from a family who does business. It give off the impression that he’s moderately well off, but, not mega rich . In a subsequent article, Andy became a ‘rich second generation’. Now, he has elevated to tycoon level.

    1. @Kidd:

      Oops! Probably because my Chinese isn’t that good so I could have mis-translated “北京富商” as Beijing tycoon 😡 My sincere apologies if I have translated those words wrongly 🙂

      1. I know the difficulties of a translator since I used to do them as well, so don’t feel bad Ah K. I don’t think that is really a mis-translation since “fu” does mean rich/wealthy… Hm… I can’t really think of a better term to translate “fu shang” besides tycoon, therefore, I don’t think using the term “tycoon” is completely wrong… We can easily know the meaning of something in Chinese but it is really hard to find the best term to translate in English.

  4. Despite that all Shirley has done, I still don’t hate or dislike her in any way. Some people dislike her for being irresponsible in her break up with Gregory, which is true. Some are saying that her career is officially over.

    I don’t know, and although Shirley has never been a great actress, I did enjoy her performance in The Brink of Law. I won’t miss watching her onscreen if she decides to retire from acting, but even after this incident, I won’t mind watching her. Her acting is different from her real life personality, so are HK citizens and viewers so judging when it comes to accepting this?

    Betrayal is outright wrong, but I still don’t blame Shirley entirely for this. I sympathize with Gregory like most people, but I’m beginning to detest this Andy who is bragging on a public platform for breaking up a couple and snatching someone else’s gf. There really isn’t anything to be proud of and his actions are viewed as immature and stupid. It would be much appreciated if he would just text her instead of flirting on Weibo.

    Also, sometimes Weibo just gives the invasive HK paparazzi more opportunities and ways to dig out info about these celebrities. Even though Weibo is a good way for fans to learn more and interact with their idols, it’s also gives the media an added edge and advantage. I think it was Michelle Reis’s husband who told her not to update her Weibo because it’s equivalent to giving the media news to write about.

    1. I am on the same wavelength w/ you on this matter. I think Shirley made some bad decisions but I don’t dislike her in anyway. I also wouldn’t mind watching any of her dramas in the future.

      Sometimes, life choices are not in black or white, but shades of gray. I don’t know Shirley’s reasoning behind her choice, but I’m sure it was well-thought out and fits the life that she wants for herself and her mother.

    2. I don’t dislike Shirley, or like her, or hate her. But I feel what she did or rather the way she did it is wrong therefore the negative comments. I think her career is definitely gone now, and HK public can forgive a lot of things, but to cheat on someone and get pregnant as a result, is not something they can forgive easily. Of course morals should be in the equation but in this scenario, when these 2 have so carelessly broken a man’s heart and then have the new guy brag about it, I find them so despicable that I am glad for all these negative remarks. At least we have out priorities straight; quite simply the one who cheats and brags about that is the villain.

  5. From Andy’s Weibo messages to Shirley, he sounds as if he likes to tell his woman what to do, a person who likes to be in control.

    1. If that is the case, then I wonder if Shirley will truly be happy with him???

      1. Some guys are like that and they come off as a jerk or chauvinist. Personally, I can never imagine being happy with someone whose a controller as I desire freedom too much. It’s best when there is a some balance in a relationship where neither party is dominating. I don’t want a pushover, but a jerk won’t do either.

        Greg and Andy seems to be very different in personality and are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Greg, very soft-spoken, low-profile, and yielding, Andy, very controlling, high-profile, and loves bragging.

    2. I agree with u that andy does seem like a controller, unless he really does care for her and her health cause she is really is pregnant with his baby.

    3. Some women liked to be told. That is the ugly truth. Maybe Gregory is the type who lets her decide, maybe he is indecisive, so now she wants someone who is decisive. Joke is some time later she will wish he lets her decide.

  6. Ah K, you did a pretty nice job of translating hehe. Ever considering applying at Jayne for a “part time job” :D. Aw don’t be shy.

    1. @Masaharu:

      Lol, thank you for thinking so highly of me but my grasp of Chinese isn’t competent enough to be able to translate other more complex articles, it was probably due to sheer luck that I was able to translate this.

      Furthermore, if not for Jayne’s excellent editing skills, I highly doubt this article would have made the cut (:

  7. I agree with u that andy does seem like a controller, unless he really does care for her and her health cause she is really is pregnant with his baby. Well whatever happens hope she choose the right guy if not then if its meant to be it’s meant to be no matter what or how u choose it.

  8. Compared to a normal worker, this salary was without a doubt, considered optimistic. However, to support a wife, Gregory would really have to work a little harder. —————– Here in USA, Western people no need anyone to support. Men and women here in USA both go to work to support the family together. And here in USA, sometimes even the wife make money than the husband. Ask your white Americans neighbors, I sure they all tell you that they all got jobs and not leaning on husband for support.
    $30,000 HKD that is about $3,850 USD a month. Here in USA if you make $3,850 a month, you are considered to have a decent life. Who in here right now make $3,850 a month? I sure not much.
    Even in China, no normal citizens make as much as $30,000 a month.
    The food she eat above is very normal. If Shirley can eat food like this then with Gregory salary and her salary together should not be the “money” issue for them to break up. I really think Shirley should make a short interview telling her side of the story.

    1. You made some good points LeilaFan and what you described does sound good for the world of only 2 people. However, once children come into the picture, everything changes….

      1. Movie stars are different.
        People here in USA even With Children, a month one person make $3,850 USD is already very good.
        I drive everyday, I see too many Mexican people who are in line at welfare place. I also see many Mexican men who work at low pay jobs such as cutting grass. I also homeless shelter. I also see many Mexican people taking the public transportation carrying 4-5 kids with them and on welfare, and their husband are cutting grass, and guess what they still married, and even some are see are pregnant with another baby on the way.

      2. Any woman should NOT rely on a guy financially. Not EVER. What will you do when you used to the certain lifestyle and your husband cheats on you with some other girl and files for divorce? It will be so difficult for you to adapt to a lower single income. It also will be so so hard for you to start working again because you are not use to it. As a woman I really recommended women out there go get an education, have a job, at least that is something for you to fall back on.

      3. Funn, the message I write above was not to you, I write it general. I already said I have nothing else to say to you since we don’t have the same views.
        Funn, men and women in USA married actually quite late, if you said women in USA married early, can you please provided statistic of marriage in USA country?
        I am from Xian, and most men and women in Xian are married before even age 26-27.
        Here in USA, women and men here at age 30 they still in college trying to get their master, in fact in USA, is the country of where move in and live with each others first without even married. This is the western culture, it just different from Asian culture.
        I am nobody to tell you anything Funn, I am a ugly woman who married to an ugly husband. I am also a poor woman, who married to a poor man. I don’t married rich because I cannot fit in with the rich style when all my life I grew up in poor family. In marriage there more to just money, it about connecting with your husband and have the same background and values in life.
        Once again, I wish you good luck. This is just a discussion over the internet, no need to take it seriously Funn, smile!

      4. I don;t understand why you need to insult yourself to make your point. I see your point, no need to say you’re ugly, etc. I am not for one who believe that ugly marries ugly, stupid marries stupid. Nonsense! We are who we make ourselves to be. If you married a good man, good for you! Many women will envy you, even if they hug their rubies and what nots! Fact is we all want a decent spouse who we can spend the rest of our lives with.

        As for statistics, I can’t give you any, as you can’t give me any either. But it is a fact from observation, in Asia, Asian women are getting married later and later, for career, for independence.

      5. Funn, I not put down myself at all. I am really poor and not sexy or beautiful like others women. May I share a little story with you about me, then maybe you can see why I am always content and never ask for more. At little I grow up in poor family, I also work at young age to help out, and even at work I get bully or insult (you know how China labor is). There are harsh time when my family don’t have money to pay house rent and we have to live in the backyard or balcony stair of someone house. Even when we immigrated to USA, no places for us to stay we have to live in a Buddhist temple for a while and we on welfare assistant. Lucky for me I get to be in USA, go to school, and get a job. With the money I make now in USD is so precious to me when I think back of when I was little work like a dog back in my hometown Xian. Think back when I only have white rice to eat, now I have a family, I am very happy. I don’t dream of married rich because I know I have no rich background, I will never understand the rich, I don’t even know how to communicate or get along with them, it just alot of differences.
        Just think of me like a child in North Korea, children in North Korea have to pick up dirty food from the ground to eat. Imagine if they come to USA and actually have a roof and clean food, then I sure that is enough for them to be satisfy.
        Sincerly I wish you luck find your dream man. I sometimes have bad temper too, and my English also not well so sometimes it cause difficulty for a reader, I’m sorry.
        My baby is very young, sometimes still cries and wake up in the middle of the night, so that add to my bad mood, Arg! Arg!!!
        I wish to shake hands with you and be friends. I read many of your comments and I actually like your posting, teach me alot of things.

    2. I guess the amount he earns shouldn’t be compared with normal citizens since he is cosidered a half-artiste?

      Compared to artistes, some are making at least 6 digits a month and the popular ones probably 7 digits a month.

      Hence.. with $30,000 HKD, its enough and comfortable for a normal family but will not be enough should they have any materialistic wants.

      1. BINGO!!!! This is what I am trying to say. $30,000 HKD is enough for any normal family. Looks at even graduated college students in USA, not all of them can make $3,850 USD (30,000 HKD) a month. Like I say above, compared to family who are on welfare and those Mexican people who carried 4-5 children on the bus everyday, $30,000 HKD is heaven to them.
        But if you are materialistic and always ask your husband to get you brand name stuff, then with Gregory salary, it’s nothing.

      2. High living expenses must be caused by the wife asking the husband to buy branded stuff. It cannot be for the following reason

        – buy good healthy food for family
        – sending children to good school and extra classes
        – buy good quality stuff that can last long
        – medical expenses
        – insurance
        – house mortgage and car loans

      3. Kidd, I really hope you a girl. If you a guy with the way you think that must be rich to get a girl, then I hope you have a good education and a good job which makes more than Gregory. I sure even you right now don’t make $3,850 USD a month.Good luck to you!
        – buy good healthy food for family —— healthy food like vegetables anyone can buy, no need rich to buy, meat here in USA is cheap, this is not China. Even rich people eat lobster on the yatch everyday are not consider healthy, high cholesteral food.
        – sending children to good school and extra classes —– in USA, everyone go to high school finished 12 grades for free. In college there are Financial aids and loans to get to get your degree. I know many children who get Loans and Financial Aid to finish school without beg their parents to pay for them. Here in USA, money cannot buy everything. Try talking to Yale to sale you their degree with your money.
        – buy good quality stuff that can last long —— sure that is brand name stuff, no wonder why Greg don’t have enough money.
        – medical expenses —— there are healthcare, even you end up in the hospital and have major surgery, you can always do monthly payment back.
        – insurance — sure, but car insurance do not cost $30,000 HKD a month.
        – house mortgage and car loans ——- sure, but house and cars can be bought and payment monthly (most American citizens do it this way).

      4. @ Leilafan

        Gregory and Shirley is staying in HK, not USA.

      5. @LeilaFan: I wonder how much you earn a month. You seem to be a person that dun care for money.

        I don’t know but I feel that: It isn’t bad to love money. Money is the condition to have a good life (as least in material side). Everyone is working more and more to earn more. Then should tell them to stop climbing high because money can’t buy everything in US?

        Maybe in US, money can’t buy everything because everything only can be bought by a lot of money :P.

        As for food, I can tell you that vegetables aren’t cheap at all :P. In some countries like in Europe, vegetable is even more expensive than meat. Good and clean food is expensive. Example, two options: A-type meat and old meat, of course old meat will be cheaper and unhealthier.

      6. @ LeilaFan

        “– insurance — sure, but car insurance do not cost $30,000 HKD a month.”

        Of course insurance don’t need HKD30,000. I’m talking about housing+food+school+insurance+durable stuff. Insurance contribute to the expenses.

        “buy good healthy food for family —— healthy food like vegetables anyone can buy, no need rich to buy, meat here in USA is cheap, this is not China. Even rich people eat lobster on the yatch everyday are not consider healthy, high cholesteral food.”

        The healthy food I mean is
        – food from organic shops (no pesticide and chemical)
        – vitamins, supplements and other health food
        – high grade meat
        Not lobster.

      7. Fox, money in USA cannot buy everything. Even if you a millionair son, try to get your ways into Yale if you don’t have the grades. Everyone working more and more is because the high standard living rises, they works more to make enough to pay their bills.
        Fox, you right I don’t care about money Throughout the years I in college, I did not have to pay 1 SINGLE PENNY for school. I’m poor, so I get free financial aid to pay for my tuition and my books.
        I make about $30,000 USD a year. I also married a poor man who work 9-5 job, the average employee, but everydays he come home for dinner, play and spend time with our son, and watch TV. Weekends, we would go our together or go BBQ with our family and relatives.
        The money we work is to pay bills, food and care for our son, my husband and I rarely buy anything for ourself.
        As long as I have food and not starve to deaths like those Korean children, then I am content. As long as I have my husband and my son with me, I don’t need anymore money.
        I’m not a dreamer, I don’t sit around and dream of married rich men. I am greatful that I’m not those children in Africa starving to dead right now.

      8. @leilafan,

        ofcourse you can’t have rubbish marks, but for rich kids they only need average to get accepted because their parents give the university money to build a new library etc. also it makes sense to since the kids will inherit their parents wealth and most likely be successful as well which will contribute to the brand of the university.

        im happy to hear that there are some people out there that value family more than money! The truth is that it’s more meaningful to have a family that you love and loves you back than having alot of money.

      9. Thans exodious, I agree.
        The way you view money are based on how you raise and your living styles. All my life, I raise in a poor family, but full of laughters. Even grown up, I married a very average man, he don’t have money for me, but he treats me and our son good. He works, go home and he would even cook, he even wash dishes, do laundry and play with our son.
        Rich men don’t need do that, they have money to hire anyone to do it for them.
        Sure, we not rich, but weekends we go out with family and relatives and we talks, laugh. The family understanding each others is precious. Looks at rich family, they fighting and even hurts each others over money.
        Having family together with laughters are mot important. A marriage last because 2 person with the same viewpoints in life, same goals, same personality, and mutual understanding and compromise and patience.
        Remember money can make by your hands, anyone can make money by finding a job, but finding someone who truely loves you is not easy.

      10. @LeilaFan: sorry, one of my friend from highschool got into Yale with 2.6 GPA ( his father was a millionaire from Brazil).

        I dont know what you mean by $ 4000/month salary. But i cant live with that kind of salary, my rent is more than $3000/month already.

      11. Leilafan, as you have a standard of live you value thing different to ppl who have to save each penny for meal. Love money or being material isnt baf

      12. haha, Fox, loving money isnt bad, is it?

        @LeilaFan, i like your view about money. Remind me William James and his “the worship of material luxury and wealth”

      13. Greg’s salary is based on his car racing and acting. However, his car racing won’t last for that many years… so his salary is not stable.

      14. @ M and R: It’s bad if you don’t have money and have to see others have money.

      15. @ Judy

        “Greg’s salary is based on his car racing and acting. However, his car racing won’t last for that many years… so his salary is not stable.”

        Greg also plan to open a car wash center with his friends. So, do think he has plans for the future. But, I guess Shirley does not feel secure enough with this plan.

      16. I think we should dump the idea of security if the rumours about the 1 year affair is true. It has nothing to do with security but rather she simply didn’t want to be with him anymore. It was not a sudden change of heart. It was 1 year.

      17. Leilafan you may not care about money, and I don’t speak for everyone else, but for myself, I do care about money. I need to eat, pump petrol, buy stuff, go holidays, etc. So yes, I care about money very much and I wish I am a billionaire, like the song goes.

      18. Funn, I like money too, but I don’t do anything against my conscience for money.
        I do not dump my boyfriend/husband for a richer man. I certainly do not go sleep with another man when I am someone’s else fiance’
        Sometimes you just have to know what is enough in life and be satisfy with the family you have.
        I hope one don’t you don’t left your husband if there is a millionair goes after you.
        And ofcourse I hope your husband one day don’t left you when he find another girl who younger and more Beautiful than you.

      19. Who says wanting money means I will dump whoever I am with for a millionaire? Before I settle with someone, I will find someone rather ambitious or is successful in the first place. Not just rich husbands will dump wives for younger girls, any man would, rich, poor, young or old. Just because one doesn’t settle for ordinariness and insists on extraordinariness doesn’t make that person materialistic or greedy. Ambition can be good, just don’t go stepping on dead bodies to achieve that. And it is possible to be decent AND rich AND happy. Not that I am saying you’re settling for less, of course not! But I suppose any statement to say “My husband won’t do this and this” or “I am contented, happy” should not be made until you’re at the end of your life. Be careful though; contented wives make for careless wives.

      20. I don’t have anything else to say to you because we obviously don’t see things the same way.
        Women in USA are indepent. Why do you need boyfriend/husband to provide for you? How about learn how to be independence, and get a job to support yourself. Even if my husband leave me right now, I won’t died, I have a job, I can survive with my own money. You see in life, nobody can give you any guarentee forever, only you supporting yourself can do that.
        And to all the women, instead of sitting around at home and dream of married rich husband. And wait for him to provide for you?! PROVIDE FOR YOURSELF, GET A JOB. THEN WORRY ABOUT CHOOSING A MATE.

      21. @Funn

        obviously you have already restricted yourself when choosing a potential mate i.e. some either rich or have ambition. Nothing wrong with that really just makes your search alot harder since those guys tend to play around since they have money and power.

        Best of luck finding one.

      22. Men have money and power go for beautiful, hot, sexy woman. I’m sorry to dissapointed you, if you just a normal average looking woman, what make you think a RICH man will go after you out of all the Poll of hot women out there for him to choose.
        I also wish you good luck.
        Like I said above, women should get a job, support themselves first and then find a mate. At least there is something she can fall back on when her husband left her.
        And poor/average men not likely left their wife, 1) They poor, no girls want them. 2) They poor, they do not go to places to have chance to meet other women. All they do is go work and go home with their wife and kids. 3) Again, they poor, they are damn happy that they have a wife willing to married them and stick with them, chances they left their wife, not likely. Like you said, most people loves money so much, then girls will not go after my husband because he poor.

      23. Did I say I need a husband to provide for me? I just said I want my guy to be successful and ambitious. Doesn’t mean I just sit there and do nothing and be fed with money. Of course women are independent. But to say a sweeping statement that women in USA is independent is an insult to women in other countries. The last I check, women in USA tend to marry much earlier than those in Asia, and have children younger and remain as home maker. Would you like such a sweeping statement generalising a particular gender in a particular country?

        And I am not restricting myself. I am just merely stating my preference. In life of course who you end up with may be different who you think you should end up with. Doesn’t mean I can’t daydream a little. And I am not with anyone. I am not married, I have no kids, I work and I pay my own bills, and I am as Leilafan so love to proclaim, that sort of independent woman that you keep harping on. Doesn’t mean I wished to be married, but can’t a girl daydream? Sometimes I am dead tired from worrying about bills or being alone, can’t I daydream I have some rich prince charming scoop me up and carry me into the sunset? Does it mean I will? I don’t think so. I am those who rather earn my own living, live my own life. Marriage is to be optional, children is in the end probably optional too.

        And I repeat, a man who is dirt poor and useless doesn’t make him someone faithful. Who in the end you choose to be with and that man’s character is dependent on how you see that person and value yourself. Countless of poor stupid idiotic men who married good women also chase after other women. Maybe this phenomenon is rare in USA, but in Asia, it is a reality. Rich poor, smart stupid, professional or blue collar worker, they’re in the end men. So to say only the rich cheats and the poor or ordinary remains faithful is a delusional statement.

        And seriously, maybe you can survive on that sort of money, and good for you, but don’t belittle those who can’t. I applaud those with a bit of ambition, and I detest women who lives on men, like some parasite, as do some men do with their women, but in the end, every situation is different. Being a home maker doesn’t make you a parasite. It depends on the circumstances. Have seen women who took good care of home, never worked, dedicated mom, so are they parasites just because they don’t contribute monetary wise? Contribution can be from other things. Widen your perspective as I shall widen my search.

        But I shall never ever marry beneath me unless there is some compatibility thing. I am looking more for potential than just mere success but at my age, I hardly have any time to wait for my man to be successful (possibly a toyboy!), hence my choice of someone already successful.

      24. “Like you said, most people loves money so much, then girls will not go after my husband because he poor.”

        You’re wrong. SOme women go for less successful man or any man because it is a challenge, especially those happily married. Some women are vicious, they like a good challenge and to get that sort of men who are faithful to their wives and good provider, that is to some the ultimate. Any woman would want a good man. Irony is if that good man leaves his wife and children for that other woman, doesn’t that make him NOT a good man?

      25. exoidus, don’t settle for less unless you’ve exhausted your search. And if you do in the end settle for less, don’t when you come across someone better, you kick that current man to the gutter. My philosophy in love is never break someone’s heart if you do not wish to have heart broken the same way.

      26. @Funn

        well you might not know if but if you meet someone that you are more attracted to then you will just start making excuses that you are not compatiable with your current bf or start getting irritated by the smallest stuff just to make a excuse to breakup

      27. @ Leilafan

        Why do you look down on housewives and homemakers? Some women choose to stay at home to provide full time care for her children and manage the home well for her husband. These women are not inferior to women who decide to keep their job and continue working after marriage.

      28. @ Leilafan

        “And poor/average men not likely left their wife, 1)… 2).. 3) ..Like you said, most people loves money so much, then girls will not go after my husband because he poor.

        So, your confidence in your husband’s faithfulness is solely based on him being poor?

      29. I do not look down on women who stay home. But I said as women in this 21st century, we should have a job as a back up for ourself. I don’t like to be dependent on anyone, even if my husband left me, at least I won’t died without him, I still have my job, make my own money and support my ownself.

      30. No, but I was giving an examples of rich men and poor men. Rich men have more money, more option to choose, they go out and meet more people.
        Poor men do not have the money resources to go to places, so the chance of them met women is smaller. And usually if women going to be a mistress, they choose a rich men to be mistress. They not likely chooose a poor man who cannot buy them stuff to be mistress.
        Look at the statistic of men have mistress, they mostly rich men.

      31. LeilaFan, come on seriously now, would you date someone who earn less then you and you were the one who had to carry the burden financially? I’m from Australia, working just like you but I would want my man to earn the same salary, if not more. Money can get you things, money pays the bills….Struggling to makes ends meet does not make a person happy and if you believe it does then you are living in a fantasy world. If you ask strangers, if they want to be rich or poor, hmmm now, I wonder what the answer would be? RICCHHHHHHHHHHHH

      32. Well Said Funn! Everyone has different standards of living… one woman should not condemn another just b/c she wants to have a better life for herself and her children.

        What you list is here is the most basic standards of living…I want my children to have more opportunities than I did growing… w/ music lessons, sports, tutoring, etc, etc. I grew up in a home where we always had to worry about money, and sometimes that is just not healthy for a child to have to worry w/ her parents about how to pay for new glasses or have her cavity fill.

        Besides, I think most of us here are not looking for millionaires, we are just looking for men who are equally as ambitious as ourselves… and there isn’t anything wrong w/ that.

        Besides, marrying a poor man b/c you think he has a lesser chance of cheating on you is just a bad reason to marry someone. I know plenty of educated young men who have high moral standards who would not cheat on their significant others.

      33. @Sammie, “LeilaFan, come on seriously now, would you date someone who earn less then you and you were the one who had to carry the burden financially? … If you ask strangers, if they want to be rich or poor, hmmm now, I wonder what the answer would be? RICCHHHHHHHHHHHH”

        Um .. there’s nothing wrong with making more than your husband. I do not mind carrying the financial burden as long as he compensates my insecurity in other ways.

        There’s no struggle if people spend on what they can afford. Not everyone wants to be rich… I don’t care to be rich but I strive for financial security.

        And to whoever saying s/he wants to do this and that for the kids … My future kids won’t have to take music lessons or do everything I wanted as a kid. I turned out perfectly fine and I came from a very humble family. I’m so sick of people telling me how much they want to give to their kids when they neglect the most basic elements.

      34. @Jydy, I already answer all this questions in my post, I don’t like repeating myself. Maybe you should read what I write in other posts before to get your answer.
        Yes, I don’t mind date a man make less than me.
        And I married my husband because he is a great husband who loves me, cooks for me, even do the housework around the house after a day of coming back from work tiring. Sure, he is poor, but that doesn’t matter, because he can provide me things others men cannot.
        I write a comparision between rich men and poor . Maybe you should re-read this part I wrote: “I was giving an examples of rich men and poor men. Rich men have more money, more option to choose, they go out and meet more people.
        Poor men do not have the money resources to go to places, so the chance of them met women is smaller. And usually if women going to be a mistress, they choose a rich men to be mistress. They not likely chooose a poor man who cannot buy them stuff to be mistress.
        Look at the statistic of men have mistress, they mostly rich men.”
        I grow up a poor family worser than you, again maybe you should read my other post above. Married who ever you want Judy, that is your choice, here this is a dicussion topic, so we just write our opinions, you like it you read it, you don’t like it, leave it.

      35. Typo, post above write answer Sammie question about if I willing to date a man who make less than me. The answer one millions times will BE YES!!!!!!! I am willing to date a man who more poor than me, as long as he treats me and my family well.

      36. @LeilaFan… there were no questions in my post. Just stating my opinion… like you were.

      37. Overall, LeilaFan, I don’t find any clash between being independent/have a work and daydreamer of being a billionaire/live luxurious.

      38. ” I’m so sick of people telling me how much they want to give to their kids when they neglect the most basic elements.”

        I like this. 😀

      39. I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
        Buy all of the things I never had
        Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
        Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

        Oh every time I close my eyes
        I see my name in shining lights
        A different city every night oh
        I swear the world better prepare
        For when I’m a billionaire

        Yeah I would have a show like Oprah
        I would be the host of, everyday Christmas
        Give Travie a wish list
        I’d probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt
        And adopt a bunch of babies that ain’t never had sh-t
        Give away a few Mercedes like here lady have this
        And last but not least grant somebody their last wish
        Its been a couple months since I’ve single so
        You can call me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho
        Get it, hehe, I’d probably visit where Katrina hit
        And damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did
        Yeah can’t forget about me stupid
        Everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music

        Oh every time I close my eyes
        I see my name in shining lights
        A different city every night oh
        I swear the world better prepare
        For when I’m a billionaire
        Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire
        Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire

        I’ll be playing basketball with the President
        Dunking on his delegates
        Then I’ll compliment him on his political etiquette
        Toss a couple milli in the air just for the heck of it
        But keep the fives, twentys completely separate
        And yeah I’ll be in a whole new tax bracket
        We in recession but let me take a crack at it
        I’ll probably take whatevers left and just split it up
        So everybody that I love can have a couple bucks
        And not a single tummy around me would know what hungry was
        Eating good sleeping soundly
        I know we all have a similar dream
        Go in your pocket pull out your wallet
        And put it in the air and sing

        I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
        Buy all of the things I never had
        Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
        Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

        I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!

      40. Funn,
        “I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad”

        LOL, I can’t believe you wrote that! Hehe dreaming of the easy life without bills and standing atop the world? 🙂

        I do play the Mega Millions lottery once in awhile too….

      41. Jayne, I would have been a millionaire if I wrote that! Nahhhh, those are lyrics from Bruno Mars and somebody’s music and reflects how I feel. Got microphone? I could even sing and dance and shake and wail to that! I will pull a Gregory on that! But you won’t see me do a Shirley because I am not fake, I am real!

      42. Funn,
        I realize it is a song, hehe but for you to be singing the tune here made me laugh a good bit! I can imagine you can sing the song with attitude and conviction!

      43. Oh Jayne, no truer words than the ones in this lyrics. And when my favourite singer/actor marries, I shall be singing Tracks of My Tears. In fact when favourite Korean actor Jang Donggun married, I posted the lyrics to that song to my sis in email and back at home she said she never laughed so hard. You know what?

        This will be Gregory’s themesong! Or Shirley’s, depending on which camp you’re in.

        People say I’m the life of the party
        Cause I tell a joke or two
        Although I might be laughing loud and hearty
        Deep inside I’m blue
        So take a good look at my face
        You’ll see my smile looks out of place
        Just look closer, it’s easy to trace
        The tracks of my tears
        I need you, need you

        Since you left me if you see me with another girl
        Seeming like I’m having fun
        Although she may be cute she’s just a substitute
        ‘Cause you’re the permanent one

        Outside, I’m masquerading
        Inside, my hope is fading
        Just a clown, oh yeah since you put me down
        My smile is my make-up I wear since my break-up with you

      44. But oh Gregory, after all the tears, do heed the fine words of John Legend…

        It gets harder every day, but I can’t seem to shake the pain
        I’m trying to find the words to say, please stay
        It’s written all over my face, I can’t
        Function the same when you’re not here
        I’m calling your name but no one’s there
        And I hope one day you’ll see nobody has it easy,
        I still can’t believe you found somebody new
        But I wish you the best, I guess.
        ‘Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows
        How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt
        We’ve heard it all before, that everybody knows
        Just how to make it right, I wish we gave it one more try
        One more try
        One more try
        ‘Cause everybody knows, but nobody really knows

        I don’t care what the people say
        They brought it all in anyway
        Baby don’t fill up your head with he-said, she-said
        It seems like you just don’t know
        The radio’s on, you’re tuning me out,
        I’m trying to speak, you’re turning me down

        And I hope one day you’ll see nobody has it easy,
        I still can’t believe you found somebody new
        But I wish you the best, I guess.
        ‘Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows
        How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt
        We’ve heard it all before, that everybody knows
        Just how to make it right, I wish we gave it one more try
        One more try
        One more try
        One more try
        ‘Cause everybody knows, but nobody really knows

        Oh I wish you’d understand
        Oh, just an ordinary man
        Wish that we had known
        Everybody knows, but nobody really knows
        And I know one day you’ll see, nobody has it easy
        I still can’t believe you found somebody new
        I wish you the best, I guess.

        ‘Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows
        How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt
        We’ve heard it all before, that everybody knows
        Just how to make it right, I wish we gave it one more try
        One more try
        One more try
        One more try
        ‘Cause everybody knows, but nobody really knows

      45. Funn,
        Are you suggesting Gregory sing his heart out at karaoke to make his heart heal? Too many depressing love songs out there.

      46. Quite the contrary. I am saying the words reflect his feelings now and a possible feeling in future.

    3. @LeilaFan,

      “Look at the statistic of men have mistress, they mostly rich men.”

      These stats seems to come solely from TVB dramas. 😉

      It’s untrue that rich men cheat more than poor men. One of my sister’s friends parents are going through divorce now because the father has been cheating behind the wife’s back for a while. And they come from a lower-class family.

      1. Chriselle, your case is one case. There are many other case of rich men who cheats.
        I can say to you I know someone who are wealth off and cheat.
        Poor men work their butts off to make ends meet, not likely they will cheats. Again without money, what kind of girl would willing to be with them.
        My question to you is, ARE YOU WILLING TO CHEAT with a Poor Man who barely make ends meet? If your answer is No, then obviously rich men cheats more.
        Rich men having money will have more people interested in having affairs with them.
        They go to places more, know more people, meet more people also, more chances.And if you have money it’s easier to facilitate.

      2. @LeilaFan,

        Not saying that rich men don’t cheat at all. I’m sure both types cheat, but maybe not equally. I don’t know which type cheats more.

        I think a woman will be likely to cheat with a man (even knowing that he is married) when he wants the sex and when she needs the money. He doesn’t have to be filthy rich, just as long as he makes more than her, is willing to pay a part of her fees, and she would be willing to be with him.

        Haha… I can’t answer your answer about whether I’m willing to cheat with a poor man because I am not willing to cheat AT ALL.

        It’s true that the more places they go to they more likely they are to meet a mate, but it’s all a matter of who they meet. Rich men will probably meet more physically attractive partners while poor men will settle for someone less attractive? It there’s demand, there’s supply though the supply may not be the best, it doesn’t mean its non-existant.

    4. LeilaFan,
      Even men who are moderate earners can keep mistresses. It really depends on the woman’s situation and if she were in the arrangement for money, how quickly she is willing to barter her body for money. Perhaps all she is looking for is a man to pay her rent and perhaps pay give her a little money on the side. I know of a woman who had her own job and did not have legal resident status. She was the mistress to a man who was a construction worker. His wife was overseas.

      Also cheating does not necessarily entail keeping a mistress. Having an interlude with a prostitute may not be necessarily expensive, especially with women who do not have legal status in the country.

      Even the poorest villages in China have prostitution halls. While the men, both married and unmarried, are not well off, they manage to pool together money for a visit. When a man feels the urge for sex, similar to a gambling addict, he will find money to pay for his interests.

      Regarding money, I share similar values as you. Our family came from a very poor village in China and we did grow up with very little money. Many dinner discussions were about money and making ends meet during my childhood. My parents made very little money, well below the US poverty level. Many immigrants started out with similar experiences in a new country. I worked in a garment factory when I was a little kid. Such experiences only made us stronger, value what we have right now, and be more money-wise.

  9. Andy and Shirley are perfect for each other…..

    He’s the controlling type and will always be wondering if she’ll cuckold him in the relationship/marriage

    She’ll no doubt stay true, now that she got what she wanted. But his controlling manner will eventually stifle her and she will either be (a) miserable and take it for the rest of her life, and/or (b) start to look for outside meals.

    Either way, they thoroughly deserve one another. A relationship forged in deception is not stable and will not last.

    1. I really hope he won’t get tired of Shirley. Looking at the way he won over Shirley, i.e. the strategy, the persistence, the control, Shirley will ‘die very pitifully’ if he decide to get rid of her.

  10. Ah well..let’s see what “the other truth” is. Man, another drama enfolds in the city that never sleep

  11. he’ll get over it. Within a year or so, he probably will date another girl. Sometimes it’s not meant to be then it’s not. In some way i think Gregory is a bit in dramatic side. It made a big headline because in the relationship the girl’s cheating and get pregnant. If you flip the other way around, Guy in relationship, cheated and make another girl pregnant probably it won’t make such a big headline. (ie: derek kwok for example).

      1. Rumor has it he cheated on Joyce Tang and became a father to some mainland (i think?) woman’s child.

      2. Joyce Tang and Derek both denied that they have relationship. Then how can he cheat her?

        He is father of a mainland woman’s child and he got married with her. Then why it’s cheat?

      3. Derek Kwok did not cheat when he was dating Joyce. Derek reconciliation with his ex-wife (a mainlander). Derek and she did get married and they have a daughter, what ever reason they did get divorce, but now they reconciliation. Many married couple, divorce or seperated and then get back together. Derek have a daughter with his ex-wife, so ofcourse his daughter is more important than his girlfriend at the time (Joyce). I feel that Derek get back with his wife for his daughter.
        Now, Marco is bad. Dating Joyce so long but dump Joyce for another woman in China who is age 20-21 at the time, but Marco did married her and now they have 1 child.

      4. The mother of Derek’s daughter isn’t his ex-wife. Derek dated Joyce or not, it’s a secret.

    1. Fox, please check your source again. I am quite sure the 9 months old daughter mother is Derek ex-wife, she bring the daughter to Hong Kong as they obtaining HK citizenship through Derek. I read this news before. The news clearly said that Derek have gotten back together with his ex-wife and even has a 9 month year old daughter.

      1. I can sure with you that the current mother of his daughter isn’t his first wife.

  12. That Andy, what a jerk! She is single, of course anyone can woo her, but to do so publicly is the act of a jerk. Shirley be careful who you choose to spend the rest of your life with; if he can snatch someone’s girlfriend so thoughtlessly he can certainly dump you for a young girl in future. I have never ever read such jerk comments before. Gregory sounds like a gentleman and I think he lost because he was complacent. But Gregory, it is HER loss. No doubt a good man will have many many prettier girls circling you. When he is out of his denial, I am sure he will be angry and then he will see there are better trees in the forest.

    Jayne, is there any negative comments left for Andy after his selfish thoughtless declaration? Why not translate those to balance out the mushiness? I am sure there are those who posted in his weibo with negative comments.

    1. It’s interesting to see the words Andy used. He describe Greg as a weakling. He seems to think of this as a competition and he is the strong victor and Greg the weak loser.

      I can see him as someone very focus and a go getter. Someone who will not give up until he reach his goal. Very competitive. Also go great planner. All recipe of success in life and career. 😀

      But, like I said earlier. If he’s tired of Shirley one day, don’t know what he will do. Or worse, if Shirley want to leave him one day?

      1. No doubt. All successful men are driven, ambitious, a go getter, competetive. Question is what happens after the competition? Will she be as attractive as she was during the competition? Is her attraction is on the fact that she was unavailable? I have no doubt he is successful because of the way he goes about things. But doesn’t make his less of a jerk and more likable. It is this sort of man that makes me feel very little attraction to. How heartless, how careless, how callous, still a jerk.

      2. If Andy is tired of Shirley, she will go back to Gregory and if there’s a kid in tow, that will be a big story in future!

    2. His comments seem to indicate that he sees Shirley as a “prize” that has been won. I wonder… now that there is no longer competition, how long will his interest last w/ Shirley?

      1. somehow this reminds me of Butterfly Lovers with Dong Jie and Peter Ho. Ma Wen Cai being the third party guy who thought he matched better with YingTai. of course, YingTai was smart and choice the more decent, kind, and compassionate man rather than the overly ambitious, bullying, stepping over others kind of guy(though the actor who played the bad guy put up a good performance.) MWC was full of tricks YingTai saw through most of it. there being true love, YT never wanted to abandon LSB. its just too bad Shirley fell for the sneaky guy’s tricks here.

      2. she also didn’t have Greggory in mind that much if she could sleep with another man in her moment of “weakness.”

      3. Her “moment of weakness” lasted around a year, if we are to believe the dailies….. She’s been MIGHTY weak.

  13. I read the comments in the chinese article.
    The thinking is so different from here. A lot of comments supported Shirley and criticised Greg.

    1. I am on Shirley’s side.

      The selection of translated articles are rather bias in my opinion. I’ve read several other chinese written articles on this and I’ve concluded Shirley is not the bia people on JayneStars are making her.

      1. Pandamao,
        Perhaps the source of most of the Shirley articles came from Orientaldaily and Hong Kong tabloid magazines, which did assume an early stance against her. The majority of Chinese articles are bias towards Shirley, so it influences the resulting translated articles on this site as well.

        Do you have links of any articles that sounded more neutral towards Shirley’s side of the story? I don’t think I have come across any articles that were actually neutral in tone. The Scoop was the perfect platform for Shirley to tell her side of the story since it was TVB owned and there would not be any twisting of her words against her. People’s stance on the incident were formed by the statements the viewer wanted to focus on and the resulting interpretation.

  14. I think Gregory should just let go and let live, it doesn’t seem like Shirley would be stepping up with any explanations to give Gregory closure.

    Furthermore, I doubt Shirley will ever return to TVB, can’t imagine what might happen to her if she accidentally bumped into Gregory’s father back in TVB.

    And whatever happened to the “I still love you” message that Shirley sent to Gregory after the scandal broke out, according to Gregory and his brother?

    Gregory also seemed to be inconsistent since as Jayne has pointed out above, Gregory claimed that he only received text message from Shirley AFTER her public announcement, implying that there no prior conversations regarding the breakup. However, based on earlier reports, Gregory said that Shirley told him she was pregnant and asked to break up BEFORE the announcement. Hmm…wonder why?

    “Last week, Shirley’s new boyfriend, Andy Ng, sent a text message to Gregory, “Thank you for taking care of Shirley for so many years. In the future, I will treat her very well, love and care for her. I hope that you will wish us grow old together in happiness.””

    I don’t really know whether his true intent was purely to get Gregory’s blessings or not but judging from this text, it just gives me a bad impression that this Andy seemed to be a despicable man, sending this to a Gregory when you have already snatched his girlfriend away and through supposedly devious means too?

    It’s sounded like you were flaunting your victory in front of this bloke and then rubbing salt into his wound manx, not cool dude!

    All in all, I think Gregory should just move on manx, there’s more to life than romance! Besides, if a woman is truly in love with you, nothing can keep her away but if a woman is no longer in love with you, nothing can make her stay (:

    1. Oops sorry, posted to the wrong article! Will repost my comments to the right one! 😡

  15. i got the feeling that the Andy guy was pursuing her because he couldn’t have her and he might have liked the challenge. Now that he has her he will be bored to dumped her after giving birth and a court battle will follow over the custody right over the baby hehe.

    1. Well, that’s Shirley’s fault. No one’s to be blamed, but herself. She gave in to temptation. She should’ve known that a guy who pursues her while she’s still in a relationship is not a very nice guy.

    2. Shirley dig her own grave. Andy can pursue her and be the bad guy but Shirley also willingly jump into the infidelity with Andy

    1. A HKer told me that the car parking fee in HK a year is more than the budget for a kid to study in US for a year.

      1. Well government impose certain things to control demand/supply.

        I wouldn’t really take owning a car in HK being expensive as a way to measure the living standard in HK.

    2. Kidd, living expenses in HK is very very very very high, which is why they earn a lot, because the expenses is a lot. A wantan me can be about RM12-RM15, or more. HKD10,000 is very very low salary.

      1. so what the average salary in HK? Always had the impression that the living cost in HK was ok excluding housing.

      2. For the average graduate in HK, they can get probably 15000 – 20000 HKD.

        10000 HKD is very low, their transport is cheap, cars are cheap but parking and petrol is expensive since land is a scarcity there hence the high rise buildings.

        Their food prices are quite ok to me though just have to know where to eat.

      3. You can refer here

        Put it this way. The numbers may look big, but the rental itself will kill you. Food to me is like Malaysia on the above average price. I can’t help but think in terms of Malaysia when I see HK food and to me, hk food is priced reasonably. It’s the taxi, the rental, the petrol, those will kill.

      4. Living in HK comfortably (and the emphasis here is on the word comfortably) requires a salary of around HKD30-50k especially if you’re not living with your parents. Even then, expect to find a place in Sha Tin or somewhere really out of the way.

        My wife and I had 2 bowls of fishball/cuttleball noodles and a vegetable dish in Mongkok back in March. Cost us around HKD90 (roughly translated into RM36 at today’s exchange rate). That’s how expensive HK is.

        BTW, I actually know of someone who made it as a millionaire in HK by buying individual carparks and renting them out.

      5. Which is RM18 per bowl plus condiments which is on the higher end of price BUT still reasonable even by Malaysian standard where everything is going higher end these days.

        I was pretty shocked to see petrol station on the ground floor of a building, so I am not surprised space is such a commodity that someone can be rich renting parking space. What’s the parking rate there per day? Ours is RM8 to RM10 per day in central KL and that is ridiculous.

      6. @ Funn

        “Which is RM18 per bowl plus condiments which is on the higher end of price BUT still reasonable even by Malaysian standard”

        It’s still not reasonable by Malaysia standard. Food prices might have increased in Malaysia, but, a bowl of fishball noodle still does not cost RM18 unless you go to some high class restaurant/shop where beside the food you also pay for the air-con, rental and deco.

      7. I am talking about those higher end eatery we see everywhere these days, and one bowl plus extras, and tax plus drink, that’s the price in KL.

      8. @Rambling Mind: that expensive? My meal in HK never passed $HK40 per meal. Maybe you ate in an expensive place?

      9. Usual eatery is around HKD40, depending on what you’re eating. Porridge I notice tends to be expensive, even in food court. But you know, the price may seem scary compared to Malaysia, but their portion is twice our size, char siew rice especially which comes with big bowl of soup, iced lemon tea (the best ever!) and so much rice, full to the brim plus so much char siew all thick! About HKD25 I believe. For me, a good price.

  16. I just hope that one day Andy dumps Shirley Yeung and in such a way that would embarrass her, just the way she treated Gregory. Yes, definitely what goes around comes around. There are sometimes justice in the world – although not always. She has only finished with Gregory because Andy has a lot, lot more money. She would not have finished with Gregory if Andy was just an ordinary person earning a normal/average wage. She is nothing but a greedy, selfish little liar and a gold digger too.

  17. Andy’s a tool and Shirley is selfish. They deserve each other. Hang in there, Greg! Here’s to you getting the last laugh.

  18. Original article:

    Headline: “Shock-mouthed Shirley  enlightens the spilt in an exclusive interview with TVB’s “Scoop””

    After Shirley Yeung’s one-sided announcement on breaking up with her boyfriend of 9 years, Gregory Lee, her image had been burdened by the scandal.

    Accepting an interview with TVB’s “Scoop”, Shirley’s face was drenched with tears, explaining the rumors, Shirley reiterated that since last year, cracks had started appearing in her relationship with Gregory. 

    Asked exactly when did the formal broke up happened, Shirley fumbled that it was during the month of February – March when she formally moved out of the condominium. 

    When questioned why did she still turned up at Gregory’s birthday party last month, even though they had already broke up, Shirley explained, “Our common friends had all turned up. Gregory really wanted me to be there. As a friend, although we have broke up, still hope for happy days to appear.” 

    Regarding the rumors about their initial plan to get married, Shirley said with her shocked mouth that they was no such thing and also denied being pregnant. 

    Not too sure what is “口震震” but I translated it as “shock-mouthed” and translated “唔想佢咁開心的日子唔出現” as “still hope for happy days to appear.”

    1. @Jayne:

      Hi Jayne, I have emailed you the translation for an article which provided a new lead on the identity of Shirley’s newfound lover, Andy!

      Hope you have received it! Do check your inbox k! Thank you! (:

    2. *Oops I meant “when did the formal break up” and not “when did the formal broke up”! Sorry about that, too sleepy! 😛

  19. I think this might be Shirley trying to do damage-control to her image :/

    1. referring to the article above my comment ^

  20. I feel that is getting even more scandalous then Nic and Cecilia’s case….

  21. one is certainly a sick, sad, and lowly man in my book to deliberately go after a woman he knew was in a deep relationship with another man already. ethics and morals makes me respect a person more than being rich and successful who lacked basic decency. maybe because he is ambitious all his life, therefore he go all out to pursue whoever he wanted, even if that woman was not a free woman. Andy’s past relationships must of failed, that is why he is still available to go after and impregnate Shirley. hope Shirley did not choose the wrong man. only she would know down the road.

    one of the saddest things to see. its devastating only because Greg and Shirley has been together so long. as an outsider, it doesnt look right and even insiders doesnt help as it only confirms the worst suspicions.

  22. You right ohno, morals, ethics, dignity, your family face is more important. In life if you stupid, you pay your price. If you smart and choose well, you will benefits. All the consequences are you to pay.
    Choose well here is not choose someone rich but have a bad personality and go have “ernai” behind their wife back. Choose well here is choose someone who willing to stick with you through the bad times and will not abandon you.
    The greatest accomplishment of a woman is have a husband who loves you, a family full with happiness and laughters, and have the in-laws understanding and get along.
    I really wonder how does Shirley’s mother and father thinks about all this.

  23. Andy started “wooing” her even when he knows she has a boyfriend. Who is it to say that he won’t do the same with other girls during his own relationship.

    Maybe Shirley needs to think more than just about the money Andy has.

  24. What kind of a man would even ask a girl out knowing that she already has a boyfriend. Definitely someone who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “morals”. This Andy person certainly doesn’t. I bet all the money in the world Shirley Yeung would not even glance at him if he was just a normal person, earning an average wage. This sounds terrible but I would “eat my hat” if this new relationship lasts!! She’ll go off with the next available guy so long as he is rich of course!!!

    1. Since we are speaking on “morals” and dignity here and everyone seems to loathe this Andy (including me) for snatching another man’s gf, does anyone here believe that morals isn’t important? An explanation following your answer would be much appreciated. 😀

      1. I do not loath him for snatching another man’s gf, all is fair in love and war. But what I loath is him gloating about it, rubbing salt into wound, like some victorious conquests when human emotions are involved. Morals is important, but love isn’t about morals, but what you do when you got what you wants reflects on your personality, attitude and person in general. I wouldn’t say he was immoral. She was and still is unmarried, and even if she is married, again love is love. But to go posting all those stuff in Weibo, declaring to the world what you did and do so proudly without any care for other people’s feelings is to me an act of a very pompous idiotic selfish man. If you care nothing for your reputation, at least have a care for her reputation. Look what Shirley has to do now; interviews, lies, pretending to be sorry, etc and we fans of TVB seems to suspect otherwise. Look at gregory, already he was shocked and in denial, now he had to read the victor’s blow by blow on how he intend to care for his newfound love.

        Have a bit of compassion. if not, a bit of manners. If that you can’t even give, a bit of tact. If no tact at all, what more can I say? He is to be loathed. Some people just deserve all the hate.

  25. You right! A person with dignity and morals would not get involve with someone who are already in a long term relationship or someone who is a fiance of somebody.
    I sure if anyone here who have boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife would NOT like it if others girls/boys ask their spouse/partner out.
    Bottom line is don’t do something that you don’t like others do to you. If a woman can leave her partner for another man, who guarantee that in the future she won’t leave again for someone else.

    1. @LeilaFan, Agree completely. This actually reminds me of Michelle Reis when some people here were saying that she had a past of snatching other women’s husband/boyfriend and that what comes around goes around.

      I believe that if Shirley left Gregory for Andy, then Andy also needs to watch out because she is capable of doing the same to him. (However, there’s still a part of me that Shirley left Gregory for a good reason and I do believe that she still loves him. After all, they have been together for 9 years.) It’s horrible to be with a partner who lacks morals and dignity.

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