Viann Zhang and Li Chen’s Romance Over After 20 Days?

After breaking up with Ron Ng (吴卓羲), Viann Zhang (張馨予) reportedly found a better boyfriend in mainland Chinese actor, Li Chen (李晨), who publicly acknowledged their love and took responsibility in their relationship. Happiness was short-lived, as Viann and Li Chen allegedly broke up after announcing their relationship 20 days ago!

A Promising Romance Gone Awry?

On August 30, Viann posted a photo of a heart-shaped stone on her Weibo blog. Delighted with Li Chen’s priceless gift, Viann wrote, “He accidentally found this stone and brought it back home. A stone heart shaped by nature’s elements of sand and erosion before acquiring this shape.  I hope, like this heart, we can withstand all tests, unlike a glass heart.”

Viann’s joyous message led fans to believe that she had finally found everlasting love with Li Chen, who obviously moved her with his attentive gestures.

Breakup Spurred by Public Pressure?

Li Chen’s very public romance with “Rumor Queen” Viann Zhang was heavily criticized by his fans. The executive management of Huayi Brothers and Feng Xiaogang (馮小剛) cautioned Li Chen to brake his passions, in which the overeager 34-year-old had originally planned to propose marriage to Viann by next year’s Valentine’s Day.

The “heart-shaped stone” incident unprecedentedly led to a heavy backlash from Li Chen’s fans. It was reported that Viann and Li Chen had a fierce argument over how to handle the resulting public pressure, which led to their breakup.

Li Chen’s Manager Unable to Verify Rumors

Regarding Viann and Li Chen’s short-lived romance, his manager indicated that he did not know the truth behind the rumors, as he did not intervene in artists’ personal lives. Uncertain as to where the news had originated, his manager stated that Li Chen had just returned from New York and was currently in Xinjiang to participate in the two-week Taklimakan Desert Auto and Motorcycle Rally.

His manager added that Li Chen has not seen Viann Zhang since the “heart-shaped stone” backlash occurred on August 30.

Li Chen Unable to Forget Ex-Flame

Other rumors cropped up that Li Chen was unable to forget his ex-girlfriend, Zhao Zhounuo (赵卓娜). As a sensitive person with great emotional depth, Li Chen had reportedly proposed to Zhao Zhuonuo with a king-sized, heart-shaped stone. Although the former lovers have separated, it was speculated that Li Chen was unable to forget Zhao Zhuonuo even after dating Viann Zhang.


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    1. I think she will appear at least five times on media talking about the brakeup

      1. make that ten times, five times to indirectly answer and address the weibo posts that she would be posting up (anytime soon now..), and then the rest of the other five appearances to talk about their official breakup. That’s the way she rolls.

      2. And wow…if she’s so easy to please with a rock-heart, after being over this breakup, all her future persuers should know what to do-collect all the rocks and pebbles that one can find and sandpaper them into heartshapes! Bingo.

      3. *oh, and also claim that it was nature’s gifts on the side of the road, in the gutter or they rained from the sky.

      4. remember it is a ‘rock’ heart made of ‘sandstone’ so it will ‘break’ easily, it means that it is fragile.

        my first thought when i read the title was ‘serves her right’

  1. This guy has lot of heart shape stone in his garden, great way to woe any girl lololol (though now I realize they implying a heart shape ring, but still lololol) got it, guys? To woe any girl you must have a heart shape item, preferably nature born. And if you can’t get nature to give you such shape, go for the man made expensive heart shape object, that would sparkle xD

    1. Little Fishy,
      “This guy has lot of heart shape stone in his garden, great way to woe any girl lololol”

      Hehe Li Chen’s “heart-shaped stone” or Leon Lai’s $1.3 million HKD yacht is better?

      Li Chen’s stone, if given with a heartfelt speech, would be very meaningful (like lines out of a Korean drama.) Leon’s yacht is also enjoyable. Hard to choose hehe.

      I found it amusing how Viann was so excited to post the heart-shaped stone on her Weibo, while Gaile Lok supposedly ignored Leon’s $1.3 million gift.

      1. Well, hard to say. If I was poor, and the guy give me a heart shape stone, and if I’m in bad mood, i might chuck it back at him, hahahaha.

        But yea, I agree with you, depend on the contact and how he present the gift, it’s what matter. No matter what gift it is, he just need to shown why such thing would show her he understand and love her and want to spend time with her.

        I guess Viann has enough money, and an act of receiving a seemingly ordinary yet hard to find such a stone is actually harder to obtain is more interesting than someone get someone a Ferrari (unless china has a factory manufacturing these heart stones, then gg lol)

      2. Contact = context omg lol, typing while hearing something else really mess with your mind and typing

      3. Jayne, I suppose if you really love a person you would be happy even if he gave you something that doesn’t have much value. But if you just don’t have feelings for the person anymore, valuable items just don’t move you. If it is true, that Gaile really wants to end their relationship, I am pretty impressed that he rejected his gifts. I know girls who would have accepted the gift and still bid farewell to the guy!

      4. I agree with Jen. Gaile is over Leon and even with a gift with such great monetary value has not moved her, then I highly suspect that this is it for them.

    1. She is still working as a model and an actress at the same time. Heard that she has just issued some new photos.

  2. Viann needs to learn to live her romances offline. Had she done that instead of trying to post every little bit online, they might still be together.

  3. No one likes this girl. Even Li Chen’s fans disapprove of her. Ron and Li Chen’s fans can now form an Anti-Viann group.

  4. i think ppl don’t like her because she is too show off?. If she kept the relationship low profile probably fans won’t fuss so much about it.

    1. Isn’t that what she wanted? She got PS done in a young age and her intention was to get lot of fames and etc. And she got it now..she’s just hungry for fames and publicity..

  5. If this is true, then we will soon get to see a lot of heartbroken messages on her weibo then? “Great”

      1. lol I didn’t really mean it as positive, if she could spare me, then spare me for those messages 😛

  6. A bit off topic but did you guys read about that husband that divorced his wife for being ugly??? Basically she had PS that changed herself into a completely different person just Viann but she lied so the husband did not know. However, after they had a child and the kid looked nothing like either of them so the wife finally told the truth that she had PS in Korea to change into a different person. The husband was mad so he divorced her… I guess that shows that PS can only change your outer appearance but your genes,DNA and everything else cannot be changed.

    1. Well, is the child his or did she pregnant with someone else? (cos the kid don’t look like either lol)

      1. The kid is theirs. But the woman in the news has has PS so the kid does not resemble either of them.

      2. The kid is theirs and you read the story at the link below. I think the kid was supposed to look like the mother, but since she is fake artificial, the kid did not resemble her at all. Therefore, the husband became suspicious. I wonder if she would have gotten away with it if the kid looked like the husband??

    2. Do you have any links to that news?

      I get that the husband may be mad at being lied to, but surely he didn’t marry her purely for her looks did he?

  7. I am utterly delighted to read about Viann and her antics. It’s just we miss two from the Three Graces. We need more Tavia and Mavis news now.

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