Song Joong Ki Hasn’t Aged Since His College Days

Korean drama Vincenzo has Song Joong Ki starring as a cold and calculative mafia lawyer. Despite his new image that is vastly different from his previous works, the 37-year-old actor is known for his “baby face” which has not aged since his college days.

Vincenzo opened with a viewership rating of 7.6 percent, and was ranked as the third most watched drama premiere in South Korean entertainment network TvN. Viewers are captivated by Joong Ki’s character who is not only intelligent and strong, but is also difficult to read behind his poker face. Complimenting Joong Ki’s charisma, his character is often decked out in expensive suits and accessories.

Long recognized for his good looks prior to his acting debut, Joong Ki was named as the most handsome student on his college campus. Many girls would secretly try to take his pictures, when he is taking a break in the classroom or making a speech on stage.

His college photos show that Joong Ki’s looks are all natural and he already had a fit body back then. As he is very photogenic, he does not have a single bad photo.

Aside from being the campus heartthrob, Joong Ki was a diligent student and excelled in his studies. Ranked as the nation’s top 10 students based on scoring 380 points out of 400 in his college entrance exam, he was admitted to one of the top universities in South Korea, Sungkyunkwan University. While Joong Ki graduated with a degree in business administration, his minor in broadcasting helped him pursue his passion in the entertainment industry.

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  1. 37? Wow!! He does have a baby face and still prob can play college students if need be.

    1. @msxie0714
      35 is usually when age starts showing…. not jinxing him but just wait a couple more years, there’s nothing such as eternal youth for anyone.

      1. @m0m0 44 year old Wang Leehom hardly looks his age. On the average, 40 year old Asians look younger than their white counterparts of similar age.

  2. He looks like he lost some baby fat which is a shame because that baby fat made him look more youthful. Now he’s too skinny…loved him as the wolf boy (he was so adorable.)

  3. I would argue that he’s at the age where lotsa men who stay fit start looking their best—the mid to late 30s. To me, he’s never looked better than in Vincenzo. The suits help.

    Once you hit your 30 some of us def start loosing collagen in the face, but by no means does that mean we’re no longer youthful! lol. If you’ve get a legit babyface (proportions of face, not just fat), then you can look young for a long time (i’m thinking of Jang Nara too).

    1. @iampheng but women actually look more youthful if they have some babyfat on their faces…once they slim down, then it ages them. Losing babyfat doesn’t make them old though, just not as fresh looking, like you said.

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