Sonija Kwok Moves to New House to Change Her Bad Luck

By on April 24, 2009 in Hot Gossip!, NEWS

Last month, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei was bitten on the arm by her mentally disturbed maid in her apartment. Sonija entered the hospital to treat the bloody wound. Reporters spotted Sonija in the midst of moving to a new apartment. Vowing not to hire another maid again, Sonija and her mother have taken it upon themselves to move their possessions to the new home. Taking two weeks off from work, Sonija was seen moving a mop and other household possessions.

For the last several years, Sonija and her mother have resided in the Western Prince Ave. area. However, this apartment have brought upon bad luck, especially last month when Sonija’s arm was bit by her maid. Allegedly, Sonija’s new home is a 1,000 sq ft apartment located in Clearwater Bay; the monthly rent is $10k (HKD).

Arm Bruises Still Apparent

The day before, Sonija was spotted driving her mother to the new house in her Mercedes Benz car. The pair put clothing and cleaning supplies in the car trunk. In a mental breakdown, Sonija’s former home attendant bit Sonija’s arm and left a scar which has not completely healed yet. After the incident, Sonija vowed she will not hire another home attendant. Spotted wearing a T-shirt and jeans, with no make-up on, Sonija carried a mop and water bucket to her car. Since they will be moving into their new home, mother and daughter could not suppress their joy. However, upon discovering reporters, they left hurriedly.

Sonija Does Not Believe in Feng Shui

Reporters asked Sonija if she was moving to the new home due to better feng shui? Sonija admitted that she was moving, but it was not due to feng shui reasons. “The rental lease agreement for our old apartment has already expired. I do not believe in feng shui. The water view is beautiful in the new apartment, so it would make one’s spirits brighter just looking at the scenery.”

Without the assistance of a maid, Sonija and her mother had to handle moving matters themselves. “In the last few days, I have been busy in the selection of a new rental apartment. In the past, I did not handle too many household chores, thus it has been challenging, but rewarding at the same time.”

Why did Sonija decide to move to Tseung Kwan O? “It would be easier to get to work. Without the assistance of a maid, it would be easier for my mom to take care of me if I lived closer to my work location.”


Jayne: Sonija’s monthly rental fee for her new apartment doesn’t sound too expensive. Comparable to New York City rents. In fact, Sonija’s may even be cheaper and it comes with a water view. Was a little surprised that she still rents and can not afford to purchase her own home even after being in the industry for so many years.

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