Still in USA After Giving Birth, Zhang Ziyi is Concerned about Coronavirus Outbreak

Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and her husband, Wang Feng (汪峰), welcomed the New Year with the birth of their son earlier in January. Choosing again to give birth in California as she did so in 2015 for her first child, Ziyi is currently still resting in the United States due to her one-month postpartum confinement period. The 40-year-old actress is very concerned about the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, especially after China decided to lockdown the city.

To spread hygienic awareness, Ziyi posted a short video clip online that emphasized the importance of washing your hands thoroughly. She further thanked medical staff on their hard work and efforts, writing, “I salute those medical professionals and researchers working on the front line. We must do our part and start making improvements also. We must work hard together. The earlier we beat this virus, the earlier we will win this battle! Let’s work hard and add oil together!”

Wang Feng also posted in support of efforts to control the outbreak. As opposed to his wife’s method of strategic actions to stay healthy and promote hygiene, Wang Feng instead chose a few songs to motivate his followers, including the song “Heal the World” by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as well as one of Wang Feng’s own songs, “Forever”.

He wrote, “The sudden onset of pneumonia, a new type of coronavirus infection like SARS, is spreading. The spread of his new coronavirus and its impact and harm on human lives has once again made every Chinese person worried. At this moment, there seems to be nothing more important than facing this with courage and overcoming this disaster together. These past two days, I searched through a lot of songs that have given people deep comfort and great courage during times of crisis. I have compiled a few songs that have spoken to me the most and wanted to share them with everyone in the face of this disaster.”


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    1. @hohliu
      To be fair whenever an issue with China pops up she is the first to post something to support the country. If anyone posts something negative about China, she is also first to lead a boycott. She does the frontal act to ‘prove’ her patriotism very well…

      1. @jimmyszeto when she was in hollywood, she turned her back on china and as a result, china turned its back on her. it took her many years to build her reputation back and the only way to do that was to show patriotism. is she a hypocrite? yea, but given the circumstances (i.e., the source of her livelihood), she can’t offend the PRC.

      2. @coralie I believe the government will make it harder for theses foreigners or Flight jumpers to get working Visa in future. PRC will rather support the royal locals.

      3. @hohliu
        The foreigners will always find a way. Maybe i’m biased from fuming that plenty of Chinese have sneaked into England, had many children, grabbed as many monetary Govt benefits as possible, opened businesses quietly without paying tax and overall income far more than mine who just works a normal job but have to pay huge percentage of tax once passing certain income thresholds….

      4. @jimmyszeto
        I know what you mean as that happens in California a lot too which is where ZYZ gave birth. It hits closer to home for us and I hope the US and other countries put a stop to all these anchor babies.

      5. @hohliu
        And look at all the jumping to support China in social media at every opportunity, blacklisting everything that remotely show a hint of negativity towards China. No individual opinions towards each issues, just full blanket wipeout on any nation/company with negativity towards China. Has a team around her to make sure she protects her earning potential in China. I’m not sure she will be the first one to volunteer to stay in China if a world war breaks out, I’ll tell you that much….

      6. @jimmyszeto Will since the outbreak of Wuhan Flu, we know she is staying away for a long time. Of course she baby is very precious…So are all those born now.

      7. @hohliu
        Nah, she will be very actively involved in the Wuhan flu campaign!! She will be releasing encouraging statements regularly on social media such as, ‘Please be safe!’, ‘I love China’, Add oil etr. sitting behind her computer safely in the US…..

      8. @orchid123 Well, her plan may backfire, as it was just in the news today that the first case of the Wuhan virus in California has been diagnosed in Orange County, which is the county ZZY is currently at (if I recall from the previous articles, she gave birth at a hospital in Irvine and was staying nearby there). And the person who was diagnosed apparently came from Wuhan and passed through the international terminal at LAX airport (which ZZY will need to pass through whenever she decides to return)…kind of ironic if you ask me…

      9. @llwy12

        Well I guess that shows that no one is 100% safe. Stay safe everyone and hope this virus will not spread anymore and be under control.

      10. @jimmyszeto LOL…maybe…we will have to see when the next article comes out (there seems to be at least one article about her per week), whether it says she is still in SoCal….

      11. @jimmyszeto

        Exactly and I bet you anything that she will be the first to leave China if a war broke out. She is already planning ahead by giving her children automatic citizenship. I find her such a bad hypocrite that just wants the best of both worlds.

    2. @hohliu
      Exactly and she is a total hypocrite that is trying to get the best of both worlds. She truly reminds me of those bad officials and eunuchs who just goes with whatever benefits them at the moments or turn of events as long as they get something positive from it even if it meant betraying someone or something. That is so sad and pathetic.

      I have heard that the Trump administration is going to make it a lot harder for all of this birth tourism stuff. It is about time and thank goodness because these things should not be allowed.

  1. ZZY is a gold digger and dated the old rich foreign man til he got rid of her.

    What a self serving entitled hypocrite couple. They should stay in China to birth their children.

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