Why Song Joong Ki Asked to Shower at His Costar’s Home

One of the most successful Korean actors, Song Joong Ki prefers living in a low-profile manner as he lets all his projects do the talking instead. Aside from the significant recognition of his talent, the 35-year-old actor is also well-known for being warm and considerate to everyone around him.

Actor Park Hoon, who once worked with Joong Ki on Descendants of the Sun, guested on the variety show Problem Child In House and shared a story about Joong Ki that surprised all the hosts. He explained that there were parts of the series filmed in Gangwon province, and they filmed near his home that was located 10 minutes away. As the set was often dusty and dirty, the cast frequently took showers.

One time, Joong Ki asked if he could take a shower at his home as it was close. Though bewildered as there were many bathhouses near the set, Park Hoon agreed, and they went home together.

Once they arrived, Park Hoon’s mother was so happy and greeted Joong Ki ecstatically as if he were her son. Later, Park Hoon found out the true reason why Joong Ki wanted to go to his house and could not be more touched.

Park Hoon said, “I only realized it after it was over, but it turns out he had purposefully wanted to go to my house to show my mother that we are filming together. He wanted to reassure her that he is there to support me. Afterward, my mother also told me that Joong Ki had sent her fruits, which I didn’t know he did. He is a really caring person.”

Always looking out for his castmates, Joong Ki behaved genuinely warmly again towards the Vincenzo cast during variety show Game Caterers. Intentionally letting the other actors sit in the front and center seats so they can have more screen time, Joong Ki instead quietly positioned himself in the last seat in the left corner. Avoiding the limelight, he also appeared to make mistakes on purpose during the game segment, so others are given more chances to participate.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hohliu
      No one knows for sure. But from what I heard it was because she did not want to get involved with his family. She never came to outings, ignored his parents and family, etc.. I heard his parents were so nice to her too but she ignored and neglected them which upset him as he is close to his family. She grew up in a single parent family so never placed much importance on family. However, he is the opposite of that so I think that was what caused problems. They just has different lifestyles and values so we’re not compatible. If all of that is true then I can see why they divorced.

  1. A lot of people already knew their marriage wont last. I even rmb betting with my friends they ll divorce in 2 years lol
    You can tell they have different personalities

    1. @aktf
      I had a gut feeling that they would not last as they seemed like their on screen characters. They looked good on screen but real life is a different story.

      Yes their personalities are not compatible so it was only a matter of time before they divorced.

  2. All she dated publicly known anyway were costars and pretty decent dudes. Perhaps her new prospects should be people not of the showbiz? I mean they are pretty cute looking together despite the little age gap but they got married after the hype of DOTS so quickly and and divorced even quicker. Perhaps that’s why people date a bit longer before jumping into marriage.

    1. @wm2017
      Dating time does not dictate how long your marriages would last. You can date for many years to just break up but date for shorter periods of time and get married and have a happy marriage. It just depends as sometimes you even be in an arranged marriage and be happy. It just depends on the couple.

  3. I meant decent looking dudes…I heard she dodged a bullet w the first dude she dated when she was really young. lol haha

  4. His ex wife dated Lee Byung Hun first and then Hyun Bin. these guys are tall, dark and handsome, joong ki not as tall and is really fair complexion, maybe Lee Min Ho, he likes her nuna also younger the she is, could be also Yoo Ah In she is her friend now maybe

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