[Style] 2018 TVB Anniversary Gala Red Carpet Fashions

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[Style] 2018 TVB Anniversary Gala Red Carpet Fashions

The 2018 TVB Anniversary Gala was held on November 19, amid controversial Favorite Acting awards results for the Malaysia/ Singapore regions. Although it was the station’s 50th anniversary celebration, there was a noticeable absence of big stars attending the gala. The fashions for the ladies was mainly lackluster, but the men fared better.


At first glance, Grace Wong‘s dress seems to be overly sheer. But the dress is lined and safe even under strong camera flashes. Although the fabric can be more high quality, the cut highlights Grace’s figure very well. The puffed sleeves and mermaid fit add romance. But her makeup and hair are too austere.

The dress has an amazing fit on Alice Chan and accentuates her every curve. From a distance, the look is very pretty, but the lace fabric is again not high quality and somewhat detracts from the look.

Nancy Wu‘s flowing gown had an ethereal feel, but appears washed out under the strong camera lights.

Louisa Mak‘s floral printed dress is fun and flirty. It has many interest points, but the backside still looks more appealing than the front.

Elaine Yiu looks classy in this glittery dress, but the dress would have looked better without the obvious front seams.


Crystal Fung made headlines for being the first to attend the TVB Anniversary Gala without wearing any underwear because her Galia Lahav dress was too revealing. The dress may have been expensive, but it doesn’t suit Crystal’s aura and didn’t photograph well from certain angles.


Love Priscilla Wong‘s exuberance and the bright lemon color of her dress, but the fabric was too bulky and engulfed her petite frame. Mandy Wong‘s plain dress was too minimalist.


Pleasant but forgettable gowns for Rebecca Zhu, Hera Chan, and more Miss Hong Kong beauties.


Kelly Fu looks like a walking Christmas present with the oversized bow. At least Bowie Cheung and Benjamin Yuen wore complimentary colors despite their overpowering prints.


Moon Lau and Tiffany Lau‘s dresses have pretty details but were unsuitable for them, mainly due to the unflattering waistlines.


Sisley Choi‘s dress pairs an odd bodice fringe with an Elsa-inspired skirt, while Samantha Ko goes retro.


Tracy Chu and Kaman Kong in pretty, but uninspired dresses.



Jacqueline Wong‘s tinsel dress and Natalie Tong‘s dress with misplaced shoulder details are both awful choices for the red carpet.


The men dressed reasonably well, with Joe Ma looking handsome in a velvet suit, Lai Lok Yi and Owen Cheung looking fashionable. Philip Ng rocked his suit since it was a great fit.





This fashion review is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

17 comments to [Style] 2018 TVB Anniversary Gala Red Carpet Fashions

  1. mike says:

    50th anniversary celebration and no star came back to attend!!!

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  2. m0m0 says:

    i like ekin’s dress. few men dare to wear a dress let alone pulling it off so well like he did.

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  3. funnlim says:

    Nancy’s dress looks nice.

    But how can you forget Kenneth Ma? He was best dressed.

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    • orchid123 replied:

      @funnlim I did not see Kenneth Ma in the above photos. Did you mean Joe Ma? If it is Joe Ma, I agree that he is the best dressed male artiste in the photos above.

      For female artistes, I like Alice Chan’s red dress the best. Tiffany Lau’s is good to me too.

      Crystal Fung’s dress is very revealing, but she is a too flat for it. However, it does tell people her “show-off” personality.

      Louisa Mak’s dress does not suit her at all. It makes her look very chubby, esp. the bottom.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @orchid123 Joe ma is stabdard. Sstuff. I did mean kenneth ma. No pics yet. He dresses like how a country singer would if he had a hat and no jeans. Quite bling.

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  4. potatochip says:

    Crystal Fung’s dress is so awkward and not flattering. The women look pretty but nothing stands out as jaw dropping. I like Phillip Ng’s blue suit.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      I like Crystal. She is a next gen rebel. Always speaks her mind and not afraid to stray away from the norm. Shows it in the dress she chose….

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    • jayne replied:

      @potatochip Agree that Crystal didn’t wear her dress well, although it allegedly cost $200,000 HKD to custom order and fly in. That’s a hefty price tag for a newcomer artiste to afford, and if it was sponsored, there were bigger stars at the show.

      TVB needs to make better fashion arrangements by working with designer sponsorships for major artistes for these big shows. The many bridal-style gowns every year are getting embarrassing. If the content of the show isn’t impressive, as least style their stars to make them shine.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @jayne Wait for the award show. I am sure the fashion and bling will be in that one.

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      • potatochip replied:

        @jayne Wow, that is a lot! It is not a good decision at all.

        @jimmyszeto Maybe it is the styling. Her hair and make up are too much “girl next door”. Since the dress is non-conforming, her styling should have been more edgy. Actually, that dress is very confused. It has the see through elements but the dainty red flowers don’t match. I tried to find more pictures, to get a better sense, but from the one above, her posing does not look comfortable.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        I’m a male and I also have no fashion sense so you get the idea. Can’t judge the intricate details of the design but what Crystal is wearing is revealing and ambitious…

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  5. holiday says:

    Crystal’s dress looks more like lingerie. I actually like mandy’s dress simple yet elegant and in the back there was a cute bow.

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  6. prave says:

    Being honest, the dresses look cheap.

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  7. cutie777 says:

    Ladies Best Dress: Grace Wong, Alice Chan, Tiffany Lau, and Mandy Wong.
    Ladies worst Dress: Natalie Tong, Jacqueline Wong, Samantha Ko, Bowie Cheung, Rebecca Zhu, Priscilla Wong, Crystal Fung and Louisa Mak.
    Mens Best Dress: Joe Ma, Philip Ng, Owen Cheung and Matthew Ho.
    Mens Worst Dress: Ekin Cheng, Moses Chan, Chris Lai and Benjamin Yuen.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      I agree w most of your Mens Worst Dress. Lol….Bowie Cheung and Benjamin Yuen?? What in the world were they thinking esp the girl? She’s so young that dress will look bad even for her grandmother. Lord!! haha LOL….Moses Chan – OMG…. For the women, I like Alice Chan the most and I never like RED but it looks great on her. Crystal Fung – It’s actually a nice daring dress but the way she posed did not fit w/her dress choice. If you want to flaunt it, show it more naturally/confidently instead of trying to cover it w/her hands here and there? haha lol…I also kind of Louisa Mak’s, Moon Lau & Tiffany Lau’s – They all seem pretty cute and sweet 😀

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  8. bubbles23 says:

    Love your reviews Jayne!

    The best dressed is Philip for me. Both men and ladies. Also Kristal Tin’s jumpsuit was quite edgy and nice.

    How does Crystal Fung afford a $200K dress? That’s mad. I don’t understand how these sponsoring work.

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    • orchid123 replied:

      @bubbles23 I think the sponsors worked together with TVB (the artistes whom they want to promote) and the artistes (if they are willing to wear and show off their bodies).

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