Stephy Tang Expands Beverage Business

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Stephy Tang Expands Beverage Business

Earlier, reports surfaced that Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) is ready to relocate to Taiwan and marry Prince Chiu (邱勝翊) as she was sighted looking at various properties. But the 35-year-old singer/ actress said that it was all for her expanding beverage business.

Last October, Stephy invested in a bubble tea shop in Taipei and business is doing very well. She said, “We do welcome franchising. Right now, we’re looking for a place for an additional location. I’m hoping to open a store in [Hong Kong] this year too. The market will always be competitive, so I need to find a special location. Although I’ve used a lot of my own personal resources and it’s been a little difficult, I really hope to succeed.”

While growing her bubble tea business, Stephy has been spending an increasing amount of time in Taiwan, which also allows her to spend more time with Prince, whom she started dating last year. Denying that she’s looking for a house in Taiwan to get married, Stephy exclaimed, “Not that early yet! I’m not too familiar with Taiwan. I’m only looking around because I want to see where which areas are more populated and where my store will draw a bigger crowd. I wasn’t actually looking at houses.” Asked if she would invest in properties there, Stephy replied, “I haven’t actually thought about it but I do see some news about their housing market because I’m curious and would read them.”

For the Lunar New Year holiday, Stephy disclosed that she and Prince will be taking a vacation together. But she will observe the traditional New Year festivities with her family first. Asked if Prince will visit her parents, Stephy said, “We’ll see if time permits!”


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Stephy Tang Expands Beverage Business

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