Virginia Lok to Leave TVB, Taking Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng Along?

When Charles Chan (陳國強) purchased the majority stake interest in TVB in March 2011, he inherited a host of problems. With TVB’s long-time monopoly in local television broadcasting rights broken, City Telecom (CTI) successfully lured away TVB artists and production staff with higher pay. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), is rumored to leave in October 2012, taking hot favorites, Raymond Lam (林峯), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), and possibly Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) with her to a new Shaw Brothers’ management company! Let the television wars truly begin!

Virginia Lok to Work for Shaw Brothers Studios

After Charles Chan became the new boss of TVB, Mona Fong (方逸华) stepped down from her former position as TVB Deputy Chairman and focused on strengthening her husband, Sir Run Run Shaw’s film company, Shaw Brothers Studios. Since Ms. Fong left TVB, it was frequently rumored that senior managers would follow. After Stephen Chan’s (陳志雲) resignation–who left to work  as CEO of Commercial Radio–Virginia Lok is rumored to have resigned from TVB and will leave in October.

Ms. Lok was personally recruited by Ms. Fong to join TVB to serve as Director of Production Resources, managing the careers of TVB artists over the last decade. Ms. Lok is largely credited in developing successful superstars such as Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, and Myolie Wu. Due to Ms. Lok’s influence in boosting their careers and commercial earnings, many artists have personally pledged their loyalty to Virginia Lok instead of TVB.

Last September, when CTI was heavily recruiting TVB artists to star in upcoming television dramas, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, and Kate Tsui indicated that they will remain at TVB as long as Ms. Lok worked for the company. Raymond Lam said, “As long as Ms. Lok remains at TVB, I will stay as well!”

The artists’ statements raised a disturbing scenario: what would happen if Virginia Lok were to leave TVB one day?

Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, and Myolie Wu to Leave TVB?

As the senior management at TVB appeared to be in constant fluctuation, TVB was no longer regarded as the same company under the new ownership, especially among current employees. Many artists’ loyalties lie with the senior managers they established connections with for years, following them to pursue new career pursuits outside of the company.

According to leaked information from a TVB insider, Ms. Lok is already looking to mobilize her favorite artists, asking them to sign with the new management company  established by Shaw Brothers Studios. It was understood that Shaw Brothers set its sights to emulate the success of mainland entertainment empire, Huayi Brothers, by releasing major films and managing its own in-house artists.

When Raymond Lam renewed his contract with TVB last year, it was rumored that he had signed a 5-year contract with TVB. In reality, he had only signed a 2-year TVB management contract, which will make him a free agent by 2013.  Due to Raymond’s short existing contract with TVB, this made him a prime candidate for Ms. Lok to recruit him to join Shaw Brothers’ new management company.

TV King and Queen, Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu’s TVB management contracts will expire at the end of 2013. Kevin and Myolie’s careers have soared in mainland China, allowing them to become quiet millionaires. While a mainland China company has already expressed interest to sign Myolie, her friendship with Ms. Lok may prompt her to follow her footsteps!

Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung Not Prime Recruitment Targets

Other popular TVB fadans, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), allegedly have more than 2 years remaining in their TVB management contracts. Thus, they are not currently on Ms. Lok’s immediate list of artists to recruit for Shaw Brothers.

Is Shaw Brothers An Ally or Competitor?

In the past 3 years, Shaw Brothers has featured TVB artists in commercially successful movies such as Michael Tse (謝天華) in Turning Point <Laughing Gor之變節>, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in Buddy Cops <神獸刑警>, and Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng in an upcoming crossover film, Fiery Double Heroes <怒火雙雄> featuring their beloved “Laughing Gor” and “Law Ba” characters.

Despite its former partnership, TVB may soon lose its most commercially successful stars to Shaw Brothers. TVB majority owner, Charles Chan, is aware of the potential blow this may have on TVB. It is understood that while he hopes to have Ms. Lok remain at TVB, he is also looking to find a suitable replacement for her to oversee the Artist Management department.

With another management shakeup at TVB occurring, Charles Chan’s good friends, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Nat Chan (陳百祥), rose in ranks within the organization. Both Eric and Nat have become the “left and right arms” of Mr. Chan, hosting many major shows at TVB and advising on management issues.

With Shaw Brothers’ ambitious plans to expand their entertainment empire next year, the impending resignation of Virginia Lok, and the exodus of its biggest stars, TVB’s stronghold is threatened on many fronts. It may not require new rival station, CTI to even fire its first cannon shot before reverberations will be felt at TVB.


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Jayne: Logically, it makes a lot of sense for Ms. Lok to leave. After a transfer in corporate ownership, key management often leave to follow old loyalties or pursue new career interests. Since last September, Ms. Lok has been rumored to be leaving TVB. 

The leaked “secrets” from TVB insiders have been quite accurate, including the entire Stephen Chan corruption scandal. Reflecting back, Mr. Chan’s case shows how fierce and cutthroat the competition within TVB senior management is. Mr. Chan’s career was set to be destroyed and I suspect deep rivalries continue to exist.

Given this environment and that Ms. Fong has many decades of friendship with Ms. Lok, I can understand Ms. Lok’s decision to leave. Ms. Lok will be given a  critical responsibility to spearhead the new management company. 

Although I do wonder that when Shaw Brothers sold its 26% stake in TVB to Charles Chan, Ms. Fong must have signed some non-compete clause to not directly compete with TVB within a specified time frame. Thus, Shaw Brothers may set its sights on the more lucrative mainland China market, in which celebrities such as Cecilia Cheung have set up their own production companies. China is certainly big enough for Shaw Brothers to be interested! It was just a matter of time to mobilize the right people to do so.

What is your reaction towards the possibility that Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, and Myolie Wu will soon become ex-TVB artists?

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  1. Wow, what a super big change in TVB Senior Management, plus all the new FREE TV STATIONS! Lots of things to see in the near future!

    1. CTI will be another AsiaTV. Take a case study for example tv stations in singapore, SPH MediaWorks was originally set up to create free air channel of variety and healthy competition with MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd (MediaCorp TV)-the one and only dominance force tv station in singapore.

      Despite being in the market for merely four years, MediaWorks had managed to emerge as an eminent competitor to the more established MediaCorp .Furthermore, SPH MediaWorks lost tonnes of money in revenue which cause the demise of this station.

      On 1 January 2005, SPH MediaWorks had its closing ceremony, dissolving and disestablishing off the air and concluded with a closedown sign-off, in the early morning of final ceased transmission to exist upon the merging of operations with MediaCorp Television Broadcasting Arm

      Sad news.Would CTI have the same fate?

      1. I feel that a key difference in the whole MediaCorp vs. MediaWorks affair was that both companies actually shared a corporate parent (the Singapore government). MediaCorp, if I’m not mistaken, is 100% government-owned and SPH is partially owned/controlled by the government, and my sense was that this was likely a key factor in bringing about the hasty merger — someone high up probably felt that it was pointless for the left hand and right hand to continue battling each other, to the detriment of the profits of both parties.

        To this day I feel that the MediaWorks experiment wasn’t given enough time to play out. Perhaps it still would have failed anyway, but three years is IMHO too short a time frame to build a TV station up from scratch.

        The interesting thing is that the MediaWorks Chinese channel, Channel U, continues to exist and thrive today, albeit under MediaCorp’s management, whilst the English channel, Channel i, ceased transmission. So maybe the conclusion is that there was room for one additional Chinese free-to-air channel in Singapore, but not an additional English channel.

  2. I’m not surprised 620 taking KC, LF and Myolie to Shaw. They are her beloveds

    1. Though 3 of them are popular, but I don’t think that they acting skill is good enuf, especially Myolie. Is ok tvb is w/o them. Tvb still have Moses Chan, Wayne Lai.

      1. 620 can also take Moses with her. It’s good for viewers not to see uncle Moses and his puppy gf

      2. Yes, Moses and Aimee can definitely leave with 620. I for one would surely not miss them.

  3. That means KC and KF will no more make TVB series starting 2013

  4. That means KC and LF will no more make TVB series starting 2013

    1. LOL. TVB give KC and Myolie BA award but they run away with their mummy 620 ROFL

      1. i suspect 620 purposely let kC and Myolie win last year so she can bring them along with her when she leaves… wot an old fox. i hope ICAC knocks on her door!

      2. ICAC is for the corruption matters, she dun corrupted anything, why ICAC knocks her? Lolz.

      3. There’s always office politics but KC and MW did work for their awards. Your comment is more appropriate for Sheren Teng who even critise TVB after she left. She’s the ungrateful one.

    2. Oh no! Please don’t take away my honey’s! My tv will wilt away w/o their pretty faces. :'(

      1. Try to watch China series instead? They still want to dig gold in China, lolz

      2. But I have to watched it dubbed and I’ll miss their real voice. Plus, they’ll be paired up w/ waxy mainland actresses that I can’t differentiate btwn.

      3. The mainland girls are pretty and young :D.

        Well maybe as time went by they will speak Mando in series by their real voice. I dun noe of KC but LF spoke Mando in his 2 recent China movie.

      4. Josie,
        You should not assume that ALL mainland actresses are waxy. it’s not like ALL of the Hk actresses are natural either. I just get used to the dubbing since there are more important things to worry about. Even mainland actors and actresses are often dubbed so of course HK actors and actresses are definately going to be dubbed… Hopefully, with time they will get to dub their own voices.

      5. is Not onlly the matter of dubbed voice, most of the China drama is not as good as tvb drama. Their scripts n story is just so lame and corny. Wat China have is millions of audience and nice scenery. And also opportunity to grab RMB

      6. I used to be a little biased towards mainland series but one year later, I now have my prefered actors & actresses. They do produce good series/movies, you just have to be selective. My favourites now include Nicky Wu, Chen Kun, Chen Dao Ming, Mickey He, Feng ShaoFeng, Hawick Lau, Yuan Hong, Cecilia Liu, Annie Liu and a couple of others. Even TVB gives us some crappy stuff from time to time.

      7. For crappy script, I think it’s up to wat series you watch. There are deep and meaningful Chinese series with intense plot and moving scenes. But if you only refer to Yu Cheng’s I sorta agree.

      8. I agree with jasmine7. TVB series these days are crap while China series seem to be getting better and better. Plus, China has a way bigger pool of talented cast and staff members as well. Many of their artists are trained in acting universities so they in a sense should have better overall acting skills than TVB artists who either have no training at all or just don’t have the potential to act well. There are good and bad series from every company and country so you should not stereotype all of them as being bad, especially if you have not even seen any or enough of them to start with. I watch many series from many different countries so I am able to compare… However, if you just stick mainly to TVB and only watch some China series occasionally then I don’t think it is fair to judge China series at all…

      9. @Rachel,
        I don’t feel that is true about China series at all. Maybe for some series but not all of them and there are way too many CHina series for you to make that assumption. Have you seen enough China series to make that claim? I have seen many China series and many of them are pretty good, but there are some bad ones just like there is with TVB, Korea or series from any country. YOu should not claim and think that all China series are bad, especially if you have not seen enough of them or the right ones.

      10. @larry,
        You should give China series a try and many of them are way better than TVB series nowadays. However, it is of course down to a matter of preference and opinion too. I can recommend some good ones that I have seen if you want. Even one of my close buddies who used to watch only TVB and refused to watch any other series has recently watched quite a few China series and really likes them. Therefore, I suggest you give them a try as well.You will surprise yourself.

      11. @HeTieShou… Its very, very, very selective case because most of Mainland China series are still just plain boring, dull, propaganda, crappy storylines, poor dubbing, poor editing, poor picture quality, rtc. I will agree the major Mainland China tv productions are improving in the last couple of years, and it is getting up to or exceeding TVB production quality.

    3. good luck for them and hope them enjoy their future career.

      It’s time TVB recruit more talents and package more second line artist that can act to first line .

      1. Yup! Promote the young pretty girls and guys who are having minor roles!

      2. Hope once Virginia gone the talented ones such as Nancy and Elaine can be promoted accordingly

  5. It makes sense for her to leave but it doesn;t make sense for Raymond lam, Kevin and Myolie to leave to sign long contracts with another company. Especially Raymond whose music career is largely dependent on TVB as well isn’t it? I think they’ll leave as free agent sort of artiste.

    1. LF music and movie career is with EEG. Now he has choice between EEG and 620

      1. Yes, LF doesn’t need to make hk tv series. He can sustain his popularity on music, films, and even mainland series. I think he films 1 tvb series per yr as a favor to ms. Lok. If she leaves, he won’t feel like he owes it to tvb anymore.

      2. Yah. When LF contract end next year most probably he might leave TVB and change other management since 620 already left.

    2. EEG isnt referred? From the year 2012, EEG seems to put more efforts on him, for example letting Alvin Leong and Shuman to work with his album. He also under the management of Mani Fok, too. Oh it might be a soon sign that we dun know.

      His music career is actually good, very good. His album can sell, his concerts can open, he is accepted more. So without Txb he might survive.

      But leaving Txb dun mean no link to it. He can one leg two ships.

    3. Just because 620 leaves does not mean that they HAVE to leave with her. Why can’t they stay on their own freewill?? Why do they need or have to follow her? She should allow them to do what they want to and need to do if she truly cares for them THAT much…

      1. Maybe follow her shall give them better chances in career.

  6. Does it mean artists that have been suppressed by 620 in their career opportunity can see the bright light in next year. Really wonder who is successor of 620 n will he or she do any better than her ?

    1. When 620 leave, she will take away LF, KC, and Myolie so no more of them in TVB.

      Less series of Bosco and Kate too since no more 620 which is quite poor for them since they have long contracts.

      1. I think we might see more of KM, TY, Ruco, Jason Chan, Fala, and the new faces of Himhim, Oscar, Vincent, Benjamin to replace 620 people.

        Linda maybe less since she’s mushy with 620 too. Poor girl LOL

      2. we need to see who is the next boss’s favorites then only can judge who get more jobs and promotion

    2. successor of 620 will be Catherine Tsang. I heard she’s popular for her great management and more loved than 620 LOL

      1. Cat Tsang is in higher position than 620 rite now. She quit the artist department to 620 when 620 joined.

        So she isnt successor.

  7. For award racer Myolie she sound obsessed with China. Always bragging about her millions fees in news

    1. Well, myolie can leave. I won’t miss her at all. 🙂

      1. Agree. Myolie can leave. I won’t miss her at all. She is no good in acting. She can only handle one type of character, silly and argumentative.

    2. I won’t miss Myolie too. She can move to China as much as she want LOL.

      1. lol same but keep bosco 😀 although they might move/stay together

  8. KC might work more in China. LF make more movies and concert. Welk good luck to them.

  9. doesn’t his contract end in 2017 or something?

    1. Maybe it’s like NBA player’s contract. He can opt out after 2 yrs and become free agent.

    2. He signed 5 years from last year but heard that the benefits and opitions are very openned. The only thing we knew is the contract of 1 series per year + right to choose series. Others might include 2 years with Txb, 3 with Shawn? Dun noe.

      1. But how reliable is that, since this article stated that it was only a two-year contract?

      2. His manager said of a 5 year one but if they change after that, no idea

      3. Whatever, he himself said that his schedule is fulfilled up to the end of next year, so at least until next year he’ll still be with Txb.

  10. If true it seems 620 had plan this for a long time. Realizing her actions have caused to ship to be unrepairable she decides to jump ship.

    Don’t care if they all leave not a significant factor for watching a series for me.

  11. Maybe the new captain of the sinking ship have better sailing which can float up the ship again

  12. But the whole article dun mention if 620 truly stated anything of her leave. Maybe some ppl shall be disappointed later on?

    I dun mind if 620 leave with all of her band :). I dun watch Txb series much now so none of my fave, none Txb series, nothing special. I feel it’s a disaster more when Japan accepts the copyright convention. Awwww, where I can find the intense, interesting and adorable Japanese series!

  13. i remember KC saying he will never leave tvb no matter for what

    1. … as long as 620 is still his boss.

      I think KC will only work on movies and mainland dramas in the future. He is unlikely to appear or disinterested in TVB dramas and thus in a way he has already left TVB.

      I think TVB will have hard time retaining its best Siusang and Fadans as they will be drawn by the better pays and career opportunities in the mainland. China’s market is already huge and will get even bigger in the future.

      1. I agree. Kevin has always been her great favourite, and I think his career can be very heavily attributed to her. Furthermore, he’s now so popular that he can certainly sustain himself – especially with the surge in his popularity in a huge market like Mainland. He no longer needs TVB (what’s left of it anyway), so I think he would jump ship.

      2. Kevin is established in mainland now. It’s TVB who’ll be sweating to try keeping him

  14. if theres a good chance of KC and LF leaving tvb soon wonder who will get BA this year both KC and LF are hot candidates for the award

  15. Oh wells, he’s filming 1 series per year anyways so there’s not really a difference in filming 0 series per year! Yay for more time spent on music and movies!

    But first, grab the BA award! 😉

  16. I’m definitely going to miss watching LF as I don’t understand Mandarin and wouldn’t be able to watch his Mainland series. Yes I know that they can be dubbed in Cantonese but there’s just something about watching Mainland series that I don’t quite like. I just don’t get the same vibe as I do watching TVB series. Maybe it’s the other unfamiliar actors/actresses that I haven’t seen before but I find myself having a difficult time getting into the story.
    Well anyways good luck to LF and to KC and MW.

    1. Bit premature to wish them good luck, since it hasn’t even been confirmed that they really are leaving.

      I’ve felt the same way regarding Mainland shows for a long while, but honestly, TVB shows have left me very bored the last couple of years that I had to expand my horizon to have something to watch. I also don’t understand Mandarin, but I think subtitles are great – then I can also learn Mandarin. The production values of Mainland shows continue to improve, while TVB shows are as stale as old bread. You’re really missing out, imo.

  17. TVB may be left as a shell of a company without the life blood of its key popular artists.

    If Ms. Lok were indeed to leave TVB, I expect that her favorites, the stars that she played a big hand in developing their careers, will leave.

    Hopefully, Catherine Tsang will stay behind at TVB. Thus far, there have not been any rumors that she will leave. If this is the case, then we might see Ms. Tsang use her friendship card to pull back older stars from the 1990s. We already will see the return of Lawrence Ng in the upcoming “The Hippocratic Crush 2.”

    Jason Chan and Ruco Chan are reportedly under Ms. Tsang’s camp. Since last year when reports of Ms. Lok leaving TVB surfaced, Ms. Tsang has apparently been playing a greater role in deciding who will be promoted.

    There are quite a few subtle signs that Ms. Lok is leaving. When artists pledged their loyalty to Ms. Lok, they apparently may have realized that she will soon leave TVB one day as well.

    Ms. Lok is very smart. She pushed popular TVB artists’ careers to be bigger in mainland China, such as Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu using last year’s Best Actor and Best Actress Awards. This makes the artists even more grateful towards her. Ms. Lok allegedly arranged Kevin to enter EEG, another big push that will make Kevin grateful towards her.

    With Raymond’s career exploding in music and EEG a distributor of all major films, Raymond doesn’t need TVB anymore. EEG is a much more profitable company to work for than TVB. With Raymond’s association with EEG, he will not need TVB and perhaps not even need Shaw Brothers’ to promote him further.

    Shaw Brothers will allow the artists to continue to have exposure in Hong Kong without the need to film for TVB. Shaw Brothers will still be Hong Kong based and knows how to work the media to maximize exposure.

    1. Although, I’ve always been a fan of Raymond, and reluctantly likes Kevin, I don’t think it’s such a big deal that they leave. Raymond is already only filming one series per year, and far much busier with movies and music that his departure won’t really be felt. Regarding Kevin, he’s inconsistent at best, and with his rising popularity, he’ll probably focus on the Mainland market so it’s not like he’s retiring from TV.

      However, it’s seems certain that TVB is really a shell of its former self. The coming period might be a make it or break it test for the company’s continued survival. Although, TVB is still the market leader, its existence seems threatened by with so many competitors, both in HK and other countries and such a heavy structural change in the top management, the departure of BTS talent and artistes. Creative destruction is inevitable considering how stale TVB has been in recent years. I really think the in-house power struggles have made it impossible for the company to grow creatively, and that’s why it is in its current situation.

      That said, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a wakeup call, but there still might be a happy ending. It might not be as profitable, but I think if TVB could get some of their 90s stars back it would help revive the company’s spirit. With such an exodus of artistes, they need some bankable faces to help transition through this difficult period, as well as because the new talent that they are trying to promote are not ready to carry/lead shows yet.

    2. tvb will have changes in blood, promote new ppl perhaps. Since I dun have any fave among the leadings in Cat tsang’s side, until my supporting fave get leading role, I dun have Txb series to watch in case they all go. As time went by, things will change. I doubt Txb will be ruined in one day. But they might lost a part of interesting during the new promotion time.

      Just in the worst case. Maybe artists will keep relationship.with Txb even after they go.

    3. Jayne:

      Totally agree with you:

      “Ms. Lok is very smart. She pushed popular TVB artists’ careers to be bigger in mainland China, such as Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu using last year’s Best Actor and Best Actress Awards. This makes the artists even more grateful towards her. Ms. Lok allegedly arranged Kevin to enter EEG, another big push that will make Kevin grateful towards her.”

    4. TVB is already an empty shell with nothing inside…

  18. Is Kenneth Ma considered to be under Ms. Lok or Ms. Tsang’s camp? I sense he may be more utilized by Ms. Tsang, since I don’t see him appearing at Ms. Lok’s birthday bashes.

    Kenneth did complain in recent interviews that he would like to work in new environment and learn more. I think he will be happy to film some mainland dramas, but not necessary leave TVB yet.

    With this is mind, which artists will be given big prizes of Best Actor and Best Actress? If Ms. Lok is leaving and Raymond Lam likely to go too, then Kenneth Ma might actually have a big chance to win Best Actor this year!

    The same for Tavia Yeung, in which I always feel that she is not one of Ms. Lok’s favorites.

    1. If this rumour is true and LF is leaving then I would really like to see him win the BA award this year just to complete his TVB career and leave with flying colours. As much as I like Ma Ming as well, he can wait another year and possibly win it for his performance in THC2?

      1. The best actor should win.

        That said, why would TVB give Ray the award if they now he’s leaving? Then I imagine, that they would rather award Kenneth for his loyalty.

      2. To complete the award list which is already long in his house and to terminate his career in Txb, can it be a reason?

        Lolz. I dun think best actor/actress will win but rather who is favored more. Political game.

        Or perhaps txb will give LF in order to keep him.

      3. @ Fox

        From his perspective, sure. But I’m talking about TVB’s perspective. They might give it to him to keep him – but I think they would stipulate he signs on the dotted line before handing it over since it’s their only bargaining chip.

        I know it’s a political game. That’s why I question why they would give it to him if he really is leaving.

      4. Tvb has always used awards to bride artists to stay with them. The fact is, whoever wins the tvb best actor best actress award is guaranteed to be famous. Not saying rl isn’t famous, but after he wins the award his career will be even more elevated. That’s something rl should consider before jumping ship. 620 is only powerful at tvb because she has these artists on hand. But these artists are only mediocre at best. Look at Kevin, his popularity has declined since last year because he is only a mediocre actor. The only way an artist will stay popular is still with true acting skills and not just over promotion or good looks.

    2. I’d rather ma ming get it since Raymond is leaving since Ma ming was great in Hippocratic, but since Raymond has a promising role in High and Low, TVB might give it to Raymond as a farewell gift if his role become famous

      1. dude, it isn’t confirmed that RL is leaving yet lol

    3. Out of all, it would be funny if the one who stays is LF and the one who goes is MM :P. But I also doubt of such thing.

  19. Im concerning with Joe Ma. He has just come back and now go again or jump ship?

    1. He’s not too buddy-buddy with Lok, is he? So I’d said her departure would be motivation for him to stick around. Not that I care, I’ve always felt he was the blandest of bland to watch.

      1. He came back due to the invitation of 620. And I think he is buddy-buddy enough :D.

      2. Oh? I thought it was the opposite. Still, with Lok gone, maybe Steven Ma/Bowie Lam will come back?

      3. Wong He might be back, but Stephen Chan isn’t around anymore :(.

  20. Wow this is big news. Taking Kevin, Raymond and Myolie will leave a big gap. However having said that Kevin and Myolie seems to be doing a lot of Mainland series and it is inevitable that Raymond will gradually go into films.
    I have always thought Shaw is kind of sister company to TVB and not great rival!!

    1. LF said himself that he wants to focus on movie and singing more, so if this piece of news is correct, maybe it’s the end for him to work in TVB series? But I doubt for such thing. 1 series per year like now is a good deal.

      Shaw was father of TVB, then closed, then come back to be TVB’s sister. I don’t know if it will split up with TVB soon or not. Perhaps the reporters are underestimating TVB.

      1. Oops, I’m going to LF’s baidu bar and there are fans who are saying that his upcoming photobook with pix for all 13 years of TVB career is like a sign for his ending in TVB. Lolz, maybe they are true :D.

        and the fans are partying over it somehow

      2. Congrats to Raymond. He’s finally able to be free from TVB and find success in movies and singing

      3. If he wants to go, he can go anytime from 2009 to now, after being one of the artists with largest fanbase in Txb. But I think he dun want to go. So it’s up to him. Txb is giving him quite good and open deals, maybe he won’t want to go.

        Then, his fans’ wishes and his own wish, might have conflicts.

      4. One of the biggest reasons why rl wants to stay at tvb is because it helps his music career. If his songs are being played at a tvb series there’s about 2-3 millions of people who will hear the song. It’s one of the fastest ways to gain exposure in Hk. If he doesn’t need tvb to promote his music, then why not just cut all ties with tvb?

      5. He wants, therefore I dun think he has plan to leave. Even he.leaves, he will keep good relationship with Txb. No harm.

      6. @Kidd

        Ron is in first row to the far right; he’s in between Linda and Kate.

  21. Kevin and Myolie have accomplished everything at TVB. So, their careers are complete there, which explained why both have shifted their careers to China. As for Raymond, he’s missing BA to complete his career at TVB. Would TVB award it to him to keep him, or not?

    How unlucky of the other Ms. Lok favorites. Disn’t get a chance to expand to China. But with Ms. Lok leaving, we might to see other artists rise to the top.

    1. They can go with her to Shaw :D. Maybe Shaw will come back to be a big movie studio of HK and gain a lot of awards like last time. Then it’s a 50-50 chance to the artists who go with 620. They might be the new era of movie artists.

    2. Yes. Kevin and Myolie are established in mainland. Glad to hear they’re free from TVB by next year 🙂

      1. Indeed, Kevin’s popularity is rising in Mainland. As for Myolie, she’s quite not there yet. But, she’s happy either way bc she’s making more money than she’ll ever make at TVB. 😛

  22. Money will decide everythings.. nobody is unreplaceable in this world..

  23. It gives me a new speculation, what if Raymond, Bosco and Kate ousted from big production Triumph and went to movies and mainland because Virginia is leaving? Myolie also was only given to pair with Ron and both powerful leads Francis and Chilam fell to Fala who is under her boyfriend’s team and not really Virginia, although her boyfriend attends Virginia’s party

    1. Nope, dun think so. LF was out because he fulfilled his tasks with TVB with HAL already and he has never accepted TITS2, only agreed to film the sale presentation clip. During the time TITS2 will be filmed, he is already busy with movie, China series and album. Bosco has a better chance in China and movie invitations during this time. Kate also has China series. So I think they want to have better chances outside Txb instead of being ousted by Txb.

      Sai Sit Hang is a businessman and it’s a business relationship :).

  24. Shaw Brothers and TVB are still in a family. I dont see their relationship breaking.

    1. In this case, 620 leaves or not dun affect because her ppl still can work for Txb. Assuming that 620 goes to Shaw.

      1. 620 is really a diva jerk. No one cares on her priorities.

      2. Catherine didnt even drove nearly half of former TVB artists away…

      3. Gallen Lo, Deric On, Bobby Au Yeung, Louis Koo, Benny Chan, etc. all left during the time Catherine Tsang was head of human resource deputy :D.

      4. What a joke. The ones you have mentioned are all promoted by tvb and are well established before they left. Its kinda lame to compare 620 to Catherine. They aren’t even on the same level of biased promotion.

      5. Well established actors leave, isnt it a worse case, guys?

        Biased promotions, yup maybe they are not in the same level as Cat Tsang is kind of 620’s boss.

      6. You are fighting a losing battle fox. Your argument was about Catherine and 620’s way of handling artists. Promoting worthy artists until they flourish and flock out tvb is NOT the same as promoting mediocre artists due to favortism. Nobody was complaining about cat’s way of handling the artists because we as the audience gets to see quality acting instead of mediocre acting from the likes of RL/Kevin. If you think cat is doing a bad job handling the artists and trying to steep down in comparing with 620; you don’t have an ounce of management skills or knowledge in your arsenal.

      7. Cat Tsang’s time I agree that is different to 620’s. During 90s and 2000s, internet isnt as much as now and it was also the golden time of Txb. Now everything changed. Txb itself has the stepback. I dun argue for how good of the actors Cat Tsang had but arguing that during Cat Tsang’s time, there were artists left Txb. So if it wasnt her fault, why it is 620’s fault?

      8. Ok, dont talk about the past, currently Cat Tsang is also playing favourism card. Are her ppl getting as much (market value) as 620’s? Even if 620’s ppl have mediocre talents (I dun argue on this because it’s kind of opinion. Even Tony Leung is criticized as bad acting by some ppl), the fact is showing that they have more market value than Cat’s fave. So 620’s strategies work, no credit to her?

        I wait to see if Cat plays the favourism card and the result.

      9. One more thing: I dun think Cat is a bad manager but I also dont think 620 dun know anything about management. In fact, both have good and bad points and different way of management. Overall, the final results are the most important.

      10. Bc the artists didn’t left bc of Tsang Jeh you can call it “frictional” uemployment which is natural and noone can blame her.

        With 620 it’s clearly a “structural” one i.e a mismatch between the parties. Now you can’t deny the fact that many artists left bc of 620 e.g Steven Ma, Wong Hei ++++ that I don’t know of.

        Seriously don’t know how you can defend 620, but from experience you will never give up even you are wrong, LOL.

      11. Fox,

        It’s called the Golden Era for a reason. TVB HAD great actors. It’s not an opinion or perspective, it’s a FACT. If anyone would even attempt to compare RL/Kevin with the likes of Bobby/Gallen, they obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

        Cat allows DESERVING artists to polish their acting skills AND leave TVB isn’t the same as what 620 does. Even those that have left TVB are willing to come back to TVB to film for them. That’s because these artists knows they were given chances and they are sort of “repaying” TVB back with favors. But look at 620, she basically FORCED wong He out of TVB and indirectly forced Steven Ma out of TVB as well. Do you think Wong He or Steven Ma will EVER come back?

        What is your point anyway? You think 620 is a good manager? If you don’t think she’s a good manager, why do you even bother defending her? Hypocrite much?

      12. The final result of 620 in management is garbage series due to lack of acting skills and we see the same people over and over and over and over again. She doesn’t care about acting skills, she only cares who SHE likes. Or WHO buys her the nicest handbag. Why do you think RL can pick and choose his time tables as he chooses while other artists have to accompany him? When RL was filming MOL he took the best spots and left the worst times for Tavia, why is that. BECAUSE RL is 620’s Favorite.

      13. I think she is a good manager, from Txb’s perspective. She can push whoever she chooses to promote to the level that they can bring much money for Txb. Her favourism works quite well in market value, and as a result, she should be credited.

        I dunnoe if you are the same Leila or different bevause different ava :). Just to say, Steven Ma and Wong He left because of 620, yup, can assume that from their conversation. It’s her failure.

        Now back to Cat Tsang, can you give me an assumption of why the Golden era left Txb during Cat’s period? Not a fault of Cat Tsang? Not at all? And Cat Tsang is still at Txb with higher position than 620, please enlighten me why she cant bring back Steven Ma and Wong He? It’s a mystery that Cat Tsang dun have any involvement?

        My point is simple, 620 did something well, so dont erase all she did.

        Again, talents are matter of opinions. Even Tony Leung is criticized. Txb’s golden era is more of the good script than the acting to me. These actors from golden era are still acting and not all of them have impressive performance recently.

      14. Can you enlighten me of goos spots and bad time in MOL? I rmb that during this time he once spotted to work 3 days from 5AM to 2 AM of the next day, and then start again at 5:15 of the same day. Is that good spots? It was said by the director of MOL.

      15. Btw, the same pl we are watching on Txb series right now, how many of them are 620’s fave? I only can list Linda (4) and Myolie (3)? TY (5) is claimed by her fans of non 620. Fala (2) is claimed the same thing. Kevin has only 2. LF has 1 so far, maybe 2 at max. Cat’s side, MM has 4-5 something, Ruco has 4-5, too. Who else?

      16. Like I said, you have no concept of management. Over the past decade that 620 has been at TVB, she has produced maybe 3? 4? popular artists. If you think that’s GOOD management skills, then we are conversing on a totally different level. Just because a manager is able to do SOME good doesn’t make that person a good manager when her cons outweighs her pros.

        If you think acting is below scripts, we are also on a totally different level of conversing. It’s probably better to just talk to a piece of rock. You are just supercilious and will not accept anything less of what your beliefs are.

        The Golden Era basically died out when 620 joined TVB. Ask anyone who knows anything about TVB. Better yet, do some research online. 620 is backed by one of the owners at TVB, so she basically gets a big pass OVER cat. As long as she gets the green light from the owner, Cat can’t do jack about it. Is that concept so hard to understand? I was misguided into thinking you knew what you were talking about. My fault.

        The only person that had ANY sort of power to go against 620 was Steven, not Cat. But even Steven has his limitations because he wasn’t directly managing artists, he only had power over the variety shows and concerning artists.

        One more thing, you think only Steven Ma and Wong He were the only ones that were forced or neglected by 620? There’s tonnes of other artists that were also forced out of TVB due to 620’s LACK of management skills. It just happens that these two were the more famous ones that were brought to the reader’s attention.

        If you want to embarass yourself and continue defending 620 is a GOOD manager, I’m not going to stop you. Hey, there’s idiots that thinks robbing a bank is a good idea, I ain’t going to stop them either.

      17. You are comparing guys against girls? I’m game. Name the top 5 fa dans at TVB. How many are 620’s fav? OH! ALL 5! What a surprise! Myolie, Linda, Kate, Tavia AND Fala are ALL 620’s fav. Fala jumped ship over to 620’s after Steven was prosecuted. Kevin and RL are making REAL money outside of TVB while Cat’s Fav are working HORRIBLE hours, making CRAP money BECAUSE 620’s fav are outside making REAL money. Is that so hard to understand?

      18. I read RL’S working hours in a magazine when it was published. It clearly states the working hours for RL was always in the morning and it’s always the best time. Even your most hated Tavia was complaining about how her work hours were horrible. Tavia was sick at that time and she still had to work overnight shifts because your FAV RL was 620’s fav. I’d take a published working schedule OVER some unknown PA or something.

      19. 620 isnt the direct manager of ANYONE, so do Cat Tsang. The promoted artists after the leaving of many actors were Lawrence Ng, Joe Ma, Steven Ma, Nick Cheung, Moses Chan at first and then LF, S4 and Kevin Cheng after that. For ladies, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Michelle Yip, Myolie Wu, TY are the name. Can list Flora Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai in if want. Melisa Ng, Anne Heung, Sheren Tang are also the name. Later Kate Tsui, Linda Chung. They are the names after golden era and after 620 joins. Cat Tsang left the human resource to 620 from 2003, meaning that when Gallen, Roger, Benny, Louis, Chilam left, the human resource department is Cat Tsang’s. I list this to remind you of the time.

        Back to the matter, I dont say 620 is better than Cat Tsang but they are just the same in my view. Providing that they are good sisters. The leave of Steven Ma was blamed all on 620, but Cat was there, why dun do anything to keep him? Or it was a failed deal. It’s the present.

        620 vs Stephen Chan, Cat Tsang vs Tommy. Now Stephen Chan left (he also had the fave), Tommy half left, 620 will vs Cat Tsang? I dun see such thing but if 620 left, likely Cat Tsang will take back human resource department. Then she will or wont play the favourism card? Seeing by now, her faves also has many series to be aired. Her side includes more producers. I dun have the hope that she’ll do something fairer.

        What did Cat Tsang do to be consider as good management skill? You mentioned of promoting established actors. Ok, but comparing the market value, the current top stars dun have less than the elder bros and sisters. Please dont use the argument that their acting is better because it is still a matter of opinion. We can compare the fee, the income and fanbase, the more objective issues. Definitely not worse, right? In this case, what is the better of Cat Tsang’s favourism card?

        About the time tables, LF was not only filmed MOL but also recording albums, doing concerts at the same time. And he also worked until 2-3 AM or 4-5 in the morning. Worse, he filmed Men with no shadow, The jade and the pearl, Perfect wedding all 3 at the same time. Lolz, is that good time table? TY only has to film series. Yes filming series is tired and she did hardworking, but she isnt the only one and she has never done 1 series and 2 movies at the same time like LF. Whose schedule is more tight, I guess you can assume.

        And like you said, TY is also a 620’s fave, then it’s contradict to say that she has horrible timetable.

        Working outside or not, ok, let’s say that if there is no invitation, how to work. Again, you bite your tongue by saying that Cat’s faves cant work outside so have whist 620’s fave are same

      20. Wrongly clicked at posting.

        Ok, continue. You said that 620’s favourism card make same artists appeared on TV series after series, whilst complaining that Cat’s faves cant work outside so only can film many series. Logically, Cat’s faves are the ones who have series after series instead of 620’s. In this case, your complaint on the low quality should be fall on Cat.

        Btw, I blv that you guys are putting a too big hat on 620. She really has so much power in Txb? I doubt. For example, one of her most fave LF, if she is truly powerful or favoured him, why until now he still dun have this Best actor on hand? Lolz, if she can make him win, why dun do that sooner? For example in 2005 when he was in the highest rating series and the talk of the city La femme desperando. Even best character he also dun have. Steven Ma won instead. And he is close to Stephen Chan

      21. In short, my opinion is rather clear: any executive is like that – having favorism card. But they all have the link – to play this card together.

        So 620, Stephen Chan, Cat Tsang, Tommy Leung, they are the same. Dont hope to see anything better if 620 leaves the human resource department to anyone.

      22. Lame….

        Like I said, you have no concept of management. You don’t even know what you are talking about and you make no sense whatsoever. If you want to embarrass yourself further, I have no intention to assist you. If you think trolling on the internet is how you want to spend your pitiful life, by all means.

      23. Apparently fox just doesn’t get it. No help for the lost cause.

      24. I believe the most powerful person in TVB is the head of artist management because she controls the schedule of such artists. By her leaving, she will leave a void where it is possible for other departments to flourish and artists free to pick up projects they want to do with the people they want to do with.

      25. Lolz, leila, other than personal insults, what else you can say? It’s a bad habit of arguing. Other than playing the favourism card that others also play, 620 did anything too bad? Why dun consider the changes she brought to Txb artists.

        Ok, now we have to wait to see if 620 left and other(s) can do any better than her.

        620 concerns with the schedule of functions and works more. Choosing producers and ppl for series/shows are the work of Cat Tsang and Tommy Leung. This is why close to 620 might have more exposures on function, close to Cat Tsang might have more series to act. Not that everything is on the hand of 620. And I’ve said, she isnt that powerful.

      26. Providing that in recent function of Txb, MM -fave of Cat Tsang jumped to the second male position next to the center. Tell me his position soared that much thank to who? 620? His position is even better than Michael Tse, the old phenomenon who also soared but not as much as MM. Fala also jumped to the second female position, better than Linda, Kate. Jason Chan stepped to first line. The favourism card is playing!

      27. Pics please Fox! Jason 1st line? That’s fast!

      28. Fox, you truly are stupid. YES, I AM attacking you because its the truth. And I will continue to preach this truth as long as you are too stupid to continue arguing about how 620 ISNT such a BAD manager.

        Steven Ma left TVB BECAUSE 620 was playing her fav card. NONE of Steven’s series were EVER aired on a decent time. ALL of his series but one or two were aired in the “dead” time frame.

        Wong He left TVB BECAUSE 620 was playing her fav card. Burning Flame IS all about Wong He. It’s HIS series. But 620 doesn’t like Wong He so HE was DEMOTED to second lead instead of First BECAUSE of Kevin Cheng. Kevin Cheng ruined that series. It’s not just me that said that, look online. There’s more people complaining about that than anything else.

        There’s also COUNTLESS veteran actors/actresses that COMPLAINS about their horrible treatment at TVB or nobody would renew their contracts. Who’s fault is that? OH! The Manager of these artists! OH! 620!

        More than 90% of CTI or Now TV’s NEW recruits are ALL from TVB. WHY? Not only because of the money, it’s because they get better treatment. They get better chances to act. Not like TVB, where 620 plays the fav card and ONLY PROMOTES who SHE LIKES.

        Don’t even ATTEMPT to compare MM with MT. Do you think these series were made last month? These series were made months and months – if not years – ahead of time. Last year MT was filming movies and doing functions making REAL money while poor MM was at TVB filming long hours for these series. HC was one of the BETTER series this year, but its aired in a time frame that isn’t ideal for that kind of series. WHY? OH! Cause MM ISN’T 620’s FAV.

        Fala is at a better position than Linda and Kate? Says who? YOU? How is she any better? Is Linda not playing the female lead? Linda doesn’t have to share the female lead with anyone else in her most recent series. Linda was one of the most over promoted female artists in TVB history. Almost ALL of the better bigger productions has Linda playing the female role. What did Fala get? Oh, playing an ugly girl in ONE series. Or Sharing another female lead with Linda last year. RIGHT! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

        Jason stepped into first line? What a joke. His series hasn’t even aired nor has he truly stepped into first line. At most, he’s only GIVEN a chance. Playing male lead doesn’t mean first line.

        Again, you have no concept of management. 620 manages these artists’ time and work load. NOT CAT or any other manager. They deal with the BEHIND the SCENES. 620 picks and chooses who plays in these series.

        Perfect example, look at RPG. It was originally suppose to be Ron’s, but RL wanted to play CKL so he took it from Ron. RL doesn’t want to share the spotlight with anyone else in series like TITS2. WHO did that? CAT? OH! 620!

        If you think playing favoritism isn’t a bad trait for managers, then you have are either 1) stupid 2) never worked before 3) you are arguing for the sake of arguing. A truly good manager would never play favoritism to suit THEIR own needs. A good manager would put the company’s needs in front of anything. If you think TVB is on a road to a spectacular future with 620’s management, I truly feel sorry for your ignorance.

        This is a perfect example of “ignorance is bliss” is not a good thing for humanity.

      29. Fox:

        Yes, it’s a “pity” when people resort to personal insults instead of sticking to the topic. I guess that’s when u know they no longer know how to defend their point. It’s like Sima shun named the ‘hk girl 1 move’ – “fat laan jah” (throw tantrum).


        Even if ms. Lok leaves, someone will take over her position as artist resource manager. The artists and producers still won’t be able to freely schedule projects themselves. Otherwise, it can lead to the inmates running the asylum.

      30. “Even if ms. Lok leaves, someone will take over her position as artist resource manager. ”

        Yes but this time TVB won;t make the mistake of giving that person too much authority

      31. You havent checked the recent function for the position, I dont blame you. The position is clear in today function. Ruco, MM, Raymond Wong, Jason Chan soared at positions, it’s a fact.

        You mentioned of airing time, ok, LF – you like to use example of him, please tell me if he has never take part in an anniversary series? His series aired during World cup, Olympic, etc. If it’s a sign of bad management, good, you are saying of him. Myolie said this about the filming of Drive of life: “LF as the hardest filming time. He has to film until the morning and then has 2-3 hours to rest then come back to the filming field.” Well, if you dont blv her, let’s see if there is any other Txb artists now have to film 1 series and 2 movies (movies for Shaw) at the same time. Any Txb first line artist has a year with no series even that he has 2 series filmed on hand. Can you name anyone other than LF?

        3K RPG, lolz, the role of Ron is taken by MM — Cat Tsang’s fave! Ron was the time traveller and he definitely can act in this role together with LF! But no, MM took the role. So blame who now?

        TITS2 is even more ridiculous reference. He has never said he’ll film TITS2 and he fulfilled the responsibility with Txb by HAL already. Looking at from other aspect, he dun have a grand series for year, lolz. Please name his lastest grand series? MR. In 2008. Now is 2012. Lolz. 4 years with no grand series.

        Now what is happening?

        Let’s say about the favourism cards in Txb. The ppl who left Txb, I’ll take Steven Ma as an example. He once left TxB before 620 joined. Then he came back. Uhm his reason last time was also the low salary and bad treatment of Txb. 620 wasnt there and the salary was also bad. Wat’s up? No 620 to blame, har?

        I’ve said that 620 did poor in something like the recent cases of Steven Ma and Wong He, but tgat dun mean she did nothing good or her decision is solely worked. Cat Tsang was around when Steven Ma and Wong He left. Why no action?

        For BF3, more ridiculous as 620 dun handle the screentime but the works if producer and either Cat Tsang or Tommy Leung. LMAO~.

        You bite yoyr tongue about the matter of same ppl on series aftee series and still wanna go with it?

        You really has great mind of ignorance, liela. I’ve shorten my opinion like that and you still dun read or understand. Again, I repeat: No executive is better than other and they all play the favourism card.

        Sigh… Now it’s kind of repetitive.

      32. @ Leila

        “Perfect example, look at RPG. It was originally suppose to be Ron’s, but RL wanted to play CKL so he took it from Ron. RL doesn’t want to share the spotlight with anyone else in series like TITS2. WHO did that? CAT? OH! 620!”

        This is a bad example.

        1. In the sale presentation, Ron played the gamer. Even if Raymond Lam want to play Zhuge Liang, he won’t be taking it from Ron.

        2. What is shown in sales presentation is never the same as the final product unless that series has already been filmed. The cast of the final product differing from the sale presentation happen ALL THE TIME. 3Kingdom was never Ron’s. Even if you want to blame, blame Kenneth Ma since he’s playing the gamer role.

        3. In which news does it state that Raymond Lam want to play Zhuge Liang? Or that he ask 620 to give him ZGL’s role? I doubt Raymond will ask for more job at that time, since he’s busy filming 2 movies and rehearsing for his concert. He hardly has time to rest.

        4. As for Raymond doesn’t want to share the limelight with other. Uh, Raymond is sharing limelight with Kenneth Ma in 3KRPG. In fact, he’s playing second lead to Kenneth Ma’s first lead. Raymond is also sharing lead in that police series he’s filming now.

      33. PS: I really dun understand. When LF filmed the sale presentation for a series of Lee Tim Shing which was replaced by KC and MM afterward, do you see any LF fan complain? But for the 3K, he isnt the one who took Ron’s role in the sale presentation but MM, but there are ppl who keep complaining that he took it from Ron (if wanna do so, isnt MM the person)? LF and Ron can act together without a conflict on roles for this one, isnt it? Then how can it is so illogical like we are seeing?

        Personally, I’m glad to see 2R together in a series again.

      34. @josie: haha, you never fail to make me laugh at your comments. I said this many time: great humour sense.

      35. we should nt entirely blame 620. seriously everyone plays favourites.. rght
        in any case she does do good thngs..

      36. Found it fox! KM position is almost equal to LF? Ron is surely below KM and Ruco. Fala is right after Myolie.

      37. Natalie, Jason Chan and King Kong on front row!

      38. If can you can post the pic here. Position wise, MM jumped to equal Fala, only one place lower than LF. Ron descreased to Raymond Wong. Kingkong, Jason stepped to first line. Amigo Choi makes a come back to center of second line.

      39. “Fala is at a better position than Linda and Kate? Says who? YOU? How is she any better? Is Linda not playing the female lead? Linda doesn’t have to share the female lead with anyone else in her most recent series. Linda was one of the most over promoted female artists in TVB history. Almost ALL of the better bigger productions has Linda playing the female role. What did Fala get? Oh, playing an ugly girl in ONE series. Or Sharing another female lead with Linda last year. RIGHT! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.”

        Disagree re: Fala. She’s in an upcoming mega-production TITS2, and if the spoilers about her character being in a love triangle with Francis and Chilam prove accurate, she might very well turn out to have more screentime than even Myolie. She also had excessive screentime in No Regrets (2010 grand production that was very highly hyped), to the point that I wondered whether she was supposed to be the lead over Sheren and Wayne.

        In which series last year did Linda and Fala share the female lead? Are you referring to Can’t Buy Me Love, which was 2010?

      40. I saw the picture too. It’s missing Kevin, Bosco and Him Law. Other siu sangs and fadans are all present.

      41. That’s why Jason and King Kong can squeeze to the front

      42. Natalie is not on first row. Selena and Aimee are.

      43. Oh, today function is for the cover of TVB calendar of 2013.

      44. @Fox: Do check your info before postulating it as fact, the misinformation truly undermined your credibility in your argument.

        “Steven Ma won instead. And he is close to Stephen Chan”

        Steven had never even spoken to Stephen Chan formally before his 2009 contract renewal negotiation let alone being close to SC in 2006. And his discontentment with TVB was never about money to start with. It had always being him wanting to expand his artistic horizon into different showbiz arenas.

        2011 news reporter: As to Virginia Lok and Stephen Chan, how is his relationship with them?

        “That year when I was shooting “Ghost Writer”, my contract had actually ended already. Miss Lok had looked me up but we had too many disagreements so could not come to a consensus. Later, Mr. Chan and Zan Jie looked me up for another talk. That was my first time officially meeting Mr. Chan. Even he thought it was funny. We both have been in the same company for so many years yet it seems like we did not even know each other! Actually, I’m grateful to him for this renewed contract because they have given me many promises and most of them are now slowly being fulfilled.”

        Since being discovered by Catherine Tsang in 1997, Steven had always being touted as her lead horse but after his 2009 contract renewal, reporters suddenly taken to arbitrarily tout him as SC’s latest favorite. Starting with this news reports “2010 Jan Stephen Chan’s Latest Favorite? – March of Million People”; henceforth, Steven became a SC party member just because the press said so because SC (since Lok couldn’t)finalized SM’s contract satisfactorily to both parties.

        2010 Jan News to above headline:
        Steven as part of tvb group participated in the march of million people. Since he walked alongside Stephan Chan during the march, in an interview with Steven, reporters asked him if he is now Stephen Chan’s latest favorite.

        Steven: There’s a connection in that? They had all lined up already, nothing to do with me. (They especially left that spot for you) Nah, I guess it’s because Watchdog is airing right now. Really it had nothing to do with being favored or not. What I’m most happy about is not whether being favored or not but that TVB is gradually fulfilling its contractual promises to me. Such as the cooking show and the preparation of my new album. So I’m very grateful to the management.”

        … separate news report
        “I’m satisfied with the pay raise. But I’ll not disclose its percentage increment. If I had truly minded this small percentage raise, then I truly did make a big fuss just over money. ” (meaning the fuss was not about money but other stuff)

        In other reports Steven had said money was not what he was after in the contract renewal, expansion of his horizon into different entertainment was. T

        Cat Tsang was around when Steven Ma and Wong He left. Why no action?

        Because Cat does not have the power to meddle in artists management and resources department. Even back in 2009 Cat Tsang did not have the power to make Lok concede to Steven’s contractual terms, that’s why she had to seek out SC’s help in the matter. And look what happened to SC later.

        How do you know she did not take any action to keep him last year? SM said in Eileen Cha program that Cat and the higher executives knew his reasons for terminating his contract and the fact that they let him do it and still want to sign him up in a different contractual form is very telling, very telling indeed.

      45. @FoxI’ll take Steven Ma as an example. He once left TxB before 620 joined. Then he came back. Uhm his reason last time was also the low salary and bad treatment of Txb. 620 wasnt there and the salary was also bad. Wat’s up? No 620 to blame, har?

        In all the news reports I’ve read (and I’ve read most of them) about Steven’s breaks with TVB, (then in 2003 or now) he had never once said that the “reason last time was also the low salary and bad treatment of Txb.” ‘ALSO’?? (wth?)His reported reason for his 2004-05 freelancing in Mainland has had always been that the timing was right for him as his management contract with Frankie Fan had just ended and that he would like to experience being a free agent before signing another long management contract. TVB was never reported as part of his reason. Anyway, at the time he was promoted by TVB why would he complain about them then when even in 2009 and last year even though so disfavored he was by TVB he did not deign to do that?

        News 2006 reporter: So in the end, back to TVB?

        S: Actually, TVB and I have always had a contract. It’s just that the contract then was more flexible; it allowed leeway of outside work and endorsements. When my contract with Frankie ended, I became a free agent. Honestly, money wise, it was really very lucrative. Also, the ability to completely control one’s success or failure was very self-satisfying. But, freelancing can also create dire predicaments.

        2011 news: “I want to exert it is not that TVB is bad to me but that I often met with unhappy issues….” (Is it because of someone’s suppression?) “If you want me to answer “no”, I can’t do that!” Naturally, it brought to mind the persistent widespread rumors that Steven and Virginia Lok do not get along. For the first time, Steven speaks out what he had suppressed in his heart for a long time, “Virginia Lok and I, weak affinity!”

        2011 news:-
        When the topic turned to siu sangs criticizing tvb for being harsh and for taking deep management cuts off artistes’ earnings, Steven asserted that his own management cut is reasonable, not harsh at all. But he agreed working in TVB is pretty arduous. He once experienced going without sleep for 56 hours straight. When asked if he protested to TVB? He said: “No, I’ve worked in TVB for 18 years, so I am used to it. I feel the hard work is worth it. When you are happy doing what you do, then hard work is not a problem. If not happy then the feelings are tough to bear. Now that there is a new owner, the future is unknown. But I hope there will be changes made.”

        And Steven repeated his pov in his last Eileen Cha’s radio program, in that when he signed up with TVB he knew what exactly to expect so would not complaint about TVB’s low pay, working hours and environment. I also remember reading an old 2005-6 news report (after he signed contract)quoting the same in that once he signed a contract it means that he had accepted its terms therefore would not complaint about low pay, long hours and whatsnots but would do his best to abide by and fulfill his side of the bargain as stipulated in the contract.

        And his reasons for not wanting to renew his 2009 contract were:

        2009 “I hope that besides acting in series, there are other avenues for me to pursue and to experience such as singing. As such, since the end of last year, the company and I have been discussing the conditions of my contract renewal. Around June this year, Mr. Chan (Stephen Chan) talked to me and offered, what I consider, contract terms that are very respectful of my wishes. We have had a cordial talk.”

        Ma Zai is the kind of tough-mentality guy who will not display a show of hand. Hence, even when entangled in a year’s long of contract renewal problems, he remained unflappable and showed no signs of being troubled.

        “In these four years, there were of course good times and bad times. I don’t want to make myself unhappy, so might as well leave. And plan for the next stage of my career path.”

        Interviewer: What made Ma Zai discontent with his lot? Was it because there was never any sign of him in TVB’s grand productions?

        He smiles and says with equanimity: “ Many artistes and crew members called me “Brother Dagger” (Dao Zai Goh) If want to beat out other people, a dagger would suffice. A Journey Called Life garnered 35 points; Safeguards had a high of 42 points. It is not necessary that only grand productions can get good results.”

        Does Ma Zai believe this rumor? (Lok saying SM can’t enter homes)

        I’m not privy to what went on in management meetings. So how can I say whether I believe or not? What I can say is that in Stephen Chan’s recent book signing session, I met Ms. Lok. She said, “Crazy ka! (sou ga!) Among TVB many artistes, only you and Roger Kwok have entered my home.” Ms. Lok leads the human resources department, why would she say anything to harm her own artistes?” see below.

        2010: He said that he (Stephen) was instrumental in finalizing his contract, thus enabling him to engage in things that interest him such as: writing a book, singing, and hosting a cooking show.

        2010 “I’m satisfied with the pay raise. But I’ll not disclose its percentage increment. If I had truly minded this small percentage raise then I truly did make a big fuss just over money. ” (meaning the fuss was not about money but other stuff)


        Clamine: As to Ms. Lok’s derogatory remark on himself unable to enter homes, Steven need not say too much to rest his case. I love how he answered the interviewer’s question with his own – a seemingly rhetorical question of why Ms. Lok, head of Artistes Management Resources, would want to harm her own people? The correct elicited response should be of course she wouldn’t and shouldn’t – But then a lingering doubt, would she? Did she? Confused! Something so obvious, so self-explanatory he had no need to clarify on the situation. At the same time his response revealed Ms. Lok’s two-face hypocrisy.

        Steven’s character through his words.

        News 2007
        Hu: How do you deal with such negativity? (re: Leon Lai slogan, Sonija Kwok scandal, salty pig hands, homosexual rumors, rumor monger allegation etc)

        Steven: Instead of wasting time refuting, why not expend that energy into doing good works so that people, within their limited leisure time, can get to know me better. The tabloids may denigrate me to worth less than a penny; the important thing is that I’m not.

        Interviewer: Such high-road attitude. Won’t that corrode? (undermined reputation)

        S: “Used to think so. But, does silence really induces corrosion? Not necessarily. If I explain every detail, maybe some people might say, “Oh, Steven really has nothing to do with it.” But then again, others will sure to retort, “Steven is so cheap to bad mouth people like that.” Won the argument, but lost on conduct; it’s all so pointless. My father once said: “Rather I being taken advantage of than to take advantage of people.” Every rebuttal will hurt people. I dare to say this: that I can hold my head up high in front of everybody. ”

        2003 news: When I was young my father always said this: “We Chew Chow people have a saying, rather others wronged us than we wronged them, especially towards women.” I don’t wish to hear bashing of woman coming out of my mouth.” (re: 2003 Sonija Kwok scandal, and guess he accorded the same to Ms. Lok. )

      46. @Bleu

        I agree!


        Today’s function confirmed Fala’s status. Her standing is higher than Linda and Kate. Fala led over Kate for the past year already. Prior to today’s function, I felt Fala was slightly beat Linda. Linda and Fala were in “Ghost Writers” together, where Fala outshone Linda. In CBML, both share equal screentime. If the standing positions say anything about their statuses, then currently it’s Myolie > Fala > Linda > Kate. Tavia was absent.

      47. I can’t see Ron in the picture that ‘lol’ posted. Was he absent?

      48. @Kidd

        Ron is right there between Linda and Kate! Which means his position is after Linda and before Kate. KM position really rise leaps and bound after THC!

      49. Oops, I commented on the wrong one, lol


        Ron is in the first row to the far right; he’s in between Linda and Kate.

      50. Not only “fat laan jah” (throw tantrum)but also “fat san king” (gone nuts)

  25. So, no more Aimee and Moses? Please take them with her. 😀

  26. this is really annoying. I do not want anyone of them to leave just because she is leaving. TVB better do a good job on convincing her to stay because I honestly don’t like Mainland series. They are mostly all ancient series which I don’t always enjoy. On the other hand, I really don’t like the dubbed/subbed or the fact that I won’t get to see them on TVB series anymore ): And I’d rather watch a series than watching chinese/HK movies just because I’m not really a movie person.

    I also don’t like how she promoted Myolie and Kevin last year to Best Actor/Actress and now she’s planning on taking them with her. Ehem nononono. And if she does take Raymond, Kevin, and Myolie, soon enough she will take ALL the good actors and actresses from TVB to her new company.

    And Raymond hasn’t completed his career like Myolie and Kevin. He hasn’t gotten Best Actor yet….

    1. If this year he gets it, means next year he can go?

      1. LOL

        LF: Yay got BA in 2012! Next year can go! EEG here I come 😛

      2. EEG: hey relax TVB. We are sisters. Leave LF to us. IT’s LF! 😀

      3. At first I thought you guys were talking about the BA as in the Bachelor of Arts degree from school…

      4. BA= Best Actress 😀 Raymond Lam should win that award, lol.

      5. no no.. it should be Best Crying Boy award! xD

      6. Best crying boy, a great award. He has good crying skill. Have boy then have girl, who is the lady?

      7. Best actress isnt bad. He can do some leading female roles and then win it :D. It would be interesting for him and Sheren to win together because Sheren said to give Best actor to her role in RB3. So make a series of Sheren as male lead and LF as female lead for them to win together, yay! My faves.

    2. LOL is the BA award from TVB that important for LF who’s already more expensive than many BA award winners? ROFL

      1. Dun important but still something to complete his list with TVB.

      2. Because LF is expected to win BA. It’s a closure for his past 13 years with TVB kind-of-thing.

  27. In my opinion, aside from who is going to leave and what not, but it will be a good opportunity for TVB to start putting more quality into their dramas. For a long period of time due to TVB and ATV being the only free-to-air station, TVB took it for granted for their quality because they didn’t have competition. Having competition would further boost the quality.

    And if VL is to bring LF, KC and MW to go, I wouldn’t mind considering LF basically does one series per year, not like they’re really THAT great either. KC is 42 already, so not that young anymore, so a lot of the dramas will be limited. If people are complaining about LF and Kenneth Ma being too old, what about KC?! I don’t think MW deserves the title of BA cause her acting is just “meh”.
    I prefer Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung over KC and MW any day.

    1. But KC looks young :D. And he is still single, lolz. Fans can dream?

      I think none of LF, KC or Myolie mind of leaving TVB. They have outside works that can be the guarantee for their income. But in the end of the day, it’s funny if the ones who stay are them and the ones who leave are TY and MM.

      1. It’s good either way. Perhaps, with that, we see’ll less comments of yours xD

      2. Oh I dun mind that? But I still have a plenty of time on hand from now to 2013 so Im afraid I’ll comment more :). Sorry for scratching your dream.

  28. Woah, if this pans out this might mean a big shake-up at TVB.

    I’m wondering, if Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu et al. become managed by Shaw Brothers, would they still be free to act in TVB dramas on a freelance or per-series basis? If so, I think it might not be that different from the current situation, just that they have more flexibility when it comes to choosing TVB vs. non-TVB projects. LF hasn’t appeared in many TVB series lately anyway, and KC and MW already have one foot in the mainland.

    I don’t know if this is the way things are going given the recent shake-ups, but I wouldn’t mind if the Hong Kong TV landscape evolved into one in which actors aren’t tied down via long-term contract to one company or studio but are instead free to hop from one studio to another on a project-by-project basis. It might not be a good thing for TVB as a company, but I think it’s a good thing for the audience if TVB was forced to stop drawing from the same pool of in-house actors. Even if I like an actor or actress a lot, I get tired of seeing them leading in four to five TVB series in a single year.

  29. “Bad” news: 620 denied that she’ll leave Txb:

    【120716# 辟谣 #】# 乐易玲 # 多次被传会离职, 更指她将撬走林峯 、 胡杏儿等, 乐易玲昨日否认, 并笑称:「 每传我走, 公司都加我一次人工真好 !」 而 # 林峯 # 及 # 胡杏儿 # 昨日分别称合约尚有一段长时间

    1. If I am 620, I will not leave this post as tvb’s director of human resource and artist management. It’s means she is also quarter of the boss of the tvb’s organisation and also minority shareholder.

      Only idiot will leave her position provided she is sacked or is downgrade to managerial role for example general manager or casting manager

  30. Poor Charles Chan. He bought TVB from Sir Run Run Shaw and now the Shaw Brothers gang come back to bite him.

    Is this a case of giving money to people to attack oneself?

    I hope TVB won’t go down. Start grooming new artists and behind the scene people.

    1. Kidd,
      A group of young producers are now producing TVB dramas. It may be a sign that more producers may leave. New producer, Joe Chan is handling “Triumph in the Skies 2,” quite a big hat to wear.

      Charles Chan must have known that the monopoly in the local television broadcasting rights will be broken. That was the biggest sign of trouble. Management issues and staff turnover are expected, but heightened by CTI’s deep pockets.

      Although Virginia Lok denied that she is leaving TVB, what else is she expected to say? It is a matter of time before she leaves. Ms. Lok is a power broker and mainland China (via Shaw Brothers) is waiting for her.

      1. Even if she really leaves, nothing to ensure that she’ll cut off all the lines with Txb. Considering that Shaw & Txb are like family members, it’s good in either way to.keep the good relationship

  31. If the rumor is true then goodluck to Myolie, Ray and Kevin! Will def misses Myolie n Kevin in TVB series.

  32. Oh, well,after Fox’s latest news that Ms Lok has denied she’s leaving TVB, all that great discussion and debate concerning the leaving of the “favourite” artistes seem to come to naught. Sometimes we just jump to conclusions too soon and in the end we may get disappointed. However, I think I have this to say of Kevin and Myolie. They appear to be thinking and loyal professionals. They have just won the much coveted titles of TVB King and Queen and are certainly much grateful to TVB and I don’t think that even Ms Lok to whom they also owe a lot of their success could just make them dump TVB and go elsewhere to work. If so I would be terribly disappointed in them.

  33. The report mentions of Oct. So we only need to wait until Oct to see who leave, who not. I guess some ppl shall be disappointed that 620 stays longer than they expect.

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