Wallace Huo Drowns Daughter with Kisses

Despite their fame and popularity with paparazzi, Wallace Huo (霍建華) and Ruby Lin (林心如) have been doing a very good job of keeping their daughter out of the public spotlight. Since the birth of “Little Dolphin” in January 2017, the three-year-old has only been spotted two times by the media: the first was by the Malaysian media, at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, when Wallace brought Little Dolphin along with him to visit Ruby who was filming a project there. The second time was in Taipei, when the family of three along with two other people were seen dining at a restaurant.

To respect the family’s privacy, the paparazzi bracketed Little Dolphin’s face, but they described the little girl as a “mini Ruby with Wallace’s tall nose.”

The little girl was spotted a third time in Taipei recently, with her father and another family member. They were eating out at a restaurant in in Donghua North Road of Taipei. Little Dolphin has grown a lot taller and speaking in more complete sentences. After walking a few steps hand-in-hand, Wallace scooped up Little Dolphin into his arms and walked to the parking lot. Wallace kissed Little Dolphin’s cheeks and lips multiple times, much to his daughter’s dismay!

The media reached out to the family after paparazzi snapshots of the father-daughter duo were published. Ruby said Wallace and their daughter are very close, and Wallace enjoys taking his daughter out. When she was younger, they’d often hang out at the park. Now that she’s older, his hobby is to take her out to eat.

After Little Dolphin’s birth, Wallace has permanently relocated back to Taiwan to spend more time with family. Taking a step back in his career to raise Little Dolphin, Wallace will only re-emerge back in the public’s eye if he comes across a project he likes. Ruby, meanwhile, has been consistently working, leaving her husband to take care of the family.

Source: ifeng

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lucky girl. Doting parents is always wonderful. Read some where that she has daddy’s eyelashes too. Appears tall for a 2yo.

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