“Why I Like Raymond Lam” Essay Contest Results

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Earlier, JayneStars.com asked readers to participate in an essay contest entitled, “Why I Like Raymond Lam.” The essay contest concluded on January 31, 2011. Raymond Lam has charm, looks, acting, and singing skills that make him a well-rounded celebrity. However, each fan may like him for different reasons. The “Why I Like Raymond Lam” essay contest allowed fans the opportunity to express the reasons why they like Raymond so much!

The essay entries were judged by originality and how well the ideas were presented. An enthusiastic tone in the essay helped as well, as the intention of the essay is to share why you support Raymond Lam!

The winning essay is by Star, whose heart-felt writing was engaging and a pleasure to read. Star will receive a DVD copy of Perfect Weddding <抱抱俏佳人>, featuring Raymond Lam and Miriam Yeung. Thanks to Star and all the participants who entered the contest. Below are all the submissions:

“Why I Like Raymond Lam” By Star
(Winning Essay)

It is definitely not hard to fall in love with a celebrity. Especially someone like Raymond Lam that is good-looking and talented. Some may even say he is perfect. However, wouldn’t that be a bit shallow? But then again, everyone is shallow in a way. Saying Raymond Lam is a good person would be superficial without knowing him in real life, but growing up watching him on television throughout my life, it is hard not to admire him. Not because he is handsome or talented, but because he has traits that deserve to be appreciated, this is optimistic, hardworking, and passionate.

Being a celebrity is not easy, especially someone like Raymond Lam, who has numerous rumours. The most personal details of his life are splashed all over the front pages of the newspaper or magazine. It is hard to live a normal life without running the risk of being interrupted by thoughtless paparazzi, or being mobbed by aggressive fans. Worse of all, working hard but being bashed by negative news. Such as the recent rumours saying he got plastic surgery here and there, and gaining awards because of certain relationships. There will definitely be different views from people, however only to a certain extent. People would expect that anyone who receives an award would be happy, but Raymond feels ashamed to get the award because he has not released one Mandarin album yet. So what does this tell us? Despite all these negative rumours regarding his efforts and his looks, Raymond still remained optimistic and hopes to give the best to the audience, and I adore him for that.

In addition, one of the biggest disadvantages of being a celebrity is that personal details about them get spread around the world. It does not matter if the details are from the past or present. Critics exaggerate those details, and make them known to the world. The information that gets spread tends to make people form strong opinions on the celebrity. Like the rumour of Raymond Lam growing up in a rich family and is not serious towards his acting career. Raymond Lam joined TVB in 1998, and from there he worked hard by himself, without any help from others. Raymond is from a big family, and is the eldest son, so his family has high hopes on him, which gives him more stress than any normal person. But he never gave up, and worked hard throughout the 13 years of his career. The pressure has become his motivation to work. Since the decision is made, he tried his best to accomplish something, to prove that he can support himself on his own, and has set a good example for his younger siblings. Hence, over the years of his hard work, Raymond has proved too many people that he is not that he is serious towards his career and will keep up his hard efforts.

Recently, there has been negative news about Raymond’s sister being made fun of because of her physical appearance. Raymond responds to this negative news and was heartbroken. As an audience, I was quite sad after reading what Raymond had to say. Raymond expressed that he was very unhappy about the harm caused to his family because of his attendance (to the wedding), and that they are the closest and most loved people to him. Nonetheless, he blamed himself. Celebrities do not owe us their lives, but it is reasonable to say they owe us a little attention. After all we are the ones that make them celebrities by being their fans. Raymond personally does not mind too much of the negative news towards him but seeing that he stood up for his family and blamed himself, shows that he is a very passionate and filial person.

Despite Raymond Lam’s physical appearance and talent, he also has a great personality that many people can learn from and will admire. He is optimistic, hardworking and passionate which makes him a great person. As an artiste, I think he is a great role model and inspirational figure for many people. As they say, “true beauty is more than skin deep”.

Once again, congratulations to Star! Thanks to all the participants who entered the contest. Below are their entries:

“Why I Like Raymond Lam” by Bbfreak While I do wish to win the DVD, I cannot tell a lie – I, in fact, do not like Raymond Lam. However, I can see why others would like him. (He may encompass many favorable qualities, but not necessary everyone has to be his fan)  I remember Raymond from his first big role in A Taste of Love where he costarred alongside Miriam Yeung. Both of them were young then, as well as myself. Series and life just seemed so much better back in the day. Then, I noticed him in A Step Into the Past, and he continued to impress me as a newcomer. From the sunshine boy in ATOL to the Survivor’s Law’s witty Ben to his heartwretching performance in Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Raymond has never disappointed the audience. Despite all the changes in him looks and fame, I feel that Raymond has remained true to himself. I see nothing but humbleness from him, and he is talented after all. At the end of the day, I guess, despite his talents, I feel that Raymond still needs a “breakthrough” as he is “good” but not “amazing.” But I do have faith in him, that his talents and hard-work, not his looks, will carry him to further heights. One of the reasons why I would like him is that he has a very cool Chinese name, making his description “yuk shu lam fung”, which is quite catchy. (Wonder if his parents planned that lol)

So the true reason why I actually want this DVD if this is not about Raymond is because I want to relive my childhood. The two together represent a certain phase of my life, maybe not the best nor most memorable, but a part of my life nonetheless. However, I am expecting a very different feeling from this movie as they too, like me, have grown up and moved onto newer things.

“Why I Like Raymond Lam” by Gloria

I like Raymond because of the attributes that make him a great role model: his modesty, his passion, his familiarity, and his integrity.

Though he is very popular in the entertainment and music industries, Raymond is very humble about his achievements. He reminds us that we should be thankful for everyone around us because they are the best form of unconditional support. I believe this is what makes him a great role model for us.

His passion is also evident from his hard work; he comes from a wealthy background and if he really wanted, he could leave the industry and help his father in managing his family business. Yet Raymond remains because of his true passion for acting and singing.

At the same time Raymond is also in the industry because many of his supporters depend on him as an example of perseverance and determination. He strongly delivers the message that to achieve what we desire, we need to do the best we can and if one day we do obtain our goals, we need to be humble about it because achievements are not accomplished alone, rather they are attained by the support of everyone around us. He is very appreciative of his fans for providing him with the motivation and energy propelling him to move forward as a star and simultaneously, he motivates hi supporters.

Whether he is acting, singing or simply being himself, Raymond appears really familiar and it is this familiarity that makes him so popular. It is often difficult to attain any source of familiarity with celebrities because they are living in a different world than regular people. However, Raymond’s friendly smile and approachable personality shortens the distance between him and his fans.

I also admire Raymond’s integrity. That is, he endorses being himself and not surrendering to people or events that attempt to change who he is and what he believes. Whenever there are rumours and gossip floating around such as his underground relationships with female co-stars or about the potential chin job he obtained, Raymond handles the situation calmly and professionally each time, evidently relaying the message that if something is not true, then there is nothing to be afraid about.

I like Raymond Lam besides his appearance, acting and singing. More importantly, I like him because of his humble, passionate, and honourable attitude towards his career.

“Why I Like Raymond Lam” by Kathy Why I like Raymond Lam – Is he the most handsome? Is he the most talented? Is he the best singer? Unfortunately, he is none of the above, AND I’m sure the majority of us know this as a fact. I’m not saying he isn’t handsome or talented or even implying that he can’t sing. He definitely is hot, talented, has a great voice and has improved in heaps throughout the years, but let’s all face it, he isn’t the BEST. However, with that being said, there is definitely one thing that Raymond Lam does have, and that is charisma. Sadly, not many HK actors/singers nowadays have that.

I first notice Raymond in a movie called “Stolen Love” and have ever since fallen in love with his charisma. I KNEW he was going to make it BIG, which he proved me right. I mean, who else can play a villain in “A Step in the Past” and “Golden Faith”, which instead of hating him, you sympathize with his character and understand why he became a villain? Who can portray a character in “Eternal Happiness” that makes being naïve a strength in one’s character? Who can talk with just their eyes in “Blade Heart” and “Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion” without any additional words in order for you to understand him? Who makes your heart skip a beat and gives you that tingly feeling when watching “Twin of Brothers” and “The Drive of Life”? Who can cheat on his girlfriend in “Heart of Greed” and not be hated after his wrongdoings, but instead, we want more of Alfred? Who transforms into the filial son so well in “Moonlight Resonance”? Who can recite the dialogues that make no sense at all in “Mysteries of Love”, but yet, every word that came out touched your heart? ONLY Raymond Lam can do all this.

Whether Raymond is Shrimp Head (A Taste of Love), Alfred (Heart of Greed), Kingsley (Mysteries of Love) or Hanson (Growing Through Life), he puts every effort he has and all his feelings into these characters. All of this is possible because he has charisma. Even as a singer, you can see this as he is standing on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum for 2 years in a row.

Charisma is defined as a strong personal quality that makes other people like you and be attracted to you (according to the Macmillan Dictionary), AND that is why I like Raymond Lam.

“Why I Like Raymond Lam” by Nadiah There is something special about his voice that I could not describe or explain through words. Back then, when I was a little younger which I did not remember what year it is, I really like to watch Masked Raider: Dragon Knight and I like its theme song too (the Chinese version, not the original Japan version). From there I start to like him because he sang that song really good. I really like to hear it though I do not understand any Chinese because I am Malay.

After that, I watch The Last Breakthrough; again I fall in love with his voice after I find out that he is the singer for the series theme song. And I really like his character as Dr. Kent which he is partnering with Ching Ching (Leila Tong). He is so cute in that series. Then I watch Eternal Happiness, where he plays beside Michelle Ye and Joe Ma. His character is very good in play flute and very tan at that time. The series quit funny because Michelle disguise as man and misunderstood that Joe is the flute player. The sub song for the series is also a good song.

After so many years just singing the series theme song, I am glad when he is signing with Music Plus (under EEG) in 2007. I really like his debut single, Finding You in Loving Memories (insert song for The Drive of Life). Then he sings duet song with Linda Chung (insert song for Heart of Greed) where they play couple in that series. They collaborate again in Moonlight Resonance where they have being gossip for having relationship. The insert song for that series which included in his second album (first track), make me do not stop listening to it.

Right now I am still searching for his series DVD like Yummy Yummy (Food for Life) and Survivor Law which I never had a chance to watch it on tv. I already watch Mysteries of Love and in the middle of watching Growing through Life.

I like everything about him, his voice, his series, his albums, his appearance, his movies, everything about him. Up until now I am still and forever will supporting him in whatever he is going to do, whether acting, singing, hosting or even modelling. Hope he will be appear more often in big screen in the future. Love Lam Fung forever. Looking forward for Men with No Shadows, Colourful World of Sister Fa, Ad Mania, Back to Three Kingdom, It’s Love (movie with Jet Li), his upcoming album and concerts (although I can’t go for his concert in Malaysia on 19 February 2011).

“Why I Like Raymond Lam” by Shirley

To me, I like Raymond Lam because he is simply the” full set.” He has every quality to qualify for “a guy next door.” He is just special the way that he is. He’s hot; he is smart, he can sing, he can act but best of all, he can do this or does that. He’s a great actor and he looks very cute. ! He’s so perfect in every way; he’s every girl’s dream guy!  I like him because of his personality and because he is so humble, sweet, kind, and lovely, adorable, and talented. He is a guy who can give you comfort and he is a guy who seems to understand every situation. With Raymond Lam being around your life will be humorous and fun.

“Why I like Raymond Lam” by Samuel

Many people have asked me this question and the main reason is because they find it amusing on why would a boy like Raymond Lam? I would say because he has talent, personality, and heart. Through these characteristics, he inspires me to be a better person.

Raymond is very talented. He sings many songs and acts many roles which have deeply impacted me. My mood would change in minutes when I listen to his music or watch his dramas. All of his success can be proven from the list of awards and honors bestowed upon him.

I have had the pleasure of meeting him and find him to be a very nice and humble person. He is absolutely not the type of person portrayed by the Hong Kong Paparazzi. He is very professional and humorous. I admire how diligent he is, especially when he injured his neck last year, but quickly went back to work.

When I say that he is a humble person, I mean he doesn’t take credit for other people’s work. One can feel it by looking at the speeches and interviews he delivers when he receives awards. He thanks the people who have helped him and for the opportunities they have given him. I admire his personality.

The last thing I like about Raymond is his heart. He is an extremely considerate person. I recall one experience in the Hong Kong Airport last year. There was only twenty minutes left until departure. He was urged to leave and go through security but he refused at first! He stayed to sign autographs. When one assistant came to drag him, he said: “Do not rush me, do not rush me.” At that moment, I felt deeply impressed.

His heart influences fans to be a better person. He convinces me to donate money and help the need. He does so by doing it himself! He has a kind heart towards his family and friends. One specific example I can point out is the recent news about his sister’s marriage. Through a statement posted on Weibo, Raymond blames himself for the negative comments directed towards his sister which originated from the Hong Kong Media. Through this incident, I can undoubtedly characterize him as a kind, caring, empathetic, and compassionate brother. He earns my respect.

I admire how he overcomes all of the challenges he faces, to become an artist. Despite constant criticism from the press on his looks and his family background, he never gives up. He intelligently changes all of the gossip into positive energy, motivating him to do better. I extremely admire that.

In conclusion, parents usually say that celebrities are bad influences to the younger generation as they fall behind school in an attempt to follow them. There are exceptions though, as they inspire fans to become a better person. One exception is the artist under the name of Raymond Lam.

Jayne: Thanks to all participants who entered the “Why I Like Raymond Lam” essay contest and sharing with all fans why Raymond is such a special celebrity!

19 comments to “Why I Like Raymond Lam” Essay Contest Results

  1. Pvt. Joker says:

    Nicely written – I originally thought it was some sort of promo he was running – what an ego stroking if it was true!

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  2. Jayne says:

    Pvt Joker, since there are many Raymond Lam fans who visit JayneStars frequently, I thought it would be fun to have a contest and hear from fans as to why Raymond is magnetic. Since his new film, Perfect Wedding just came out, it was the perfect DVD to give away. I am buying the DVD and it is not an endorsement of any kind.

    There will upcoming giveaways at JayneStars, stay tuned for announcments!

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    • moonriver replied:

      Jayne, very nice gesture. I like your site more and more 🙂

      Can I suggest some sort of a legend for all the acronyms used in people’s comments, in particular titles of drama series? Well…maybe it’s not necessary if most visitors are familiar with the acronyms…

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  3. Aly says:

    It was great reading these entries, and thanks for doing this contest to really get the fans involved, Jayne! I’m glad that most of the fans here like him for his character and hard work ethic rather than just his looks. He does seem to handle the pressure well and took the right approach by starting in minor roles and even as “extras” to work his way up, even if he could have taken the fast track since his father is rich and he knows Mona Fong. I’m sure the audience has enjoyed watching him grow as an artist these 10 plus years. He doesn’t need to work so darn hard since he is already quite wealthy and needs to watch his health, but he seems to take all things in stride, so he will be popular for quite some time I’m sure. He’s only in his early 30’s, so he will continue to have many opportunities in the years to come. I really enjoyed watching him and Miriam in “Perfect Wedding” and their acting has both matured since their first collaboration 10 years ago in “Taste of Love.” I’m sure they have gone through a lot in their lives and careers these 10 years to get to where they are at today.

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  4. EkinFan says:

    Now lets do a why I like Ekin Cheng essay

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      No offense but Ekin Cheng is passe!

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      • jayzemine replied:

        LOL Funn, couldn’t agree more 🙂

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    • moonriver replied:

      Is Ekin still active? What’s he up to these days? The last time I saw him was in Tokyo Raiders…

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      • Kidd replied:

        I last saw him in Stormriders 2, reprising his role as Wind. From recent news I read, he is going to hold a concert.

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    • jayne replied:

      Ekinfan, hehe why don’t we start with you? Would love to hear the reasons why you are in love with yourself….

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  5. jayne says:

    Moonriver and Aly, thanks! The premise of this essay contest was to hear the reasons why fans like Raymond. Perhaps the essay contest may have sounded more intimidating than it was meant to be, given people’s different perceptions of what an essay involved. 🙂

    Moonriver, do you find the acronyms for the series to be confusing to follow? I think they are pretty self explanatory, given the context of the discussion threads and the associated artists.

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  6. Darren says:

    I wonder after this Raymond scandal, would these essays still be true? Jayne, you better start why i hate raymond lam essay.

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    • Macy replied:

      These essays are still true.

      What he did to make you hate him? Date a girl or being betrayed by the girl he loved, which is a crime? He didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. You are putting your nose on nobody’s business.

      He is still serious with his work and he is always hardworking. His talents are the same.

      If you have ever met him you would have known that he is a true role model. He treats everyone nicely.

      The only wrong thing in here is you yourselves. What he did in his private life isn’t the business of anybody. If you hate him because of this media trap, you have never loved him.

      You can’t feel how hurt and stressful he was. All who want to see his decrease, you are satisfied. He is killing by your words. How do you feel now, happy or empty? Without him your world won’t be anything better. There is karma and this kind of thing will happen to your idols because you are laughing on the wound of others. Get a life.

      To the people who are loving him and will support him, this scandal if can be called that doesn’t change anything. My heart is full of sadness to see his tears.


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      • Darren replied:

        wow calm your tits, macy. i must have stepped on your favorite idol of all time to get this severely long letter of why-i-think- raymond-is-god and while-you-a-hater reply. But truth to the matter is i was kidding <3

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      • SDS replied:


        Come on, don’t just say you’re kidding because you’re being bashed by the opposition. Say it with pride and repeat after me “Raymond Lam does not rule the seven seas and nor is he the sky prince”.

        Anyway, new essay topic: ‘Why I like (or not like) Mavis Pan’. Prize: Angry fan mail if you said you liked her and fan mail with slightly less hate if you said you didn’t like her- cause we know either way angry fans don’t wanna hear her name.

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  7. mei yen says:

    why i like Raymon lam? Because I have been growing up with these actors an actresses for all my life.Jeez, my mom was watching TVB drama shows when I was in her womb!I cant say i loved him from the start.I developed the feeling growing up with him though the shows.

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  8. jim says:

    of course i like him, because he good personality, nice with fans, humoris guy, strong , awesome actor and singers.

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  9. Stephanie says:

    “Celebrities do not owe us their lives”
    now THAT is brain striking.

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  10. RayIan says:

    Lam Fung looks the best in “The Drive of Life” and “Heart of Greed” while I think he is cute in “The Last Breakthrough”.
    I start like his voice through ‘The Last Breakthrough” themesong and ‘Mask Raider” themesong; “Be Brave”.

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