Song Joong Ki Laughs Over Mischievous Childhood

Vincenzo star, Song Joong Ki, held a live fan meeting on YouTube recently and shared many humorous aspects about his childhood. Confessing he was a mischievous boy who often got into trouble, Joong Ki laughed and said that his parents often dressed him like a girl because they wanted a daughter as their second child.

The 35-year-old actor shared some of his childhood photos and he looked like a little girl with a cute ponytail. Aside from growing his hair long, his parents often dressed Joong Ki  in pink clothes. “The nearby senior neighbors and my parent’s friends would often mistake me for a girl, and would often say that I was very pretty. I would then tell them that I am a boy, and that they were not allowed to call me pretty!”

While Joong Ki had an adorable face, there would always be a mischievous glint in his eyes.  “According to my mother, I had broken three fish tanks in the span of a year while in kindergarten.” In school, he would run over to his crush’s classroom every day to sit there, and no one could stop him!

During the live, Joong Ki also mentioned that he was very proud of being on the homepage of his alma mater Sungkyunkwan University from 2005 to 2014.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. I’m glad he thiNks it’s funny. I always thought that is so creepy when a parent does that just because they didn’t have a child of the preferred gender. I understand if the kid put it on themselves or if they asked to put it on, yes that is funny and cute. But parent doing it because they were so desperate, not OK.

    1. Song Joong Ki looked absolutely adorable when he was a baby! As an adult, he still has that boyish charm and mischievousness, which are his most attractive qualities in “Descendants of the Sun.”

  2. I’ve always wondered what this man’s skincare and anti-aging routine is lol like the real one. Looking at these pics and seeing how much he looks like his mom…I see that gorgeous skin must be in part due to genetics lol.

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