Zhang Ziyi Awaits Birth in California

The actress looks relaxed as she awaits the arrival of her second child.

Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) earlier announced at the Tokyo International Film Festival that she was seven months pregnant. While there were rumors that she had given birth in United States on December 11, this was dispelled when her work studio later posted an update that the star was then nine months into her pregnancy, along with pictures of her working.

On December 19, netizens posted photos of the 40-year-old actress, who is currently waiting to give birth in Irvine, California. Walking with a group of friends, the actress spotted a visibly huge baby bump and was dressed in black maternity wear, a beige scarf, and sun hat while wearing flats. Her slim limbs and thin face displayed no signs of swelling at all. Strolling at a leisurely pace, Ziyi held her mobile phone close by, while there were no signs of her husband Wang Feng (汪峰) accompanying her.

As Ziyi was spotted in the same city where she delivered her first daughter, Wang Xingxing (汪醒醒), it is believed that she is preparing to give birth to her second child at the same facilities at Hoag Hospital in California. It is known that fees are not cheap for its maternity services, which charges around $13,500 USD for normal deliveries and $17,500 USD for Cesarean births. Adding on daily expenses and other charges, it is an expensive choice to give birth in the United States.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It’s so wrong that some of these wealthy celebrities choose to give birth to their children in US. They have plenty of money and they still want to be able to use the benefits of being US citizens for their children someday. They are so greedy. They are consider foreigners. We, the US tax payers have to pay a lot of taxes. Do they not understand that? It’s like everyone wants a piece of cake, but no one wants to chip in to pay for it. Of course eventually the money will run out someday. It’s sickening!

      1. @terrycrews19 … but these people don’t pay tax. Even if you count sales tax (when they buy daily things while in US), property tax (assume they bought a house in Cali), and tax on hospital bills, those are chump change compare to actual income tax, which they probably pay to China. While actual US joe smoe pays galore of income tax for same “US citizenship rights.”

      2. @jjwong As some one who lives and works in California and pays a boatload of taxes at both the federal and state levels, I’m especially pissed that rich celebrities like Zhang Ziyi just waltz in to give birth, then go back to their home countries and when their children are older, they can come enjoy all the benefits of being a U.S. citizen (and we as adult citizens are essentially paying for it through our taxes because usually these kids come here for school and either don’t work or work so little that it’s not enough to make a difference). It’s bad enough that California citizens already have to pay some of the highest taxes in the country due to our horribly inept local government’s corrupt practices….this just adds to the problem big-time!

      3. @llwy12 I hear you. It’s sad how the ones that pay more taxes (proportionally to the income) always get the short end of the stick.

      4. @llwy12
        I agree and my family are all on the same boat. We pay a lot of taxes in California but yet ZZY others are all having anchor babies hoping to get all of the benefits without contributing anything. That truly sickens me but yet some are defending them. I just do not get it. I once argued with another fan of Jimmy Lin who did the same thing and she defended him as she said that her aunt did the same thing. No wonder…. hey maybe those who are defending these people have family members and relatives who are doing the same thing? They think that it is ok since “ everyone else is doing it”. I find that sad and very shameful. Liu Tao did the same thing claiming she did it because China had the one child policy. Excuse after excuse…

      5. @hetieshou Exactly! What the laws say and how those laws are applied are 2 completely different things. Those of us who live and work here and experience this stuff day in and day out understand how it truly works, but I guess that counts for nothing, since people who don’t even live here will try to use what’s stated (or not stated) in the laws to justify their idols’ (or family’s or friends’) actions…I find it sad and shameful as well….

      6. @llwy12
        Yes but sadly many who do not live in California or pays taxes here just do not get it and are defending the things that these celebrities and others are doing like it is right. Sorry but just because it is not considered breaking the law means it is ok.

    1. @dramas4me On Wiki, it says the US is one of only 2 countries in the world to tax citizens who live in other countries (including babies born and don’t return).

      So doesnt that resolve the issue of what members claim about them not paying their share of taxes? Im not from US so not familiar with the systems. Please do enlighten me if this isnt the case.

      1. @megamiaow

        I heard about that but I truly wonder if they enforce that, especially if a person is just born in the US but never really lived there. For example, Peter Ho was born in the US in 1975 but I wonder if he ever truly lived in the US. Therefore, you truly wonder if he pays any taxes at all. However, if he wanted immigrate to America, he would get priority as he is a citizen that was born here.

      2. @megamiaow

        This is what I found and I’m wondering how effective are they enforcing it though? Every year we all required to file our income tax returns (federal) with this agency in USA. It depends where we live, we also file state’s tax also. We, the taxpayers know how painful it is to pay for the freeloaders – NO MATTER WHERE they came from.

        “If you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien, the rules for filing income, estate, and gift tax returns and paying estimated tax are generally the same whether you are in the United States or abroad. Your worldwide income is subject to U.S. income tax, regardless of where you reside.”


      3. @megamiaow They don’t really enforce it but even if they do, there is a threshold that renders the rule not applicable to most Americans. That rule is meant to prevent millionaires (like the Rupert Murdochs and Donald Trumps of the world) from trying to evade taxes by putting their money into foreign bank accounts…majority of Americans (like close to 99%)are never going to make the amount of money needed for that rule to apply to them (and the millionaires will always find other exemptions that will make that rule either not apply or insignificant)….

    2. @dramas4me I think they give birth in the US to give their child an option of living in the US for school or work in the future. But i think they still need to pay for medical bills if they give birth in US

      1. @luye

        Of course these FOREIGNERS moms HAVE to pay their own expenses to have their babies here in the USA. If we, the taxpayers have to pay for them also – we might as well just hand over ALL our earnings to them. To those commenters who don’t understand why, we, the taxpayers’ frustration. Try to think that you are the ones who are paying for their benefits. How do you feel about it?

      2. @dramas4me as a US taxpayer myself, i dont mind. As an American, I know what birthright citizenship is. Personally, I’m more concerned about the US mass incarceration issue because a lot of taxpayers money go to prisons.

  2. I too find such celebs hypocritical… On one hand they want to fully benefit the perks of being Chinese, one the other hand, they dont trust or like the Country enough remind on PRC. They take on Overseas citizenship and give birth elsewhere.

    1. @hohliu It’s not just celebrities. Even Mainlanders I meet in real life are the same. On one hand, they protest how much US is being nasty to China. On the other hand, they quickly ship their children to US for studies or give birth there to gain immediate US citizenship. I have learnt not to take Mainlanders seriously for a long time.

    2. @hohliu
      I agree and it is not just celebrities but regular citizens too. If they are so proud of being Chinese or whatever then why flock over to other countries to give birth just to get citizenship? The US needs to change their laws and not allow automatic citizenship just because anyone was born in the US. I remember this happening back then to a regular citizen so he tried to give the citizenship back for his son. However, the government said that the child should decide after he turned 18 if he should keep it or not.

      1. @hetieshou
        Aside from the tax and benefits discussion, I’m more for the moral and ethical aspect of the issue. zZY is literally buying a nationality for her child and one obviously she believes either elevates the status of herself and her child or will benefit them in the future. All this BS about jumping on brands immediately which insult China is also BS strategy to improve own position within the industry. Great patriotism in supporting own country in buying nationality in another as soon as it suits herself. One that is not on great terms with her own too. Well done her! I

      2. @jimmyszeto
        I totally agree and it reminds me of those who send their kids overseas to study but all they do is party. Then they just buy a fake degree to bring back to the it home country just to show off. How sad is that?

      3. @hetieshou
        Yes. I met lots of those in my time and also received money to check through essays. This is a lot more pre-planned though buying a nationality. It’s gives the child legitimacy at least on paper to fit into the American life or Chinese life whichever is more advantageous. This is crap loyalty at its best..

      4. @jimmyszeto
        Yes and I actually had a student that I tutored from Taiwan when I attended college who was born in Berkeley California. That was the first time that I learned about those anchor babies and wondered why and how they were allowed to do that? It is sad how someone has to buy a nationality like that. Don’t they feel ashamed?

  3. Mainlanders giving birth in Canada is a huge problem as well. They like to preach that China is so great yet for some reason come to North America to pop out babies. I think I read a stat that just in Richmond, BC alone, almost 500 mainlanders had their babies in one hospital in 2018. But vancouver has waaaaay too many mainlanders to begin with. Ugh!

      1. @jjwong the hk folks who came in the 90’s did not come here to give birth. They came to start a life. To be Canadian. They had jobs and paid taxes. Those mainlanders come to Canada to park their money in real estate bc as much as they love to preach how great their communist country is, they don’t trust their own gov.

    1. @chena
      It is not just a mainlander thing as anyone who is rich can do it. The US and other countries need to pass laws to prohibit this.

  4. Question is why would they allowed pregnant woman across the country? Aren’t they afraid something happened to them while inside the plane? Or think about their safety first? Don’t they know better than that? What a shame and selfish!!

  5. I think USA and Canada (and other countries) should stop birthright citizenship option and this problem will go away. It’s not fair to the the tax payers from these countries. They should only grant citizenships to babies who have at least one or both parents who are citizens of the USA or Canada.

    1. @dramas4me
      I totally agree and still wonder why the US and other countries are allowing this to continue? They need to stop these freeloaders and anchor babies before it is too late.

  6. Remember a while ago when Zhang Ziyi was casted in Rush Hour 2 and she couldn’t speak a world of English so had to speak mandarin? She is about as American as a kangaroo….

  7. People who complain about Chinese giving birth in the US and Canada, taking advantage of the birth-right citizenships are the same people who complain about high real estate prices of Vancouver and elsewhere driven by Mainlanders.

    Nothing wrong with a group of people taking advantage of a loophole/opportunity that your government created and legally permits. Tired of all the scapegoating of china and Chinese shaming.

    If you were in the same position as these Mainlanders, and you were financially capable, understanding their education system, understanding how competitive the environment is in China for their children growing up, you would be doing the same thing, but you can’t cause you’re drowned in your own bias against Mainlanders.

    Heck I’m not even a Mainlander and even I understand these aspects cause I’ve been to China and I’ve spoken with these people. Do a bit of travelling and open your eyes.

    With that said, if I was a Chinese citizen, I would never give birth in Canada and the US, as these countries are on the verge of a economic downward spiral, and China will be #1 soon in literally everything, hence I believe a Chinese citizenship is far more valuable. its also far more difficult to obtain than the former.

    1. @anon please preach this to all the Mainlanders that come your way. Non mainlander vancouverites would love to see mainlanders stay in China. Thanks!

      1. @chena

        Mainlanders can buy and live wherever they please. Just because you’re born and raised in Vancouver that does not give you the entitlement that you can own a home in Vancouver.

        If you cant afford it then pack your bags and move elsewhere.

        This is how capitalism has always worked in the west. Don’t preach it when it works for you then b!tch and whine when it works against you.

        Im a Chinese-born-Canadian Vancouverite. You don’t have the right to speak for me and others. I welcome Mainlanders.

      2. @anon actually I own my house and have another as a rental property. My issue with mainlanders has nothing to do with money. It’s their rude obnoxious behavior and inability to understand what it means to be Canadian that I have an issue with. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I’m confident to say my opinion is the popular one here in vancouver.

      3. @chena

        “My issue with mainlanders has nothing to do with money. It’s their rude obnoxious behavior and inability to understand what it means to be Canadian that I have an issue with.”

        Do you have the same issues with White Americans and White Europeans when they move to Asia from their native land?

        I hope you do because they act the same way as mainlanders that you are whining about when they move to Asia from their native country.

        Arrogance and obnoxious behavior are terrible but you can’t point fingers and complain about one group of people while dismissing the same behavior from another.

      4. @anon as previously stated…everyone is entitled to an option. The topic here is about mainlanders and therefore my comment is my opinion on mainlanders. I also didn’t address penguins or cotton candy but that’s bc that would be off topic 🙂

      5. @chena

        It’s not off topic when you’re accusing Mainlanders of being rude, obnoxious and unable to assimilate to local culture when your beloved white people (Canadians, Americans, UK) are just the same when they move abroad to Asia but that would deem your argument as invalid so you won’t acknowledge that fact. Its called double standard.

    2. @anon

      I laughed at this comment: Are you kidding me?

      “Nothing wrong with a group of people taking advantage of a loophole/opportunity that your government created and legally permits.”

      Not everyone who can abuse the system, will choose to abuse it. It’s because we know it’s wrong. Even though most of us are not wealthy like ZZY, but we don’t take advantage of that “loophole” because we don’t have that mentality. I think most of the commenters here on this websites either grew up in Asia or have parents who grew up from there. I’m sure we all saw how people in the 3rd world countries live and our eyes already opened. We all want the best for our family, but it doesn’t mean we should freeloading on the tax payers to get what we want. All countries want immigrants who are contributing to those countries, not sucking the blood out of them. It should be a give and take – NOT just taking only. These people have NO SHAME and I’m talking about all those who abuse the system – doesn’t matter where they came from.

      1. @dramas4me

        It’s not abuse if it’s legal (not a crime).

        You can make an argument that it’s an ethical issue but that’s another argument for another day, irrelevant to my original post. Understood?

      2. @dramas4me

        You’re arguing on the point of ethics. I was arguing on the basis of legality. You can’t compare apples to oranges. I’ll give you a B for effort.

      3. @anon they can’t argue because they can’t explain why these loopholes they’re mentioning exists, once they argue against those loopholes they lose all of their arguments including the ethics one that they pulled on you. It’s hard to listen to the truth when the facts go against you :’)

      4. @dramas4me
        I agree and it is not just on this issue but I know many who abuse the system in other ways. I used to know many who lived on government assistance but pretend to act poor like they have nothing. However, they wore very expensive clothing, had the latest phone models, designer purses, etc… One of my aunts hates people who abuse the system too. She was telling me that people who work have only one income while whose who are on welfare have 2 or even 3 incomes as they make a lot of money under the table while collecting government benefits. I find that sad as being associated with the government in that sense is not good because if you ever get caught, you are doomed. We used to know this man who was caught in a big welfare fraud. He was fined and jailed. He also had to pay back all of the benefits plus interest on top of what he received from the government all those years. He was in jail for a year too. Many are greedy and think they can never get caught but once they do, they are done.

      5. @hetieshou

        I also know and heard about people who did the same thing. They take public assistant and work under the table. Like you said, so it’s like they have 2 to 3 incomes. Their children go to college for free. They drive expensive cars and show off their expensive clothes and jewelries. The worst part is sometimes they mock us who the honest taxpayers. If EVERYONE who comes to US/Canada with that mentality – these countries will go BANKRUPT in no time at all. I don’t have a lot of money, but I can lift my head high that my family has been normal, responsible, working taxpayers. We are not the burdens of this society. One time a welfare recipient made fun of me because I drove the same car for more than 10 years. How ridiculous is that?

      6. @dramas4me

        I totally agree and I sadly know many people like that. I sadly have relatives like that. I can tell you that I do not have much money but at least I am not leeching off the government while sticking money in my own pocket under the table. Yes, I hate it that those people do such shameful things but yet have the nerve to mock us for being honest and not cheating the system. They have such thick skin.

        I wear regular clothes, go for sales items, am low maintenance, not into expensive name brands, etc… Those that cheat off the government often look down on me but I do not care as I am independent and not cheating the government or making dirty money. They should be the shameful ones.

  8. Shameful for this actress and all other women who abused the US system. And the greedy lady, she got such a light sentence. She needs to get at least 10 years not 10 months and all the mother whom used her services need to be held accountable as well.

  9. I suggest some of these righteous american citizens to review IRS code section 911. I also honestly don’t understand why these celebrities are giving birth in America, however I am definite their existence or non existence would NOT change any of your lives.

    One thing for sure, when this child grows up, that US citizenship will entitle them to pay taxes if they’re working in the united states. If theres a foreign tax credit, working abroad, that’s a different story. These wealthy children here most likely wont be using your tax dollars , seriously what are they going to use thats funded by the US government that they can’t already afford..

    Real estate prices are driven from supply and demand, why don’t you research to see whose behind these large real estate companies before you even harp on mainlanders doing this and that. Most of your hate isn’t the real estate prices, its your hate on the mainland chinese.

    She’s paying for hospital fees, those bills are not small, she can afford it, but don’t act as if this will put you down. IT DOESNT AND WON’T EFFECT YOU AT ALL. She’s here paying full price, while you’re here paying probably your at most $2000 premium. Stop finding reasons to hate mainland chinese people, use this time to improve your lives.

    Some of y’all are so open to voice that you have properties and your well off to shut someone down, please get some help.

      1. @anon you’re right. I stay silent most of the time but can’t watch the ignorant deliberately try to silent someone else because they think their opinion is the popular opinion.

        Gotta break the facts to the ignorant that stem their basis on “opinions” x’D.

    1. @evelynn exactly!!! You don’t understand why these celebrities give birth in the US. You answered your questions. You are entitled to your opinion and others can express their. Freedom of speech in the US here.

      They do that to get all the benefits of a US citizen. And no, I doubt everyone here hate mainlanders. I know that some rich Vietnamese did that too. And I bet other ethnicities too, especially Mexican. And they were wrong as well. Don’t assume that people express their opinion because they hate mainlanders.

      1. @daisy2019 I don’t got time to educate you, I based my comment on facts, you’re using opinions and also trying to bring in politics, hence the reason why you’re saying there’s freedom of speech here.

      2. @evelynn


        People that complain about that this is wrong and all are all basing this on OPINIONS and ETHICS which are subjective.

        The moment that you state facts, they complain that it’s a matter of different opinions (your ‘opinion’ against their opinion).

        FACTS DO NOT EQUAL opinion.

        You can’t argue that the world isn’t round and that 1+1 doesn’t equal ‘2’.

        It really makes me laugh.

      3. @daisy2019 no matter whichever country your’e a citizen of, you get benefits from that country, period. The law says if you’re born in the US, then you’re a US citizen. These people arent doing anything “illegal” or “wrong” Most people who give birth in the US actually want to start a life there – it’s a method of becoming an actual citizen the “legal” way. So i dont see why people are shaming others for doing so

    2. @evelynn Actually, your comment isn’t exactly correct. As a U.S. citizen who grew up in California and have been paying taxes into the system for close to 25 years, I can tell you for a fact that our taxes pay for more than government services for the poor such as welfare or food stamps. Our tax money also pays for things like public services (police, fire, emergency), public transportation, road repairs for local streets and freeways, post office, public library, infrastructure, etc….basically anything that is used by the public, regardless of rich or poor, we pay into….so unless you guys can guarantee that these kids when they grow up aren’t going to use any type of public service — including driving their private cars on roads and freeways built and/or repaired with our taxpayer money — then your assertion that this “won’t effect us at all” is complete BS! And before you guys put the “Mainland hater” label on me — first of all, my sister-in-law and her entire family are from Mainland and I have no problems with them whatsoever, and two, the above is directed toward ANYONE who comes here just to give birth so they can secure U.S. citizenship for their children and don’t pay into the system, regardless of what country they are from.

      1. @llwy12 Jesus.. I don’t even know where to start with you. First of all my defense was for zzys kid. Their private car driving around huh? Since this article is mainly about zzy and her soon to be child, let’s get facts straight her, I said this kid and the mother (zzy) won’t be AFFECTING your life at all because they can afford what they’re doing. The truth is, they really won’t. If they’re sitting here driving around, this means the kids residing here, a clear evidence the kid would be working here, even if they’re not working, they gotta still pay taxes to US. She’s paying for private hospital out of her whole pocket for her kid to be a US citizen, which forced him/her to pay taxes in the future.

        Now since it seems like you and that other one here is changing the topic about not just hating mainlanders, I based that comment on someone above that made those remarks, however, since you’re getting so defensive on how you got family that’s from mainland making it impossible for you to hate mainland people, I want to ask which type of people say these things when they’re caught being racist and called out.

        Since you’re entertaining this political topic on illegal immigrants and birth rights and real estate. Again, go read up how much these evil illegals are actually stealing from your tax dollars. Why do you assume these kids won’t be working in the future and paying their taxes. Some of these illegals are paying taxes, and of course for someone that supports and believe every news article you read, you’d say ILLEGALS DONT PAY TAXES, they got TIN, and use that.

        Real estate, I have to agree with you, they are buying alot, they can afford it. our capitalistic market allowed this to happen, however I want to stress that fact they’re not entirely the problem, the big giant real estate companies are part of this. If you are struggling to buy a home, it’s unfortunate, you need to work harder, that’s just life. You chase after things you want. If California’s too tough for you, move.

        Most of these illegal immigrants got spouses here that pay taxes, this system allows everyone to have a fair chance to live that’s how our countries been running. You are complaining but when your parents came here empty handed, these were the same systems running to help them.

        It’s sad but people with that mentality that someone else is bringing you down because temporarily they need help, that’s why trump was elected. People believed sincerely they’re being ripped off. If you are basing off of taxes, doesn’t this mean the people paying alot of taxes should have problems with the people that pay less since hey, they are paying more. They’re both working why do some of these people need to contribute 50% of their wage, why can’t they pay just a flat rate, we do have an estate and gift tax (although they did do some reforms making it easier to transfer more wealth in 2017k).

        Go do research our welfare system does take about half our budget but, does 100% of this really contribute to the illegals that you think get every single benefit. How much % ate actually used on the undocumented, what types of programs , go do research.

        My point here isn’t to argue with you, I’m trying to help you understand no one’s bringing anyone down, our tax dollars isn’t wasted, these kids will work, if they’re utilizing our schools, our benefits, when they grow up, they will pay, they don’t have to be very educated and smart to be working part time grocery job.

        People don’t just come and get free things so I can’t understand how someone can say these people are not paying anything besides getting brain wash.

      2. @evelynn This will be my last comment here, as I don’t see the point of arguing with people like you who think they know more about other people’s lives than the person themselves (so don’t even bother responding, since I won’t see your response anyway). Aside from the taxes thing, what ZZY is doing DOES affect me because I have family living in Irvine who use Hoag Hospital’s services (btw, they aren’t exactly a private hospital – the Irvine branch is a not-for-profit facility that was established about 10 years ago partially from funds contributed by the local community…and they are tax exempt due to their NFP status, so whatever money they get goes back into the hospital and doesn’t go back into the local community)….so yes, in a sense, I AM paying for ZZY giving birth at that hospital because part of my/my family’s money is used to fund that hospital as a community member. So yes, I have a right to be pissed off and no, unless you also live in Irvine and are paying into the same system, you have no right to brush off what she is doing as something that “doesn’t affect me”. That’s the only point I care enough to clarify….not going to comment on the rest of the accusations – you can say I’m an alien from outer space if you want, doesn’t matter much to me.

      3. @llwy12 so you’re saying, because they are using a hospital that’s not for profit, it’s effecting you since you are tax payers in that jurisdiction LOL.

        No one can wake someone up that’s pretending to be asleep.

        You gonna pretend zzy isn’t paying anything because this hospital is not for profit. I didn’t know it was not for profit but I think that’s irrelevant because if someone’s paying full price, ones giving something up to get something back.

        Not for profit doesn’t mean it’s fully funded by the government. I will also stop responding to you after this, you refused to accept facts.

        And you were the one that brought in the different points, roads, schools, etc. But if you want to limit just the hospital, u just got an answer. I didn’t know letting people be more aware of their country’s system was so offensive to them.

        There’s no accusations that were made, it’s not my fault your hard earned “taxes” provided this education system that didn’t advise you well enough. For someone like you paying 25+ years of taxes and still don’t understand how not for profits work is very very concerning.

      4. @evelynn trump stirred up so much hate against immigrants, especially Mexicans. Many migrant children died in immigration custody & families were separated. So I really hope this brainwashing stops because it creates a lot of hate

      5. @llwy12
        Very well said and my whole family lives in California and pays taxes like crazy but yet these freeloaders are having anchor babies hoping to reap all of the benefits without paying anything. That is so unfair but yet they still continue to abuse the system which is very shameful.

      6. @llwy12 tourists are also “driving cars on roads & freeways” Do they have to pay taxes? If someone from China gives birth to a child, then the child is a US citizen, then they wont get benefits from China. Either way, they have one citizenship. What’s wrong with that?

  10. I think most are mistaking the actual migrations of the 80’s and 90’s by Hong Kong people compared to how the mainland Chinese are migrating. Those of the 80’s and 90’s migrated either via a job or retirement, many went to the UK, civil servants due to it still being British Ruled. However the mainland chinese, not all but majority of the migration via money, some unaccounted for in their own country and whitewashed in property and educational investments. I am not a BBC in the UK, but migrated with my parents as my father was a policeman. I was educated, raised and work in the UK, who like locals here pay our taxes and have mortgages. However over the last 5 to 10 years, the housing prices have been extremely high due to the high demand of overseas purchases mainly from China and other countries and the UK Government have now put in place higher taxation for the overseas purchasers and also banks and estate agents have guidelines to ensure knowledge of where the money has originated from is clearer. In the UK just because you were born in the UK it does not give you automatic rights to citizenship, it is all dependent on the parents citizen status, so not many mainlanders come over to the UK to give birth. However I believe in the US and Canada there are influxed by the loop hole in their laws that make it so easy for foreign nationals to gain citizenship which in essence needs to be changed, especially in the US, seeing how they segregated hard workers like the Mexicans from their country and open the gates to the rich and famous to take advantage. So I agree and its sad to see one rule for one and another rule for another.

      1. @megamiaow thats been abused by the Asian countries for a very long time, even before the 80’s! Also that is a flaw in the NHS system, also its not been just about births its about getting treatment all together. The point the originator of this posting was making was about citizenship which the UK do not have to the extent of the US and Canada

      2. @shorts Yes, but what everyone is arguing about is the cost of the abuse on the tax system. Birthing on the nhs in the UK is recorded and there are actual tangible costs and figures.

        How is there a problem for the US or Canada where the cost or burden on taxpayers when the child isnt even there to use the services?

      3. @megamiaow Never mind … you are debating about something that has nothing to do with the original post where many in the mainland are using a loop hole for their children to be born in a country other than china in order to get citizenship by paying into the country of their choice, US or Canada.

        I agree with you that the NHS or our “US” fund foreign travellers who abuse the use of the NHS system and run off and do not pay. This is NHS issue and the Government need to give the NHS better powers on how they administer this whilst ensuring they do not delay care to anyone especially those that are critical. I know first hand from a friend that works in the UK temporarily and is not British Passport holders have been asked to produce their passports before they have been treated at the A&E and paid after being treated for appendicitis so the system isnt totally free to abuse, its just each NHS trust seem to not have a uniform way of administering foreign travellers that seek the help through the NHS.

        In the US and Canada the first thing they ask is do you have medical insurance and so does some European countries.

  11. People who call other people uneducated. Hmmm!!! I guess you must have a PhD degree. No wonder people committed suicide when they got bullied by those evil big bullies. I make comment to express my opinion and not against anyone or any group of people like once a year and got hit by bullies. Bye bye. I am scared.

    1. @daisy2019 you literally targeted the “Mexican” population for taking advantage of this “system” and many more. No body wants to leave their homes, they just want a better life for their children.

      Go look up operation wetback, it will make you more compassionate for those that you just targeted.

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