Vietnamese Model to Be Fined for Revealing Dress at Cannes

Attending the 72nd Cannes Film Festival earlier, Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh (鄧玉貞) drew quite a bit of attention due to her extremely revealing dress at the event. Receiving backlash for her “offensive” outfit, the actress now faces investigation from Vietnamese officials and may possibly be fined for her provocative outfit.

Showcasing her excellent physique, Ngoc Trinh showed up at the red carpet in an almost-transparent dress that barely covered her body. Because the dress was transparent, both her underwear and her breasts were completely visible.

While some people thought she was stunning, some thought her dress was tacky and very offensive – especially those from her conservative hometown. Because Vietnam has strict guidelines on dress code in public spaces, the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism issued a statement to express how inappropriate Ngoc Trinh’s outfit was. The Minister stated, “Her outfit was unsuitable, offensive, and caused a lot of dissatisfaction from the public!”

It was also said that her dress violates the Public Moral Law, and Ngoc Trinh could potentially be fined for her fashion decision.

Not paying much attention to the criticism she received due to her outfit, the model expressed, “My dress received a lot of compliments, and I personally thought it was beautiful. It also left a good impression at Cannes. I can’t please the entire world.”


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  1. I’m not surprised. This girl is very well known in Vietnam for being a gold digger; she used to date a 70-year-old man.

    But she got her 15 minutes fame, since quite a few English media outlet mentioned the fact that she got fined; that’s probably what she wanted.

  2. “My dress received a lot of compliments” … yes dear, compliments from horny men, and that alone make you proud. There is a fine line between trash and class, and this dress is anything but class.

    “It also left a good impression at Cannes” … yes, can you see all the men gawking and drooling at a naked body, great impression you leave them with

  3. It’s provocative, for sure. Probably had some sexual abuse in her past. No one exhibits behavior like hers if they didn’t have some triggering reason (Kardashians-aside.)

  4. Do they let anybody come to Cannes now?
    Dress is cheap. And physically she isn’t that fit. She may be skinny but no muscles and not toned.

    1. @powerhousequeen yes there are people who are invited and there are people who buy tickets to attend. A lot of third rate Chinese stars have been attending Cannes.

      1. @m0m0 Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss aren’t tall but they’re models. Runway models at that. It’s not about the height, it’s the face. They have what people called editorial faces. This Vietnamese girl has a round commercial face. Not a model.
        And physically she’s not outstanding, look at the real runway models. They are abs toned, with defined legs and arms. Even if they’re stick thin skinny, the good ones are toned.

      2. @powerhousequeen I beg to differ on that. I’ve never found Kate Moss or Cara Devigne particularly appealing (looks or body-wise), and doubt that’s the reason for their popularity. From what I’m aware, Cara comes from a line of model royalty so she gets a lot of familial help to get to where she is today. Kate Moss, on the other hand, became popular due to her personality. More of an attitude icon, if you will. If your personality/image is appealing enough, you can be a model – see Kendall Jenner. Of course, they still need to meet certain requirements, like they have to be skinny, but otherwise, they can skirt some general policies

      3. @coralie Uhm, I think Kendal got in due to family connection, not just merely because of her body or face. Her face helps but the first step was that important family connection lol. I remember the first time I knew of them was America’s next top model, where they were freshly step in the modelling business

      4. @littlefish her family is part of her image. and it proves my point – modeling is not just the forte of those who are blessed aesthetically.

      5. @powerhousequeen
        that’s why i said fit but not model body. you can be a model but not runway model if you’re not 5’8. there are models in asia that are 5’2 but again, these are non-runway models.

  5. It’s probably just me, but being bombarded by Kardashian antics all the time, my threshold for shock and disgust over revealing attire has increased by a lot lol. The stuff this girl is wearing doesn’t strike me as being ridiculous anymore. I mean if I can accept seeing catwalk models walk runways half naked, it doesn’t phase me what celebrities wear. But if it comes to regular and ordinary folks, this dress choice would definitely raise some eyebrows

    1. @coralie
      ions ago, there was this girl who wore a skimpy dress/skirt to her prom. by all means, she didn’t have the best bod and people called her hooker and fat. then there were others who scold the ones for body shaming and praised her for showing her body. i don’t know what to think b/c it had nothing to do with me but i’d lose some weight before i put on that dress. it’s a confusing world now with people being so sensitive and you can’t really speak the truth.

      as for this girl, she’s got a nice figure and in these international festivals, you do want to get attention. even bad press is better than nothing at all some times.

      1. @m0m0 yeah, same. i just don’t know what to feel anymore. enough exposure to shocking fashion and it becomes the norm. or at least, it no longer surprises me as much. in comparison, have people seen Rose McGowan’s 1998 VMA award dress? it scandalized hollywood, so this is actually pretty tame in comparison lol. the only difference is that she’s asian.

        i think if she had chosen a better design, people wouldn’t be so harsh. the criss-cross halter top style of her dress isn’t the best look. but it does generate buzz for her.

      2. @m0m0 yup, how our world has become so much double standard. You can’t comment harshly on fat/LGBT, even though it has nothing to do with fat/lgbt! That’s why they say people that is most vulnerable is like the loudest mouth -.- (why bullies are essentially insecure fragile people lol).

    1. @melody that was just a local TV station award show. This is Cannes. And Crystal Fung is not a citizen of a socialist country. This “model” is.

    2. @melody also crystal Fing has every right to be there, this girl isn’t in film industry, she’s there to gain press, and this is how she gets it lol

  6. Everything looks great above the waist from the hair to the makeup and shoulder cut-outs. Below the waist is trashy.

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