Sonija Kwok’s Arm Bit by Crazed Maid

By on March 24, 2009 in NEWS, Scandals

Sonija Kwok and her mother were attacked by their Indonesian domestic helper at their Prince Edward Road West home. Sonija’s arm was bitten by the maid, leaving a bloody wound.

The maid was distraught due to a failed romantic relationship. Yesterday, she started crying loudly and throwing things at Sonija’s home. When Sonija called the police, the maid was pulling Sonija’s hair and biting her left forearm for more than 5 minutes. Sonija’s mother tried to wrestle off the maid and the three women became entangled together.

Fortunately, the police arrived and was able to control the distraught maid. Sonija was sent to the hospital to treat her wound and waslater discharged. Large pieces of adhesive tape were affixed to the wound since it was still seeping blood.

Yesterday afternoon, Sonija returned to TVB to film. Accompanied by TVB executive, Virginia Lok, Sonija explained the domestic attack incident. Sonija said she would not press criminal charges against the maid, but her agent requested to terminate the maid’s contract. A letter would be sent to the Labor Department and the Immigration Department to record the incident.

Sonija revealed that about 10 months ago, the 24-year-old maid, suddenly became emotionally wrought. In the past, she had always performed well. When the maid attacked Sonija, she turned into another person completely. After attacking Sonija, the maid was sent to Kwai Chung Hospital, where she also bit the nurses. After this incident, Sonija’s confidence in employing foreign domestic helpers may lessen.

At 9 AM in the morning, Sonija was awakened by her maid’s sobbing. The maid sat on the sofa and repeated to herself, “I don’t know what happened to me!” Sonija approached to offer comfort; the maids showed her a mobile text message on her cell phone, “I no longer want to see you.” The maid tried to dial a number repeatedly, but was unable to get through. She broke down and started crying.

When Sonija embraced the maid to offer comfort, the maid said, “You are so nice.” The maid rushed into the kitchen and pressed a knife to her own neck, while ordering Sonija to go change her make-up. Although Sonija was alarmed, she remained calm and persuaded her to lay down the knife. Sonija’s mother put the kitchen knife safely out of reach. For safety reasons, Sonija and her mother went out to the living room to call the police immediately.

During the call to the police, the maid dashed forward and forcibly pulled Sonija’s hair. She bit into Sonija’s left forearm. Sonija said that maid bit her arm more than five minutes. Sonija was afraid that the flesh would be pulled off her arm. When the police rang the doorbell, Sonija wrestled off the maid and unlocked the door. Both Sonija and the maid were rushed to the hospital.

Sonija was born in Hong Kong and graduated from Vancouver University, majoring in Psychology and Economics. Competing in the 1999 Miss Hong Kong pageant, she won the title crown, along with the “Most Photogenic,” “Miss International Goodwill” and “Intelligent Miss Millennium” awards. She also won the 2000 Miss International Chinese title and signed with TVB afterwards, joining the entertainment business. Over the last several years, she has generated rumors with her co-stars Deric Wan, Joe Ma, and Michael Tao.

Article Source: Mingpao

Jayne: Due to Sonija’s recent negative press, TVB apparently did not want to have this dispute between Sonija and the maid to be misinterpreted by the press. Therefore, Virginia Lok initiated the press conference to make sure the details are explained properly. Otherwise, the tabloids may twist the details and again, portray Sonija in a negative light. The incident does seem crazy.

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