Sunny Chan May Not Renew TVB Contract

At a variety show recording, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) revealed that he currently has about two months left in his artist contract with TVB before it expires. He further admitted that he is looking at signing other television stations when the time comes.

Sunny took a year off from acting after shooting 2011’s Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王> to care for his son Edgar Chan (陳駕樺), who was diagnosed with autism. Sunny returned to TVB in late 2012 to shoot the period drama The Day of Days <初五啟市錄>, but took yet another hiatus after filming in order to prep his son for public primary school. Edgar, who recently turned 6 years old, has been doing well in primary school.

“He has improved so much. He just took his first exam, and he did pretty well. It was over 90 percent!” Sunny said proudly.

As the sole breadwinner for his family, Sunny is often in charge of buying groceries and other needs. He added that he feels a greater sense of satisfaction when caring for his family, rather than shooting dramas.

As for his plans after his contract with TVB ends, Sunny said that he is still negotiating with TVB and is open in renewing his contract. However, he has also contemplated about signing with another station instead, saying, “If I am paid higher, I can work less hours and spend more time with my family.”


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  1. I would love to see Sunny in other productions and hope he can earn more and work less so he can spend time with his family. He is such a great father and husband. Glad that his son is doing well.

  2. That’s a good picture of Sunny. He never ages. I’m really touched by his dedication towards his son. He should find work outside TVB since TVB pays peanuts but expect staff to work for long hours. That isn’t healthy for him and his kid.

  3. I like his acting in the “At the Threshold of an Era I & Ii” with Gallen Lo and Roger Kwok. Those old dramas were so much better than now. Better storyline and better acting too. I actually watching those reruns.

    1. Agree I wonder why Gallen Lo didn’t win tvb king for At the Threshold of an Era I & II

    2. My first Sunny’s tvb series is “At the Threshold of an Era I”, and he totally impressed me with his fine performance. I found the sequel dragging after his character dies. And just recently watched the DIF franchise, and once again was impressed by his performance.

      I hope everything works out for Sunny and his family. Add oil!

  4. I hope everything works out well for Sunny and his family. You are good actor and a wonderful dad and husband.

  5. He is almost too perfect! I hope I can still see him at Tvb since I guess he wont be taking jobs in mainland which means spending less with his family…Tvb better appreciate him!!! Love him as “Hui Man Keong” in Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (1996)

    1. Time has changed, so are people. But for “people” I mean the audiences. HK audience has changed 360 degree on watching TV drama, right now they have higher expectations, wanting more from them. I believe the audiences themselves don’t even know what they even want. All they do is complain, complain, and complain some more.

      1. quite an insightful comment but it seems like the audience rarely ever complain about the mainland, korean or taiwanese dramas. i think complain is pretty much their way of comparing what is better.

        i complain a lot too since my expectations have increased over the years but when ricky wong had a few of his episodes out, i was actually interested in watching it. he depicted tv series that were very similar to what americans are watching. i personally want some outside of the box ventures pushing artist to their limits. tvb is way too comfortable for me now. even mainland china is getting to the stage of boring …

        i’m still in disbelief that they rejected ricky wong. the government controlling the saturation of advertisement is ridiculous. it’s pretty much the same as telling me – u can’t have burger king because there’s not enough buns out there to make all the burgers for hong kong.

      2. Ricky Wong said it’s tv dramas are like americian tv show, he can says whatever he wants. Saw the trailers and it wasn’t anything like americian tv shows. It was really uninteresting. Higher hopes, bigger disappointments

  6. He may still look younger for his age/as a senior but his acting is very amateur.

  7. Probably a per series contract, if he is lucky to get lead acting job.

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