The Rumors are Back: Zanilia Zhao Looks Pregnant in Winter Coat

Love bloomed on the set of The Monkey King 3 <西游记女儿国> and The Story of Ming Lan <知否知否应是绿肥红瘦>, and in October 2018, William Feng (冯绍峰) and Zanilia Zhao (赵丽颖) finally announced that they have registered for marriage, becoming a real husband and wife. Following their announcement, rumors of Zanilia’s speculated pregnancy started to surface. At one point, a netizen shared a screenshot of William’s alleged Weibo post that read “1+1=4”, leading to speculations that Zanilia could be pregnant with twins. However, William immediately shot down the speculations, saying that the Weibo post was photoshopped.

To this day, William and Zanilia have not clarified the rumors, and fans could only speculate. A new photo of the couple have surfaced, showing Zanilia wearing a rather tight winter coat, which showed a bulging belly. The photo was shot at Jinhaihu in Pinggu, Beijing. William and Zanilia were holding hands and had on casual clothes.

In addition, Wiliiam recently changed his Weibo profile icon to a selfie he took with a wolf cub while shooting the movie Wolf Totem <狼图腾> in 2014. The change has prompted fans to make comments about how William is ready to be a father.


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  1. I mean, anyone who doesn’t think she’s preggo is clearly in denial at this point, haha.

  2. Lol…What can you say? At least they are now married prior to popping out the kid? haha…Literally, no one gets married & then have kids in that order anymore. Times have changed indeed….lol…..

    1. @niangniang

      She is not in denial but is just hiding it from the public. I had a good feeling she was dating William and pregnant at the very beginning since I have been following celebrity news for a long time. It is a similar pattern every time.

      1. @hetieshou

        Did you watch news in China TV where her staff publicly reply that there was no such thing when reporter asked about the possibility of her being a preggo???

        Maybe Zhao Li Ying should be inform that denial is not a river in Egypt….If she want to hide it from public she should just keep quiet and pretended to be dead like her usual habit when there was a bad rumour about her.

        She tainted her own image NOT because of the shotgun marriage but because of the denial either from her Weibo or her staff every single time the rumour surface….

        I pity her Fireflies who keep hanging onto her very word because she said herself in JinXing Show to believe ONLY to the words that came from her mouth….

      2. @niangniang

        I know what you mean and I did not watch that particular broadcast but heard about it. She is and has been lying through her teeth just like most artists do. Artists are just like politicians, are liars whose teeth will fall out one day. Maybe she is still in the 3 month mythical period and thinks it will hurt her baby if she announces her pregnancy early, who knows? I agree that if she wants to hide it that much, then she should just stay indoors and not be seen in public. But sadly for artists, that is not possible as they would get bored to death.

      3. @hetieshou

        Yeah!! Finally her mask is off, it is obvious she is no better than any artist out there even though she had been pretending otherwise for so long….

        Oh well, there are many new artists in China right now that much better than her. She will eventually expires sooner than expected since she has no ability/brain to “plays” well in Chinese Entertainment Industry…..

      4. @hetieshou there are other celebrities who were pregnant and don’t say anything and don’t lie to your face, like ruby Lin. I think the reporters were drilling her and she was either being smart or evade the questions. ZLY could do the same, instead she actually actively lying. You can keep your mouth shut before your 3mo period is over, but actively lying is just terrible. She even did that ridiculous photos, which I dislike as I felt she treated people like idiots (again, whoever believe that a “hardly of a split” photo prove non pregnancy is indeed an idiot, but still!).
        In term of dealing with the media, she’s terrible at it.

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