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Recently, Shandong TV Media Group released promotional stills for new TV series, Battle of Changsha <戰長沙>  featuring cast members, Wallace Huo (霍建華), Yang Zi (楊紫), Zuo Xiaoqing (左小青), and Ren Cheng Wei (任程偉).

Battle of Changsha is based on the novel of the same name, which centers around the decisive battles that occurred in Changsha in the Second Sino-Japanese War. The online story was extremely well received. Lead actor Wallace Huo, who plays a soldier for the first time, is said to be a big fan of the novel.

Directed by Kong Sheng (孔笙), Battle of Changsha is two months into filming at Hengdian World Studios <橫店影視基地>.  Through the life and destiny of the Hu family in Changsha, and their ups and downs, the series brings back the history of Changsha. The story begins in the winter of 1938, when the Japanese army encroached on China. Chiang Kai Shek decides to use the scorched earth policy to burn Changsha to the ground. On this piece or charred earth, heroes gather to resist the enemy. Showing the world how the Chinese nation is not a pushover, the spirit of life burns strongly when faced with death.

Despite the title of the drama, battle scenes are not the main drawing point. The series provides a chance to reflect on the psychological destruction that war inflicts on the civilians. The main focus of the drama is the plight of the historic city in time of war, and the pain and suffering of the people. In the troubling times, civilians unite against an oppressing enemy because of their dreams for a simple, secure, and quiet life.

According to the producer, while maintaining the traditional features that are distinct with Lu’s Drama (魯劇), a name given to dramas produced by Shandong TV Media Group, Battle of Changsha also adds visual and contemporary elements, giving the series a fresh and modern approach while keeping the story historically accurate.

In the past,  Shandong TV Media Group’s dramas were strongly influenced by Confucius teachings, and the culture, history, and the tradition of the Shandong area. However, it now frequently breaks geographical limits to extend the themes of Lu’s dramas, with collaboration and marketing throughout the entire country. In its latest and highly popular Wenzhou Family <溫州一家人>, Shandong TV Media Group specializes in the history and changes of China within the past, and impacts on the lives of common folks.

Many Shandong TV Media Group series are often said to cater to older generations, and rarely spot artists that are considered idols. Battle of Changsha marks a departure from past productions, since popular artists with large fan bases, Wallace Huo and Yang Zi, will draw in new demographic audiences.

Battle of Changsha Wallace Huo 3  Battle of Changsha Wallace Huo 2  Battle of Changsha Wallace Huo

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9 comments to Wallace Huo Films “Battle of Changsha”

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Picture one at the bottom looks a bit like Tony Leung, that furrowed brows. I think he is too thin, not my fave era. And I do think the young leading lady looks a little like Ruby Lin but the plainer version. Ok, I find her plain. If people complain about He Zhuoyan about not being pretty enough, then I wonder what they have to say about this one. But I heard she is a veteran, acting since child. But I still don’t like her very plain looks.

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    • jayne replied:

      “Battle of Changsha” looks quite sober and may appeal to the older generation that still recalls the war era from personal experiences.

      There’s been more idol crossover to such nationalistic projects, such as Nicky Wu’s recent drama with Gan Tingting.

      Will you be watching this one? Wallace looks good in period dramas.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Yes I will watch. It looks to be a far more serious production than Nicky wu’s which admittedly had him more of a fashion icon than some nationalist patriot. But the girl may not make me like it more.

        I read that particular battle was very bloody so I expect lots of tears, blood and Wallace dying in the end.

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      • lychii04 replied:

        Vic Zhou also filmed Return Home / Pacific 1949 which was set in the WWII era.

        My only problem with such dramas is it seems to be geared towards the older audience, and so it’s less accessible on the internet. Sigh.

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    • Little fishy replied:

      She’s certainly don’t look pretty, however, I guess for this era, it doesn’t matter, and consider quite a few drama from mainland feature ok looking actress/not so pretty (sometimes, I even think they are too ordinary) as main lead actress, so I guess it’s not surprising >__> but I won’t be watching lol, don’t like this era either

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Gan Ting Ting is pretty.

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      • Lee replied:

        I think most mainland actresses are quite pretty; I’m guessing Yang Zi must have been chosen for her extensive acting experience. She also doesn’t look quite as bad as the still above would suggest.

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  2. ita says:

    he need to eat more chikin..look so skinny and scrawny…but still handsome.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      war time, people starving, he wants to look that way I think. Too method actor if you ask me.

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