Wilfred Lau Responds on Joey Yung and Denise Ho’s Controversy

Since Denise Ho (何韻詩) announced that she is a lesbian, all eyes turned to rumored ex-flame, Joey Yung (容祖兒). As curiosity over whether Joey is bisexual escalated, she broke into tears and continued to hide from the press.

Returning from a vacation in South Korea and Japan with boyfriend, Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍), earlier in the week, Joey dodged the paparazzi by flying into Shenzhen and then driving back to Hong Kong.

Mani Fok Asks Denise Ho to Stop Talking

When Denise was asked directly by the press whether Joey is bisexual, Denise had responded, “It’s very hard to respond. I am unable to respond.”

Joey’s EEG manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), said that Joey was in a terrible mood and disturbed by the recent turn in events. Mani also blasted Denise and urged her to not discuss Joey in any more interviews. “Miss Ho’s comments has led to various speculations towards Joey, making her very disturbed. I suggested to Joey that she no longer respond to any questions over Denise. Hopefully Miss Ho will cherish Joey as a friend and not increase her stress and hurt.”

Wilfred Lau Adds Input

As concerns over Joey’s current emotional state rose, Wilfred Lau responded over the current situation in a radio interview. “My viewpoint is that everyone has an equal right to love another person. As long as their heart is sincere, everyone is worthy of love.  Along with courage, everyone can find happiness. Joey’s emotional state is okay.”

Asked if Joey was angry at Denise, Wilfred dodged the question and said he is not in the position to answer. Asked if he is angry at Denise, Wilfred said, “Mmmm…. No I am not. This will not happen to me.”

Sources: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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  1. If they have been dating before then obviously JY is a bi.
    i mean, like its switchable just like that? But what I do I know I am a straight haha….
    OK, heres my take on it..
    OK, JY is a bi if DH answered any of below to the reporters:
    *If she was silent w/no comment
    *You will have to ask her that question yourself
    *She ACTUALLY answered ‘ it’s very hard to answered that question?’ hell that’s a silent confirm isn’t it?
    Now if she were to answer: absolutely false, we have and have always been FRIENDS ONLY. Hahaha… lol…these r just my opinions sorry if you are a joey fan I am neither thou I think JY sings well…
    anyway, if only Matt Bomer can easily switch from being a gay. He’s just too hot to be a gay haha lol…. I know, completely off topic here. haha

    1. Exactly, if they never dated, Denise could have flat out denied it and stop all rumours right there. But she chooses to answer in such an ambiguous way since she neither wants to lie or out Joey.

      The fact that Joey breaks down is very telling. Why would she be sooooooo upset if the speculations were simply untrue?

      1. She may be afraid it affects her family and people around her? and her status? Isn’t Hong Kong still really conservative? It may look ok to us, but in Hong Kong then it may not be ok to just come out like that.

  2. Life is certainly getting to be more and more complicated. At the beginning it was just either man or woman, now a person can be found to be homosexual and to complicate matters can also be found to be bisexual!

    1. I don’t think that “at the beginning it was just man or woman.” You should check history – homosexuality and bisexuality was documented as early as 400 B.C. in Athens, Greece and was implied in the Illiad. A lot of warlords and princes in ancient China were also homosexual or bisexual. Please don’t make it seem like homosexuality or bisexuality is something that’s new, thanks.

      1. Yes, you can trace it back to romans, etc. It has been there since time immemorial. But I don’t think even back then marriage between 2 same sex individuals are allowed.

        I know there are a lot of pro choice here, I won’t even say pro gay. Since lifestyle is a choice, myself included. But I feel whilst the anti-gays may be strong in their wordings, to dismiss their opinion as wholly wrong is not right. It is a sensitive issue. Even if I am pro choice if my only son comes back and says I am gay I think I will have issues. I will deal with it but the disbelief is there.

        The warlords and princes may or may not be bisexuals. After all sex in the past is more how shall I say, may be play time for some. Even in ancient China, it was rumoured but never confirmed. But it is there.

    2. I know a girl in a relationship with a female ,says
      she’s not really a bisexual but it’s more a lifestyle.
      She’s fed up of guys at the moment but if she do
      find a good guy, she’ll switch back to guys.

      1. I know some guys who are into bisexual lifestyle just because they were curious at first and later hooked into it.

  3. It doesn’t matter if she is bi or not. I mean whats the big deal ?

  4. The three of them make an actual love triangle, in every sense of the word. *eats popcorn*

    1. Love triangle? Maybe Joey begs to differ because she may think “I dumped you! Now I am with someone else! Where’s the triangle?”

      1. Joey also doesn’t seem to admit her past relationship with Hocc.

  5. Denise and Joey both are “BFF” but too bad both interested in the same man not surprise this problem will arise causing them to hurt each other…

    1. They weren’t interested in the same man. Denise said she knew she was les before entering industry, therefore denying all rumours she had with Wilfred. Not sure if Wilfred did chase her, but she wasn’t interested in him.

  6. Wilfred doesn’t give me a good impression after he announced to whole wide world that he’s dating Joey.

  7. I feel Denise is more hurting, well I wish one day Denise could find someone that she can share her life with.

  8. Denise Ho is a diva trying to seek attention by dragging Joey’s name into the mud. See, even now u guys are already saying Joey is bi or lesbian.
    Evident, Denise Ho refuse to clarify which result in more buzz. In the entertainment biz, dont care if it is hood or bad publicity, it is good to still remain known. Denise Ho is a has been! Where is her popularity nowadays without this rumor

    Can’t two women be close friends??? Who cares if Joey play both sides of the fences?? As long as she is happy, gives us good music n movie, why do we bother?? I support Joey n reject that ‘has been’ !

    1. Totally agree. Dennis Ho needs to keep her mouth shut and seek publicity with her own talent (lack of). She used Anita Mui when she was alive (as Shifu) and then moved on to make rumours with Joey to keep in the spot light. We are not interested in anyone’s sexuality. We just want good music!

  9. Denise is creating some tantrum like a little girl just to let go her anger…. towards Joey & Wilfred..maybe after this exposure she will be ok..

  10. denise didnt stir up publicity. mani fok did! and when it backfired, denise was thrown under the bus. cest la vie

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