Sunny Chan to Sign with HKTV?

At a show recording for RTHK earlier this month, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) revealed that his TVB contract is ending soon, and that he may not renew is contract when the time comes. “I’m looking at different options,” Sunny said. “I want more time for myself. Shooting one television drama for other stations is worth two to three dramas for TVB. This needs some consideration.”

For the past year, Sunny stayed in hiatus to care for his autistic son, Edgar Chan (陳駕樺), and rarely made public appearances. Sunny clarified that he is still with TVB, but he has yet to renew his contract when it expires in December 2013. He added, “[We’ve] been negotiating for the [TVB contract renewal] for half a year already, but in the end, my final response is that I really want to take a rest. I want to go out and see how other productions work.”

On whether or not he is planning to move to Ricky Wong’s (王維基) HKTV, Sunny said, “I will treat them as a production company and not a television station. They’re experiencing some changes now, but I don’t have a problem with that. As long as there’s freedom for us, and the artist and creative departments don’t close down, I will anticipate working with them. But I really don’t know what they’re planning to do next.”

If all situations work out, Sunny should be able to move to HKTV in 2014. However, an HKTV rep recently clarified that new artists would not be joining HKTV in 2014 and 2015. The rep said, “There shouldn’t be any new artists joining, but we will honor the contracts and even if our productions do not come to fruition, they will get paid.”

After the Hong Kong government turned down HKTV’s application for a free broadcast license in October, the station announced the dismissal of 320 staff members. Television drama Night Shift, which was in production at the time, had to be canceled.

Despite the cancellation, HKTV’s drama production department is still running, and a few production crews are currently brainstorming new scripts. It is reported that a majority of HKTV staffs’ contracts will expire in early 2014.


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  1. No wonder Sunny Chan was nominated for Best Actor in “The Day of Days”. It’s all because of his possible connection with HKTV.

    TVB is really bad in handling this kind of situations.

    1. Where exactly is sunny Chan nominated on the best actor list what number

    2. He isn’t nominated for Best Actor.

      Really sounds like a bad move since there’s no productions going on at HKTV. What is Sunny going to do there? Why do he sign a per series contract with TVB and film when he wants to?

  2. Think carefully, Sunny!
    Why is he considering HKTV when they are experiencing so many problems? You might as well consider NowTV or the other channel who got their free tv license.

    1. That’s I was thinking. Doesn’t he know all of the insecurities that HKTV is facing? He should consider other options.

  3. NO! Don’t join the sinking ship. Sunny can go back to the Mainland market. Yeah, he’s not gonna get lead roles, but his working conditions are better. Oh, and better pay.

    1. Not sure about better working conditions but better hours and better pay. However, he would need to be away from family too.

      1. Especially for the fact that he has an autistic son (depends on the severity of it of course). He should have all options open.

  4. I think TVB does value Sunny since they gave him one of the outstanding artists awards last year. It’s evident that Sunny values time with his family but I think it’s certainly better to film for TVB and know the series will air and have appearance opportunities. There’s no guarantee when HKTV will air their series.

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